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Rockford's Fluid Oz. on the cover of Maximum Ink in March 1999

Fluid Oz.

by John Noyd
March 1999

There is something downright slippery about the Rockford band, Fluid Oz.  Something this sharp shouldn’t bounce so hard. These restless roustabouts dance around the stage like disco maniacs but lay down a heavy groove that smashes the competition.  Their romp, stomp and release shoots past standard labels to combine punk, funk, jazz and jump for a free for all monster mojo that sets fire to the volcano and cooks up a killer beat delivered with an iron fist. Out with a CD that showcases their dual talents for electrifying showmanship and original songwriting, Fluid Oz.‘s Show Boatin’ Muthas is an accurate depiction of their earth shaking, roof rattling, booty shaking live shows. The current eight man line-up reaches deep into the pockets of James Brown, Sly Stone and the Red Hot Chili Peppers, to come up with their own unique brand of sass and pizzazz. Think of the Beastie Boys with a brass section or P-Funk married to Oingo Boingo.


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Fovever No More from Tomah, WI

Forever No More

An interview with Khatelyn Bujak/Lead Singer for Forever No More
by Laura Sorensen
September 2015

Hailing from Tomah Wisconsin, Forever No More busy themselves writing messages of life, turmoil and bliss wearing their wear their hearts on their sleeves with every performance. The band started in 2013 and released their 2014 debut EP “Forever No More” followed by their sophomore release “Dark Brings The light”. I had the opportunity to sit down and talk with vocalist Khatelyn Bujak, here is an abbreviated version of our conversation.

Maximum Ink: Tell us how you came up with the band name Forever No More?
This is a really funny story. The band started probably three months prior to us having a name for the band. It was Christmas two years ago. We were in my Uncle’s basement and Trent our lead guitarist who is also my step dad said “What are we going to name the band?”  Me: “I don’t know.”  He’s like “It’s gotta be somethin’ cool.”  I’m like “I don’t know.” I said “I kind of want an oxymoron.  Things that are totally opposite. I really really like Forever.  Forever and Ever.”  I just kept thinking Forever No More, Forever No More, and I love Edgar Allen Poe.  I thought this would be great, the whole thing with The Raven, kind of stormy and dark, especially our intro song. Trent said “Oh I like that” and I said “Forever No more will be a Raven.” He said “Yes, that’s it.”  When we got back together with the rest of the band I said “We have a band name!”  It was actually on Christmas Eve that we finally decided our band name would be Forever No More.


Rockford's now defunct 420 on the cover of Maximum Ink in March 2001

Four Twenty

by Michelle Harper
March 2001

420 is not a band with a story of California glitz and glamour. 420 is not a band recounting brutal management dramas or record label feuds. 420 is not about image. According to vocalist Mike Kerry, 420 is about limitless musical boundaries, finding truth in life, and following a dream out of the Midwest into the great beyond.

Formed in early 1998, Mike Kerry, Tom Parrott, John Pond and Mike “Bunj” Bunjan have been causing quite a stir in their hometown of Rockford, Illinois.  In 1999, the group won the Rockford Area Music Industry’s Critic’s Choice for “Composer of the Year” for their debut EP “In Four Twenty”. Another RAMI followed the same year for the song “Hands or Time”. Although the band is fairly new to the music scene, Mike and Tom Parrott have been expressing their passion for innovation for over a decade.  “The thing about the members of the band”, Mike explains, “is that we all either own businesses or have huge responsibilities to them. We want to succeed, but we have lives too.”  This has kept 420 fairly localized for 3 years.


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VK Lynne vocalist of From Light Rose The angels

From Light Rose The Angels

An Interview with Singer VK Lynne
by Teri Barr
September 2014

Two heavy new bands with a Madison-area twist will be rolling into the city for some hardcore Halloween shows, and both will be bringing an arsenal of just-released music. White Empress is already being described by some national publications as “what’s been missing on the metal scene.” The project includes some big name members, along with a local link at the helm. Mary Zimmer is a Madison-to-LA transplant, and will headline both Maximum Ink Spook-tacular shows. Also hitting the road is another newly formed group, From Light Rose the Angels. This band also has some heavy-hitters, and connected with Zimmer’s project to open in support of their shows here. I recently talked with FLRTA’s lead singer VK Lynne about this new effort, her symphonic-metal inspiration, and why she wants to play in Madison. 

Maximum Ink: You’ve been on the scene for awhile. What projects would our readers recognize?
VK Lynne: I spent a good many years, and 3 solo CD’s, in the singer/songwriter/blues world, until I discovered symphonic metal. That led me to start Vita Nova, join stOrk, and ultimately partner now with Janne Tamminen to create From Light Rose the Angels.
I started seriously singing when I was 12. I auditioned for a community theater production of Jesus Christ Superstar and it was all noisiness from there! I spent the next several years really focusing on my instrument, my voice, and learning what it could do. Once I got to college, I joined a band. I minored in creative writing, but never put the music & ‘word nerd’ part of my brain together until I was in a band. That’s when I started writing songs, and I haven’t stopped since!


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Funrod - Punk for the Greater Good

An interview with Lead Singer Karp Dawg
by Michelle Harper
December 2017

Andy, Nateball, Grizz, Ric and Karp Dawg, also known as the punk band Funrod, played Knuckle Down Saloon’s Snot Fest last month and recently returned from playing the independent underground music festival called The FEST 16 in Gainesville, Florida. As the band heads back into the studio to record the follow up album to their first album “It’s So Easy”, front man Karp Dawg gave me the lowdown on the current punk scene, funding his music career with student loans and the time he lit his crotch on fire with a lock de-icer…


Future Leaders Of The World

by Jason Manchester
October 2004

Phil Tayler must not received the memo. Grunge is dead, someone somewhere recently said. Time and time again were are reminded that most good things seem to cycle back around after too long. Faded jeans and the plain white t-shirt, Hula Hoops and now it would seem, grunge. While it officially isn’t a come back yet, the creative writing of the band’s singer, Phil Tayler and Future Leaders of the World could be the band that sparks the resurgence.


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Guitarist Richard Fortus

Guns n’ Roses

An interview with guitarist Richard Fortus
by Tina Hall
December 2011

Richard Fortus has graced the stage with artists like Rihanna,The Psychedelic Furs, Nena, Love Spit Love, Honky Toast, The Compulsions, Thin Lizzy, and most recently Guns N’ Roses, with a stage presence that is nothing short of amazing. His work with the music production company Compound has seen his work featured in various tv, film, advertising and videogame projects. Fans of the former television show Charmed have enjoyed his work on the theme song as well. His work ethic and drive led to his being one of the most sought after first call sessions artists in NYC.

Maximum Ink: Who were some of your earliest influences?
Richard Fortus: The Beach Boys, Beatles, Stones, Aerosmith, Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd, David Bowie, T Rex, Neil Young.

MI: As someone who has studied music professionally do you recommend formal training to others? What advice would you offer the musicians of tomorrow?
RF: It really depends on what you want to do. It’s definitely not necessary, but I always wanted to gain all the skills possible to be as good of a musician as possible. I always wanted to learn everything I could about music. You never stop learning.

MI: You started playing the violin and drums as a child. What made you want to become a guitarist?
RF: There were always guitars around the house when I was growing up. I was always pretty intimidated by them because they had 6 strings and I had my hands full with 4! I always loved guitar though. Guitars are just so sexy! 

When I was about 12, I used to jam with other kids and they started showing me stuff. I became fairly adept very quickly. I always hung around older kids that were much more advanced. They hung out with me because at a very young age, I was a pretty solid drummer and they all played guitar.


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