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Niliaha Records

Pop-industrial synthesis is blended with deep, rich female vocals on this disc. Sounding like a mating of The Eurythmics and Nine Inch Nails, Dissonance is able to communicate very human emotions through the inherent coldness of electronica  something that many techno bands seem unable or unwilling to do. Despite a large sound, the group has only two members with Cat Hall on vocals and David Sebrind handling the synthesis, programming and sequencing. This is a very dark album, but it retains a pop edge simply through the catchy melodies found throughout the tracks. While songs like "Fearless" and "Drained" have a decidedly danceable groove to them, others like  "Tightrope" and "Second" are more subdued rhythmically. The most interesting song on the CD is the eerie, metallic version of The Beatles "Elanor Rigby." Anyone can do a cover, but making it your own takes talent, and there's plenty of ability in this band.

Jeff Muendel 


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