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Get The Led Out, the American Led Zeppelin

Get The Led Out - The American Led Zeppelin

An interview with bassist Billy Childs
by Aaron Manogue
August 2012

Cover bands are everywhere. It’s just the nature of the music industry beast. You can walk into any local bar on any given night and see a cover band do their best impression of their favorite songs. But I was lucky enough to come across a different kind of a cover band. One so absolutely spot on, if you close your eyes you might actually think they’re the real deal. Get The Led Out is a band that covers one of the most amazing bands in rock history, Led Zeppelin. That’s right, there’s a band that covers note for note, word for word and even mistake for mistake of Led Zeppelin’s recorded music. And on Friday, September 7th, they’ll be coming to Madison to play the Barrymore Theatre. Maximum Ink’s Aaron Manogue caught up with bassist Billy Childs to talk about their music, their performance, and the mighty Led Zeppelin.

Maximum Ink: What drove you to wanting to be part of Zeppelin cover band?
Billy Childs: GTLO isn’t one of those “impersonator” bands. What we do is recreate the studio cuts note for note, with proper instrumentation, etc. The stuff is pretty intricate and really a challenge to do as it takes so many players, due to all the overdubs and parts. More like a small orchestra than a rock band at times. That was interesting to me and seemed like something I would be good at and enjoy. It’s very disciplined, similar to following a blueprint. I’ve also known a couple of these guys forever, back to the Britny Fox days and way before, so that’s always a plus. It’s also something I’ve never done before, and I like branching out and doing different things.


Robin Wilson - photo by TriciaStarr--TStarr Photography

Gin Blossoms

Talking Mixed Reality with Robin Wilson
by Al Brzostowski
May 2018

The band’s fusion musically spans so many genres it’s hard to classify them. In 2017 the band went back into the studio recording a new album, Mixed Reality. Mixed Reality is scheduled for release on Cleopatra Records on June 15, 2018.

Fans got a chance to taste of what’s to come at BratFest this today on the Grand Stage. Right before the show, Robin had a moment to explain what’s coming up for the Gin Blossoms, and his charity work.


Minnapolis' Gingerjake on the cover of Maximum Ink June 2007


by Rachelle Blair
June 2007

An interview with guitarist Ian Severson of Minneapolis band Gingerjake


Two of the campers at a Girls Rock Camp Showcase

Girls Rock Camp

An interview with Halle Pollay and Beth Kille from Madison's Girls Rock Camp!
by Mike Huberty
February 2014

Girls Rock Camp has become an institution in Madison over the past few years and has become a positive way for young and aspiring female artists to meet established artists in the Madison music scene. It’s a week long day camp where young women from the ages of 8 to 18 spend time learning about the basics of performing in a rock band situation, a sampling of how to record in a music studio, and a final showcase where everyone gets to play in a live showcase. We talked to the Madison camp founder, longtime local musician Halle Pollay (currently performing in Fishwife with musicians that she works with at the Girls Rock Camp) , as well as their music director, well-established Madison singer-songwriter, Beth Kille about their upcoming fundraiser March 1st at High Noon Saloon.


Glenn Hughes

Glenn Hughes

Glenn Hughes true passion is human rights in Rock Against Trafficking
by Tommy Rage
February 2018

Glenn Hughes shares how this issue is important to him, his one-take recording style, and how changing his life-style helped him give back to this great cause. Read More…


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Go Play God


An interview with Madison hard rockers, Go Play God
by Mike Huberty
November 2015

Sludgy and aggressive, GO PLAY GOD, is vintage hard rock that borrows a little from grunge like ALICE IN CHAINS, a little from classic heavy metal like BLACK SABBATH, and sounds a lot like a more modern version of GODSMACK.


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Go Radio

Go Radio

An interview with singer Jason Lancaster
by Tina Hall
March 2011

Go Radio, out of Tallahassee, FL, is made up of Jason Lancaster (vocals), Alex Reed (guitar and vocals), Matt Poulos (bass and vocal), and Steven Kopacz (drums). The band is set to release their full length debut album, Lucky Street, with a tour to follow. The album, produced by Tim O’Heir (The All-American Rejects, Hot Rod Circuit, The Starting Line, Say Anything) and mixed by James Paul Wisner (Paramore, New Found Glory, Dashboard Confessional), offers 13 solid rock tracks. The band is also set to tour on the Vans Warped Tour all this summer. Maximum Ink took some time to speak with John Lancaster about the band’s influences, the new album, and more.

Maximum Ink: Can you tell us a little about yourself? How do you think your upbringing influenced your decision to become a musician?
Jason Lancaster: I think my upbringing had everything to do with me becoming a musician. I was brought up around music with my dad being in a band from the time I was born until the day he passed. Life wasn’t always easy, but that’s how it goes for almost everyone. I learned not to complain about things I can’t control and to embrace the things that are good about life. It was an honest childhood, and I am grateful for everything I’ve been through, good or bad.


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