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Finger 11 on the cover of Maximum Ink in November 2004

Finger Eleven

by Jason Manchester
November 2004

A band known for their ingenuity in songwriting, and amazingly energetic/enigmatic live shows, Finger Eleven are five seasoned rockers who continually seek new tour opportunities to share their music. Their third album, “Finger Eleven,” is a product of Johnny K (Disturbed), foosball, beer, and cigarettes. If you were lucky enough to get the limited edition DVD that came with their rare DVD/CD combo, you can peek into their world.

The DVD portrays aspects of the band rarely seen: The long hours in a studio away from home, and the hard work involved in creating and producing a record from the ground up. You can see first hand how much work went into this project. FE has been feverishly touring since 1995 throughout their homeland of Canada and the United States. If you have not seen this band live, you are missing one excellent and superbly energetic live show.

In the beginning, when the original members of FE were in high school, they were music nerds who decided to form a band for their high school’s Christmas talent show. They prepared three cover songs and rocked their school. Scott Anderson, vocalist, explains what happened, “After the Christmas show no one told us to stop playing, and we kept coming up with ideas and creating new songs.” After that show, they continued as a cover band called Rainbow Butt Monkeys for about six months because it was the only way to get gigs in their hometown of Burlington, Ontario.




by Conor Kuzdas
July 2003

When people tell Scott Rose that his band doesn’t sound enough like something else, he typically just nods and smiles. The topic comes up a lot because Fingertight’s sound tends to vary. At times they’ll be as crunchy and aggressive as any nu-metal band while at others they sound as melodic and contemplative as fellow Californians, Incubus. While some might see this as a fault, it’s always refreshing to find a band willing to take two different areas of metal and explore the soundscape in-between in the way that Fingertight does.


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Five Finger Death Punch

Five Finger Death Punch

by Mike Huberty
February 2008

Mike catches up with FFDP drummer Jeremy Spencer talks about meeting singer Ivan Moody and the recent pull out from a tour with Chimaira and All That Remains


Jason Hook

Five Finger Death Punch

An interview with guitarist Jason Hook
by Tina Hall
September 2010

Jason Hook first picked up the guitar at age 6. He also trained on drums, piano, and violin. Jason has worked as a solo artist releasing two instrumental albums, the first of which, Safety Dunce, won an L.A Music Award for Best Instrumental Record of 2007. He also works as a sessions artist and has appeared alongside Vince Neil and Alice Cooper. He is currently an active member in the band Five Finger Death Punch.

Maximum Ink: What was it like to begin guitar lessons at the age of 6? You also trained on several other instruments. Why do you think you chose to become a guitarist?
Jason Hook:  I was obsessed with KISS when I was 6 years old. My next door neighbor brought over the destroyer album and I couldn’t stop staring at the cover while we cranked the music. That was it. I begged my dad to get me a drum set and an electric guitar. I was such an eager spaz I wanted to be Ace Frehley and Peter Criss!


Five Finger Death Punch - photo by Mike Smith

Five Finger Death Punch

An interview with Ivan Moody
by Mike Smith
January 2012

Five Finger Death Punch has exploded onto the metal scene with a power and vengeance that has not been seen since the likes of Pantera when they kicked the “Grunge Scene” in the teeth in the 90’s.  Recently I was given the opportunity to sit down with Ivan Moody (vocals), Chris Kael (bass), Jeremy Spencer (drums) and Jason Hook (guitar) and pick their brains about the new album and random thoughts. 5FDP sat down with Mike Smith of Maximum Ink Magazine to discuss their new album, what makes them tick and what pisses them off!

Maximum Ink:  Who wants to tell me about the new album?
Ivan Moody:  American Capitalist out Oct 11th of this year.  For me lyrically it was probably the most painful and personal album I have done yet and I know the guys put their heart and souls into this. I am sincerely proud of this one and I know a lot of musicians say that, but I truly believe this was our best work of art up to this point.
Jason Hook: You know we work really hard on these records and all I can say is that, to me it sounds like an extension of “War Is the Answer”. It seems like a logical side 3 and 4 if you were to put them together.  It has only been since October of 09 and we started recording this December 2010 and we are pretty much the same people and not a lot has changed, so we just pounded another one out.


Flogging Molly

Flogging Molly

by Justin Beckner
April 2010

They’re back. This seven piece ensemble has been packing venues full of Irish traditionalists and punk rockers all over the world. And now they are setting off across the United Sates on their annual Green 17 Tour. So, grab those dancing shoes and check out the show in Milwaukee on March 12th or check out their website to see when they’re coming through your city. I had a chance to talk with my old friend Dennis Casey (guitarist) about the new CD/DVD and Tour. Do read.

It seems like so long since you’ve toured through the Midwest. What have you been doing in the meantime?
DENNIS CASEY: We did our first ever full tour of Canada, from Halifax to Vancouver. We usually just play Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver. Took a month off, then we played a New Years show in LA. Took another month off. So I’ve been hanging out at home for a while.


Rockford's Fluid Oz. on the cover of Maximum Ink in March 1999

Fluid Oz.

by John Noyd
March 1999

There is something downright slippery about the Rockford band, Fluid Oz.  Something this sharp shouldn’t bounce so hard. These restless roustabouts dance around the stage like disco maniacs but lay down a heavy groove that smashes the competition.  Their romp, stomp and release shoots past standard labels to combine punk, funk, jazz and jump for a free for all monster mojo that sets fire to the volcano and cooks up a killer beat delivered with an iron fist. Out with a CD that showcases their dual talents for electrifying showmanship and original songwriting, Fluid Oz.‘s Show Boatin’ Muthas is an accurate depiction of their earth shaking, roof rattling, booty shaking live shows. The current eight man line-up reaches deep into the pockets of James Brown, Sly Stone and the Red Hot Chili Peppers, to come up with their own unique brand of sass and pizzazz. Think of the Beastie Boys with a brass section or P-Funk married to Oingo Boingo.


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