CD Review Section May 2001

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Man's Ruin Records

The split CD format has become popular with smaller labels these days, and it seems to work well. For the price of admission, you get to hear two cool new bands instead of one. The first group on this CD, Backbiter, is a power trio from Los Angeles that sound like a cross between The Who and Mountain with a little Deep Purple thrown in for good measure. With blaring old-school guitars, bombastic Keith Moon-style drums, aggressive bass lines, and the occasional distorted Hammond organ wash, this group is definitely the heavier of the two. Led by singer/songwriter/guitarist Jonathan H all, Backbiter is the modern incarnation of the classic power trio. Second up is Elope, a Swedish band that is swirly and trippy  a band that would definitely fall in the category of Stoner Rock. Not afraid to crank the volume up, Elope can pack a punch when they want to. All in all, this is a cool album with two great new bands to discover.

Tom Butler