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The Funky Drummer Clyde Stubblefield 1943-2017 - artwork by Cody Banks

A Tribute To Clyde Stubblefield 1943-2017

an interview with Joey B. Banks and Carolynn Schwartz Black
by Teri Barr
March 2017

The crowd was at capacity for the most recent Funky Monday show with friends, family, supporters, and fans standing shoulder to shoulder at High Noon Saloon in Madison.

But for the first time, the star would not be leading the groove at this monthly musical gathering.

Clyde Stubblefield, the man known as the Funky Drummer for James Brown, had died of kidney failure on February 18, 2017. He was just 73-years-old, and for more than half of his life, had called the Madison area his home.

Clyde had many friends, but few may have known him as well as two of his bandmates in the Clyde Stubblefield All-Stars. I talked with singer Carolynn Schwartz Black and fellow drummer Joey B. Banks about Clyde’s influence on their lives, and why they feel it is important to keep his memory alive.

Maximum Ink: You both knew Clyde a long time. How did you meet him?
Joey B. Banks:
We met in 1982 at Club De Wash in Madison at Paul Black’s Blue Monday show. We started hanging out together with a whole bunch of great area musicians, and many are still active and playing today.


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Alice Cooper

Alice Cooper

A Paranormal Ghost Story with Alice Cooper
by Mike Huberty
March 2018

At 70 years old, the former Vincent Furnier (ALICE COOPER was originally the name of the band and only later became the name of the singer) isn’t really shocking anyone anymore. The decades of boundary-pushing artists that his music and wildly theatrical show have inspired make his Halloween haunted house stage show seem almost quaint. ALICE COOPER returns to Madison at the Orpheum Theatre on State Street on March 14th. I hope he brings the guillotine, because you guys haven’t seen a rock show until you’ve seen a dude cut his own head off onstage!


Cake in Madison WI at the Orpheum, Friday May 13th - photo by Robert McKnight


An Interview with Trumpeter/Keyboardist Vince DiFiore
by Angela Villand
May 2011

Unequivocal success, that’s possibly the most accurate way to summarize what’s happened to CAKE since they began 20 years ago. Their eccentric, almost quirky approach to writing music and lyrics has won fans over across the globe. After a seven year stretch between albums, we’re finding Showroom of Compassion to be nothing short of amazing, which is no surprise, given the three years the band poured into its completion in their own home studio. Vince DiFiore, Cake trumpeter and keyboardist set aside some time to share his thoughts with us on his simplistic gear preferences, the new CD, artwork, and the overall triumph of two decades making music.

MAXIMUM INK:  How is the current tour is going so far.
VINCE DIFIORE:  It’s going great. It’s a good time of year; really nice crowds are out, people are happy to be going to the shows. One comment I’ve heard from people that have been to the shows is that they’re really impressed by the crowd that’s there, and they meet a lot of nice people at the show. Springtime is a good time.


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Chicago's Cameron McGill

Cameron McGill And What Army

by Dan Vierck
November 2008

Cameron McGill is a pop-fectionist. What should be needless to say, is that this has nothing to do with aesthetic, marketing or sales. Be it McGill solo or with his Chicago-based band What Army, the music doesn’t just take center stage, it’s the only thing meaningful thing on the stage.

McGill’s music is the new smooth voice of the Midwest. People like Bright Eyes, Devandra Banhart, Margot and the Nuclear So and So’s, Jentri Colello and Madison’s whole alt-country scene plus so many more have started or taken on this quest of giving our green plains an audible, distinct, interesting and unique musical pulse. McGill’s place in this line up is on the radio.


Canned Heat circa 2003

Canned Heat

by Brett Lemke
August 2003

They were the Scotch-and-Marlboro Blues voice of the Summer Of Love. Canned Heat’s story endures with their cross-generational appeal as the dynamic blues band that played the theme song to Woodstock and backed up John Lee Hooker. From Woodstock and the 1967 Monterey Pop Festival to Hell’s Angels club tours to festivals and bike rallies, drummer and founding member Adolfo “Fito” De La Parra has re-formed Canned Heat a dozen times with reoccurring members, blues legends, and new faces. He has been touring constantly and releasing new records for 37 years, and is currently promoting the new album Friends In The Can. Fito spoke with Maximum Ink about the new line up, his autobiography Living The Blues, and pushing forward in the mission of delivering boogie music to people who will listen.

In 1969, Canned Heat manager Skip Taylor was booking the band nightly on opposite coasts. “We were [sleeping] in the cargo area of the planes between gigs,” said Fito, “I was sleeping on the floor of the airplane hangar while the helicopters were taking off.” They had to commandeer a helicopter from a news crew to get to the festival. “Fuck you, we’re going to MAKE the news!!” Bear was quoted in Living The Blues. He then hurled the reporter through the door, “We are The Canned Heat. It is more important that we get there than you, so we’re taking this helicopter!” When finally in the air, Taylor shot off a random photo of the crowd as they flew onto the grounds. Later, it became the cover of Ravi Shankar’s Woodstock album. The roadies made it through the sea of people and met the band with their gear as they landed. Later while on LSD, Taylor negotiated an on-site contract for royalties and film rights, and stole a limo for their gig in Atlantic City the next night. Going Up The Country was forever after the theme song for Woodstock. “We’re more infamous than famous,” said Fito, “But we really don’t care.”


Captured! By Robots on the cover of Maximum Ink in June 2005

Captured! By Robots

by Tom Butler
June 2005

Captured! By Robots, just home momentarily from a National two-month spring tour will be hitting the road again in June 2005 for a long over due tour of Canada with limited dates in the US. The “Greatest Hits” set will feature songs from both “The Ten Commandments and Get Fit with…” along with songs from Captured! Alive. These summer dates will be the only time in the foreseeable future to catch these songs again live.

Captured! By Robots recently recorded the follow up to the DVD/CD release “Captured! Alive.” This new release is a double CD entitled “The Ten Commandments / Get Fit with…” This release was recorded in the studio and contains two bonus 10 minute MPEGs – one clip from each of the past two tours, both filmed at the Green Door in Oklahoma City OK. “The Ten Commandments / Get Fit with…” chronicles the past two themed tours, The Ten Commandments CD was the set performed on the 2003 Fall Tour, and the Get Fit with…. CD is the set from the most recent 2004 Fall tour. Each CD will feature ten of Jbot’s favorite songs from each set. Due to acts of God, ie: manufacturing issues the release due out in April 2005, has not been available on tour or in stores but is now available.


Milwaukee's Carbellion in Maximum Ink in September 2005


by Mike Huberty
September 2005

American Heavy Rock, it’s the title of southeastern Wisconsin band, Carbellion’s first EP and according to lead singer, Cameron Kellenberger, the most apt description of their music. “Thematically, a lot of the songs are pro-United States, American culture”, he says, “heavy rock is a tag we put that just kinda stuck.”

Formed from the ashes of Milwaukee metal stalwarts, the Carbon Parlor and Whiskey Rebellion, Carbellion is a mash-up of the two former band’s names. But Cameron likes to tell unsuspecting fans that it’s a Spanish ghost-ship, a matador-killing Mexican bull, or a Civil War soldier. Carbellion has already played many of the Midwest’s biggest cities in support of bands like Corrosion of Conformity, Clutch (who the band feels are musical brothers-in-arms), and Alabama Thunderpussy.


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