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HELLYEAH on the cover of Maxmum Ink May 2007


by Rick Florino
May 2007

An interview with former Pantera/Damageplan and current Hellyeah drummer Vinnie Paul covering his new band featuring Chad Gray and Greg Tribbet of Mudvayne and Tom Maxwell of Nothingface.


Hewn from Madison, WI - photo by Nick Berard


by Andrew Frey
August 2012

Hewn. A short and simple name for a band that is neither simple nor small nor easily explained.

“When Sam Spotts (Acoustic Guitar, Growls & Such) and I first got together I had no idea what kind of music he was playing,” begins Ben Lisser (Pots and Pans, Piano, Guitar, Vocals, Head Chef). “All I knew was that I loved it and had to be a part of it. We both wrote a lot together and never really tried to produce a certain kind of music. Sam would present a song and I would record it and add drums, and piano and anything else we felt was necessary.”

However, the duo ran into a dilemma early on. Sam recalls, “When Ben and I started recording we quickly realized that unless we both grew four more arms and an extra head we couldn’t recreate the sound
that we made on the recording.”

Thus the ranks of Hewn swelled to 7 when Sam and Ben enlisted the aid of musical cohorts, Forrester Barry (Djembe, Vocals, Rabble Rouser), Nathan Bowie (Bass, Vocals, Cool Hand Luke), Jake Blumer (Electric Guitar, Plucko), Adam Bluhm (Pots and Pans, Accordion, Vocals, Whistles/Kazoo, Thrower of Stuffs) and Christian Lisser (Drums & percussion, Motor Man).


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An interview with Milwaukee Blues-Rock Duo
by Mike Huberty
May 2018

Featuring the drummer Ron “Hi” Terrell and guitarist/vocalist Maxwell “Jack” Liam, Milwaukee’s HI/JACK is an upbeat Blues-Rock duo in the vein of WHITE STRIPES and BLACK KEYS. It’s not easy to create a big sound with just two people, but HI/JACK makes it happen on their studio records Turn It To Ten and No Cover. Since forming in 2014, Ron and Max have been constantly writing, recording, and performing. With their high-energy stripped down no-frills rock and roll sound they can fit just as well into a smoky blues jam as a punk rock basement party. They’ll be bringing that live show to this year’s Maybash, a music and camping festival in Rio, Wisconsin over Memorial Day weekend.


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House band at Yahara Bay Distillery - Hickory Road

Hickory Road

interview with guitarist Herb Charlan
by Mike Huberty
November 2016

With traditional rock n’ roll licks, bluesy vocals, and even a little bit of twang for good measure, Madison’s HICKORY ROAD is grown-up Hipster-Beard-free heartfelt Americana music. You can hear the years spent listening to the classic rock of LYNYRD SKYNYRD to NEIL YOUNG in their music and they’ve got a laid back 70s vibe. Forming in 2014, the band the band is Mike Pindilli on vocals and guitar, drummer Lars Forde, Herb Charlan on guitar, Derrick Henrickson on bass, and Merle Bailey keys and the saxophone. We took a little time to talk to the band about their upcoming performance at Yahara Bay Distillery on November 18th.

MI: What was the big inspiration for you guys to get into music in the first place?
Like Hank Williams Jr said…“It’s a family tradition.” Something we individually have always done in some capacity.

MI: Who were your favorite artists growing up?
Stevie Wonder, Hendrix, Jessie Johnson, The Doors, Tim Alexander, really…too many to list… life.


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Hinder on the cover of Maximum Ink for January 2009


by Mack Dreyfuss
January 2009

Rock-n-rollers and out-of-controllers, be advised: Hinder is en route to the northern tundra on a mission to “bring the fun back to rock & roll.” Scheduled to play three shows in Wisconsin this winter, they’ll be at The Eagles Club in Milwaukee Dec. 21, the Alliant Energy Center in Madison Feb. 14, and the Resch Center in Green Bay Feb. 19.

Formed in 2001 in Oklahoma City, this five man outfit experienced massive success with their first album titled “Extreme Behavior” (Universal Records, 2005). If you listened to the radio for any duration of time in 2005, you probably heard one of their many singles, most notably “Lips of an Angel” or “Get Stoned.”


Hollywood Undead, the band that god apologized to for Sodom and Gamorrah

Hollywood Undead

by Mack Dreyfuss
December 2008

John Schlesinger said “Hollywood is an extraordinary kind of temporary place.” Robert DeNiro says he only goes to Los Angeles “when he gets paid for it.” Jay Leno said, “If God doesn’t destroy Hollywood Boulevard, he owes Sodom and Gomorrah an apology.” Slithering out of this cauldron like the rumored first cell from primordial soup is a band called Hollywood Undead.

If you haven’t heard of them yet, prepare to be blindsided. The day they created their MySpace profile, several thousand new users signed on. In one week they crested to the top of the MySpace music chart like a wave on the Santa Monica shore. Their first official album called “Swan Songs” was released Sep. 2 by (A&M/Octone Records). They consist of six members identified only by street aliases. Their music is a collision of hip-hop, metal, and rock and sounds like the Beastie Boy’s Licensed to Ill getting pistol whipped by Eminem.


The Horrids in full facepaint

The Horrids

An interview with Chicago horror punks
by Mike Huberty
October 2010

Straight up Chicago-style punk rock with a penchant for horror movies and gruesome imagery, THE HORRIDS, come racing out of the cemetery out of Lombard, IL with all the ferocity of fast and ugly bands like THE MISFITS and AFI. While they’ve been together for seven years (a veritable eternity in punk years), forming the band in their early teens, they’ve already amassed an impressive resume, opening for the likes of major bands like GWAR, THE MISFITS, and THE DWARVES.Their first album, “Graveyard Anthems: Music Of The Dead” is nineteen lightning-paced songs that would fit perfectly in any horror fans coffin-shaped CD rack.

Their lead guitarist, Pat “Fink” Goray, describes a little about what The Horrids are about. “We were three friends that started out, played together and made music together,” he says, “I’ve always wanted to play rock music, my favorite band is AC/DC. Our drummer’s dad is THE LOVIN’ SPOONFUL’s drummer. He wanted to play because there were always musical instruments around when he was growing up.”


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