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Bellydance Superstars - Petite Jamilla

by John Noyd
March 2009

Petite Jamilla has been belly dancing her entire life, bridging the generation gap between traditional folkloric style and modern belly dance fusion. Studying for over ten years, Jamilla toured the Southeast U.S. at fifteen, a seasoned instructor by seventeen, with two instructional DVDs before she turned twenty. A member of the BELLYDANCE SUPERSTARS for the past three years, Petite Jamilla was kind enough to answer a few questions in anticipation of her troupe’s arrival at Madison’s Union Theater on March 26th.

MAXIMUM INK: What are the biggest misconceptions about belly dance?

PETITE JAMILLA: Due to Hollywoods’ early depictions of ‘belly dancers’ I think the biggest misconception is that belly dance is done for exploitive and seductive reasons, but it really has become a self-exploratory and self-improvement tool for dancers in the U.S.


Luke Jorgensen and Roy Elkins - photo by Teri Barr

Between The Waves 2018

by Teri Barr
June 2018

It started as a dream, and one I recall talking with Roy Elkins about over a sandwich at the Avenue Bar on East Washington Avenue in Madison a few years ago. Roy wanted to highlight the music scene in this area, and decided a weekend gathering of industry experts from across the world, along with showcases featuring the multitude of talent in and around the city, could be good for everyone involved.

Quickly jump forward to June 2018, and the planning for the 2nd Annual Between the Waves Madison Music Conference and Festival is all but complete.


BTW founder Roy Elkins

Between The Waves Madsion Music Festival and Conference

and interview with founder Roy Elkins
by Teri Barr
June 2017

Many years ago, Roy Elkins left his hometown in Michigan, drawn to the music scene of Memphis, Tennessee. His father and brothers were musicians, and Roy believed he could create his own fame along Beale Street. But his fascination with the artists instead revealed a skill Roy hadn’t quite considered before—the technology-side of music.

Fast-forward to an opportunity with Sonic Foundry in Madison. It was 1997 and Roy was based in Philadelphia. He was still working in technology, and in a quickly-changing business, helped launch dozens of new products meant to make a musician’s job easier. But there was something about Madison. Shortly after settling in here, Roy realized he was smitten with the city. And as it turns out, it was not a short-term sort of love.


Bif Naked

by Mike Huberty
November 2005

Just the name, Bif Naked, conjures up pornstar imagery right off the bat and certainly the Canadian rocker and starlet (whose scene was the highlight of the otherwise cinematic bowel movement, House of the Dead) isn’t afraid to take advantage of her sex appeal, but that doesn’t mean she’s invulnerable.

“I’m a real gullible girl and I always believe anything a boy will ever tell me. I get suckered a lot, but always get back up on the love horse,” she explains when discussing the songs on her latest album, Superbeautifulmonster. “I just came off a big heartache and was enshrouded in despair when I wrote [album tracks] ‘Abandonment’ and ‘After A While’. I like to think that I better my efforts, my songwriting, and singing with every record and this one’s a little darker and sadder, it’s much more guitar-oriented. There’s something that everyone can relate to. I’m crazy about love, crazy about the whole process. I keep getting knocked down, but I keep getting back in the ring.”


Milwaukee's Big Dumb Dick in Maximum Ink in April 2008

Big Dumb Dick

by Mike Huberty
April 2008

Milwaukee hard rockers who’ve shared the stage with metal and heavy bands from Saliva to Disturbed to Motley Crue, BIG DUMB DICK was one of the Brew City’s most reliable rock acts through the late 90’s and early Aughts. They would perform regularly at events like Summerfest and Harley Fest as well as touring nationally. Their shows were known for body-passing, moshing, dancing girls, and pyrotechnics, making them one of the city’s best draws. This also garnered them representation from big players like Kid Rock’s management company and serious interest from major record labels. After being at the center of the maelstrom, lead singer and founding member, Travis Mantsch decided to take some time off from BIG DUMB DICK to clear his head and start a family. Three years later, the songs he had created in his home studio took on a familiar tone and now the band is back and releasing a new record, See You In Hell.


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Big Gigantic - photo by Ryan Patrick

Big Gigantic

by Andrew Frey
February 2014

Big Gigantic is an electronic dance party ready to happen at any moment. Their music is a relentless body gyrating, mood pulsing, can’t sit down, blast off of beats, drops and jazzy rhythms. Since they formed in 2008 the Boulder, Colorado based duo which consists of saxophonist/producer Dominic Lalli and drummer Jeremy Salken, has banged it out at and left their mark at various sold-out headlining tours, including Red Rocks and played some of the biggest festivals, from Lollapalooza,  Bonnaroo, Ultra, and?Austin?City Limits to Hangout, Summer Set, Electric Forest, and Outside Lands, among many others.

It all began when Lalli…


Big John Bates

Big John Bates to cure Madison music fans with hellfire remedies

by Emily Genco
November 2011

The doctor is in. Big John Bates will share his hellfire remedies for ho-hum music with audiences at The Frequency Nov. 10. When Big John Bates plays in Madison, audiences can expect to hear new material featured on the band’s upcoming release Battered Bones.


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