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Mix Master Mike and his Moog pedal of the Beastie Boys on the cover of Maximum Ink - photo by Dustin Rabin

The Beastie Boys - Mix Master Mike

by Mario Martin
December 2004

November might be cold in Wisconsin, but just before Talib Kweli’s set at the Alliant Energy Center in Madison, I had the chance to speak to one of the hottest DJs in the game. He’s the DJ for the headlining Beastie Boys and one of the founding members of the Invisibl Skratch Piklz, but this 34 year-old California native waxes about music, life on the road and the like.


Beasto Blanco - photo by Natalia Britt

Beasto Blanco

Alice Cooper band members feed their Frankenstein on their 2nd album
by Sal Serio
December 2016

Theatrics, flesh, muscles, tattoos, volume, riffs, grind, and thrust… this is Beasto Blanco, the project of longtime Alice Cooper bassist Chuck Garric. Enhancing the mix is Alice and Sheryl Cooper’s daughter Calico on vocals and mayhem, providing a Tarantino type of gritty and gruesome rock experience. Beasto Blanco’s self-titled second album has just been released on Rat Pak Records. Rounding out the band is outstanding guitarist Brother Chris Latham, drummer Tim Husung, and bass player Jan LeGrow. The following interview is with Chuck Garric, conducted on November 16th by Sal Serio.


Beatallica on the cover of Maximum Ink January 2008


by Mike Huberty
January 2008

an interview with Beatallica singer Jaymz Lennfield as the band headed to Europe for their fifth Euro-tour.


Beautiful Creatures, the band on the cover during 9/11, September 2001

Beautiful Creatures

by Paul Gargano
September 2001

There was a time when rock ‘n’ roll roamed the earth like a tattooed titan, a fire-breathing monster that made mothers cringe in horror, and their daughters creep closer to feel the heat. It was the music that separated the men from the boys, transforming guitars into an electrical storm, vocals into a maelstrom of piss and vinegar, and blasting a bottom end that made the walls shake. It meant more than just songs on the radio, it was a lifestyle.

Well, if the haze of the late-‘90s has left us convinced that excitement has left the building, Beautiful Creatures kick the door back down, stampeding onto the scene with their self-titled debut. Inspired by the same bands that spawned everyone from Alice in Chains to Pantera, they strike a paralyzing blow to the complacent chords and ridiculous excuses for rock stars that inundate the modern music scene. Paying homage to their roots and with their sites set on the future, its monster hooks and sleazed-out looks that make the Beautiful Creatures the most electrifying new band in years.


Musician and author, Becket


An interview with musician/author Becket
by Tina Ayres
October 2014

Becket is perhaps best known for his work as Anne Rice’s assistant and for his own tales in The Blood Vivicanti and the Children’s book Key the Steampunk Vampire Girl. Long before all of that he was a Benedictine monk with a master’s degree in theology. His love for music began around the age of 11 when he formed a band with Sam Rivers who is now the bassist for Limp Bizkit. With his first self-titled album now available, it is an honor to sit down with him and learn more about what led to its creation.

Maximumink: What was your very first favorite song?

Becket: Michael Jackson’s Beat It. My dad gave me a 45 record player, and his dad owned a jukebox. They were always giving me records. But that one I played over and over and over again. That and Phil Collins’ Sussudio.

MI: Do you remember what it was like to meet Sam when you were 11?

B: I remember he transferred to my school. He and I started playing musical instruments together, he on guitar and I on bass. But then we switched one day, and now he’s a brilliant bass player.


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Bela Fleck and the Flecktones on the cover of Feb 2012 Maximum Ink

Bela Fleck and the Flecktones

An Interview with Banjo Banshee Bela Fleck
by John Noyd
February 2012

You have not heard the banjo until you’ve heard BELA FLECK play the banjo. Not just because of his jaw-dropping talent for lightning-fast runs and twisted knuckle-busting riffs but because he places the instrument in unusual settings and manages to make it sound perfectly natural. For decades, the FLECKTONES have found new ways to present musical conundrums that are easy to love. A Madison favorite, the band recently reunited their original line-up to produce last year’s awesome, “Rocket Science.” As the quartet prepares to swing by Madison’s Union Theater March 1st, MAXIMUM INK managed to snare Bela for some questions about the reunion, the new album and this year’s tour.

MAXIMUM INK: It’s great to hear the original line-up back together.  With everyone’s extremely busy schedule was it difficult for everyone to drop their other projects and concentrate on an album and tour?
BELA FLECK: There was a lot of enthusiasm for the idea of going back to the old sound. Victor, Future Man and I were ready to have a musical adventure again. When we contacted Howard Levy about filling the Jeff Coffin slot (which was Howard’s 17 years ago) he could see the potential for an interesting reunion as well. We decided on giving it a full year’s commitment, and doing new music together, and that combination of parameters gave it some heft. Having a planned ending has made every gig special.


Michele Tyler of Bella Donna

Bella Donna

An interview with Stevie Nicks' tribute singer Michele Tyler
by Tina Hall
January 2011

Bella Donna is a critically acclaimed Stevie Nicks Tribute Band from Southern California. The band is a seven-piece concert show that recreates Nicks’ solo career, as well as her career with Fleetwood Mac, in a stunning and authentic experience from her music to the lace, velvet, and chiffon handcrafted wardrobe. The band takes its name from Nicks’ 1981 first double platinum selling solo album, Bella Donna. The tribute band Bella Donna was awarded the highest honor after lead singer Michele Tyler was invited to meet Nicks after she listened to a Bella Donna performance.

Maximum Ink: Can you tell us a little about yourself? Where are you from and what do you think has made you who you are at this moment?
Michele Tyler: Where to start? Well, I am one of those rare Los Angeles natives. I would freeze to death on the East Coast or anywhere it gets below 65 degrees. So, I am here to stay. I believe being in LA, with all the music influence and diversity, has contributed greatly to where I came from and where I am still going.

MI: Other than Stevie Nicks, who were some of your earliest influences?
MT: This is an easy one for me. Grace Slick, definitely. I used to listen to my dad’s music, you know, Frank Sinatra, Vickie Lawrence. I loved it all. I would walk around the house singing these incredible songs. But, when I heard “Somebody to Love” on the radio and that rich, powerful, icy voice, that was it. I had one of the ultimate thrills when I portrayed her on a national TV show, Your Big Break singing “White Rabbit.” I think I have thousands of hits for that one on YouTube now.


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