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Milwaukee's Decapitado featuring Dan Kubinski on cover of Maximum Ink in March 2004 - photo by Rokker


by Andrew Frey
March 2004

Most bands worry about making music to appease and please the masses. Not so with Decapitado. This Milwaukee trio is focusing on originality in an effort to maintain their sanity and produce high quality art. These guys are not newcomers to the music scene by any stretch. Each is currently in at least one other band outside Decapitado and each has been in several others before this as well. Bands like Fuck Face, Custom Grand, Boy Dirt Car, and Die Kruezen to mention a few.

Dan Kubinski (vocals/bass), Andy Keels (guitar) and Charles A. Mayer (drums) are Decapitado. Starting at the top, Andy fills us in about the band name. “The word decapitado appears in a newspaper clipping in the movie “Curdled.” I thought it was such a cool word. My wife said it would be a great band name. I was in three bands at that time, and this one fit the name best. The name symbolizes the world today; a lurching, twitching body, lumbering forward, unable to hear or think or see. It stands for the way too many of us live our lives.”


Deer Tick by Scott Alario  - photo by Scott Alario

Deer Tick

Deer Tick’s Ian O’Neil talks new album, live performance and songwriting
by Emily Genco
October 2011

It’s a good thing the band Deer Tick doesn’t spread illness like the woodland arachnids with the same name. Though, their reeling rock ballads that combine smoky vocals with rollicking guitars do infect listeners with urge to dance, shout along or at least bounce their glass to the beat on the bar. The Rhode Island five-piece will play The Majestic Sunday, November 13, supporting their latest album Divine Providence.


Def Leppard

Def Leppard

an interview with drummer Rick Allen
by Sarah H. Grant
July 2007

Of all the places you imagine rock stars go, the dog groomer is probably not one of them. Not so for Def Leppard’s thunder man Rick Allen, who woke up at seven o’clock to take his little cairn terrier, Ricky, to get his hair coiffed and paws manicured.

Then again, Rick Allen is no ordinary rock star. Joining the Leppards as a nineteen-year-old pup himself, Allen rode the effervescent wave of Britain’s heavy-metal renaissance on the brink of the eighties. With their trademark trickling vocals and opulent guitar riffs, the multiplatinum, Union-jack clad lads from Sheffield are one of the biggest-selling bands in the world. But their success did not come at a low price. On New Year’s Eve, 1984, Rick Allen walked away from a lethal auto accident with only one arm—a death knell for the career of a drummer. Two years later, Allen miraculously took the stage again, this time playing on a specially customized electronic drum kit which compensates for his handicap.

The resilient Rick Allen spoke to Maximum Ink, in his ever-cheery English accent, before Def Leppard churns the wheels of their unusually long three-year tour towards Summerfest 2007.


Def Leppard

Def Leppard

An interview with guitarist Phil Collen
by Tina Hall
May 2012

Phil Collen is best known as the guitarist for Def Leppard where he perfected the dual guitar style alongside Steve Clark that gave the band its signature sound. Before all of that he was a member of the rock band Girl. He can currently be found in Manraze as well with drummer Paul Cook(Sex Pistols) and Simon Laffy(Girl). Their sophmore album PunkFunkRootsRock is out now.  He can be found on tour with Def Leppard this summer headlining with Poison and Lita Ford.  Phil endorses the Jackson PC 1, a limited edition Jackson PC1 Splatter 30th Anniversary, and the Jackson PC Supreme.

Maximum Ink: Are you looking forward to hitting the road with Poison and Lita Ford later this year?
Phil Collen: Always. We’ve toured with Poison before in 2009 and we’ve known those guys for years. We’ve never toured with Lita but are looking forward to it.

MI: You have said you picked up the guitar as a means of self-expression. Do you think it is important for people to have an outlet that encourages the growth of the self?
PC: Absolutely especially kids when they don’t know how to express themselves with words. Grownups should have an outlet too…

MI: You seem to live a rather healthy lifestyle. Do you think it has helped you survive the rock n roll n roll lifestyle as well as you have?
PC: I guess so but I see people in their everyday lives not in the business, 10 to 15 years younger than me, in really bad shape. Not just physically because it’s not just about working out but pretty much all around in their lives.There seems to be an overall ‘agony’.To me it’s a no brainer.

MI: You are also working on a Physical Mechanics routine that involves muay thai, heavy cardio, and weight training. Can you tell our readers a little more about that, what exactly is muay thai? What is it like working with Jean Carrillo?
PC: Muay Thai is a martial arts Thai fighting style sometimes known as ‘Thai Boxing’. Jean Carrillo is a former European world champion and a five time world champion coach. I get the benefit of having someone who has such a vast knowledge train me in the same way he would train his fighters. There are lots of benefits. The physical, mental, and spiritual awareness that evolves is unsurpassed.


Default in 2001 - photo by Phil Hunt


by Sarah Klosterbuer
December 2001

When Dallas Smith auditioned for drummer Danny Craig and guitarist Jeremy Hora only two years ago, it was a new experience for him.  Before that, Smith’s vocal performances had been limited to singing along with the radio, but a decision that it was time to try it for real lead him to vie for the position of lead singer in Hora and Smith’s band.  It went well.

Today, the three of them, along with bassist Dave Benedict, are collectively known as Default, a Vancouver rock band whose buzz just keeps growing.  When asked if he had any idea back in 1999 that the band would have gained this level of success and notoriety so quickly, Smith replied, “Not even a .1% chance.  It’s like winning the lottery, really.  We can’t believe it.”




An interview with the entire metal band from Canada
by Tina Hall
September 2010

The Canadian metal band Defined was formed in 2001. Though it has gone through several members changes over the years they still continue to deliver the hard and heavy sound their fans have some to expect.The current members while all in their early twenties themselves claim a combined stage experience of just over twenty years. Define-D is Jon Rioux (vocals),Steve Laj (drums),Neil Landry (bass), & Dan Levis (guitar), I sat down with the entire band for a chance to bring fans in U.S. up to speed.

Maximum Ink: Are you all originally from Canada?How do you think coming from there has influenced your sound?  Who where some of your earliest influences?
Dan Levis: No…I was born in Pakistan.(laughs)
Steve Laj: Influenced? It hasn’t….. I just listened to a lot of American music.
Jon Rioux: I don’t think being Canadian “influenced” our sound, but it has sculpted our bands personality, and views of the music industry.
Neil Landry: Yeah, Canada isn’t that different from the states…you know, people get killed, people make love, people get high, and we people make music…plus, we are FLOODED with American influences from day one up here.  So, to answer your question, it was all that American content on MuchMusic (Canada’s MTV) that influenced our sound.
SL: Yeah man, I’d say 90% of my CD collection is American music.
JR:  Earliest influences? Steve Tyler. Sad to say, well no, he’s a good singer…Layne Staley, Phil Anselmo, Kurt Cobain,etc…
DL: I used to like the bee gees a lot.(laughs)
SL: Uh, Sepultura, Slipknot, Pantera…used to listen to a lot of Korn…Snot…
JR: Sevendust!
SL: Ya!
JR: Old Incubus, Pantera, Mudvayne…
DL: Talking serious??? Okay, Iron maiden, Judas priest, dimmu borgir, and uhhh fuckin pantera man haha and of course the members of this band.
NL: Fuckin Dan, youngest kid in the band crushing the oldest metal I love it. And I 100% agree with pan’fuckin’tera…RIP dime. White Zombie, Sepultura, Nirvana I guess…and Primus sucks, Claypool is a god.


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The Deftones on the cover of Maximum Ink December 2006

The Deftones

an interview with Stephen Carpenter
by Rick Florino
December 2006

An interview with guitarist Stephen Carpenter of The Deftones


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