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Ha Ha Tonka

Ha Ha Tonka

by Kristen Winiarski
September 2008

A keen move on their part, the once Amsterband from Missouri is now known as Ha Ha Tonka. The band is made up of Brian Roberts on lead vocals and guitar, Lucas Long on bass and vocals, Brett Anderson on keyboard, guitar, and vocals and Lennon Bone on drums and vocals. This indie rock band combines religious undertones, life, love, hometown pride and rockin guitar riffs. I had the opportunity to talk with Brian Roberts about their past, present, and future projects.




by Teri Barr
March 2014

The music is tight. The performance looks like a seasoned band on stage. And though the members in Haliwel have some years of experience between them, this Madison-based band is a new, exciting effort for all. Haliwel has been a dream of founder Shawn Streeter, since moving to the area a few years ago. But the guitar player and back-up vocalist, couldn’t find the right partners for his project. A chance encounter connected Streeter to Ryan Seney, another back-up vocalist and guitar player; later an ad led them to drummer Max Neal. This formed the core of the band, which created the sound in play today. Add inTravis Malin on guitar, and newest member lead singer Justin Schmitz, and this is five guys with a goal of ruling the music world.

They aren’t wasting time—a C.D. of original music is already written, recorded, and available. The band just signed a sponsorship agreement with Dirtbag Clothing, a company created in the memory of Dimebag Darrell. And they’re putting together a show schedule for the summer, starting with a few here this spring. I recently had the chance to ask the three main members a few questions for Maximum Ink, including what it’s like to start from scratch in a new city, and how waiting for the right members is paying off.


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by Teri Barr
December 2015

New band. New music. New business. But for three friends – also the founding members of Haliwel—the original mindset is the same: be the best, and have fun doing it together. The group is kicking off a new tour by releasing a new album with two shows scheduled in this area in December:  12/12 at The Red Zone with Left of Reason, Daphni, and Fall II Rise; and 12/30 at Hijynx in Fort Atkinson with Super Bob. I asked two of Haliwel’s original members to tell me about the current line-up; along with any special things to watch or listen for when the group is back on stage after a short hiatus. And you may be surprised by what a few of the guys started, during the time they took to reorganize.

Maximum Ink: How do you describe the new version of Haliwel?
Shawn Streeter:
We are still a Madison-based hard rock band with three of the original members including Max Neal on drums, Ryan Seney on bass, and myself on guitar. There’s also Jake Smith on guitar, and Dax Roberts is our new/old singer.
Max Neal: We are the Alter Bridge, Tool, and Shinedown kind of rock; not the Coldplay or Black Keys kind of rock…just to make sure no one is confused.


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Hank 3

An Interview with Hank 3
by Mike Huberty
November 2011

Shelton Hank Williams is the closest thing that country music has to a crown prince. The son of Bocephus himself, Hank Jr. (The Artist Formerly Known as the “Are You Ready For Some Football?” guy), and the grandson of one of the most popular country artists of all time, Hank3has charted a path entirely his own. Starting his career drumming for punk bands in the early 90’s, he’s spent his music career freely ignoring the genre lines of metal (he was in two bands with PANTERA’s Phil Anselmo, ARSON ANTHEM and SUPERJOINT RITUAL), cow-punk (he calls it “hellbilly” with his DAMN BAND), and punk (leading the band ASSJACK) After years of fighting with the Nashville country music system (just listen to “Dick in Dixie” or “Trashville” for his opinions on the current state of country music) as well as his record labels, Hank has just released three(!) new albums on his own, Hank3 label. Ghost to a Ghost/Guttertown is a double country-tinged album, Attention Deficit Domination is doom metal, and 3 Bar Ranch Cattle Callin’ is a mashup of speed metal and spoken word by cattle auctioneers that has to be heard to be believed!


Hank III - 2013

An Interview with Hank 3
by Chris Fox
October 2013

Whether he’s working leather, writing a country tune, or screaming into a microphone, HANK III wears many hats. The voice of a dedicated fanbase, HANK III is a self-proclaimed renaissance man that is comfortable singing doom tunes on an acoustic guitar while wearing his Slayer cutoff t-shirt, and he is playing Madison on October 30.

His sound delves into the far-digressing reaches of musical genres, from Virginia back-mountain country to brutal speed metal. “I’ve been able to work in both worlds; whether it’s singing on stage with George Jones or playing drums with Phil Anselmo. I’ve gotten to work with a lot of different musicians - that goes back to being a drummer and being into multiple genres and having an open mind,” HANK III explains. He claims that his music is like Jekyll and Hyde. “It’s like two different worlds. It’s definitely not the best, not the worst, but it is unique.”


 - photo by Dave Leucinger

Hank Thomas and the Western Starlanders

by Dave Leucinger
February 2003

Interview with Milwaukee alt-country rocker Hank Thomas of Hank Thomas and the Western Starlanders


Hank Williams Jr.

An interview with the legendary Hank Williams Jr.
by Tina Hall
September 2013

Hank Williams, Jr. needs no introduction. As the son of the late, great Hank Williams, he was surrounded by great music at an early age. First taking the stage at the age of 8 to perform his father’s songs, his early career was guided by his mother Audry Williams who is also said to been a driving force in the success of his father’s career. Since then, he has become a legend in country music. blending southern rock and blues elements in unmistakable fashion. Not only a gifted singer/songwriter, he can also play a host of instruments including guitar, bass, steel guitar, banjo, dobro, piano, harmonica, fiddle, and drums. It was a pleasure to have the chance to bring our readers a little glimpse of the man behind the music.

Maximum Ink: You were only 3 when your father passed. What is the fondest memory of him you have?
Hank Williams Jr.: Well, I didn’t know Daddy, so I really don’t have any memories. I know what people have told me about him taking me to the Grand Ole Opry and leaving me in his guitar case on the side of the stage. The best thing we ever did was record the duet for There’s A Tear In My Beer and we even won a Grammy for it.

MI: You were exposed to great music at an early age. What was it like having such amazing artists stopping by the family home? Which of them stick out most in your mind?
HWJ: Well, Little Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Fats Domino were at the house a lot and that’s where I learned to boogie-woogie on that piano. Earl Scruggs would come over, as would Johnny and June Carter Cash. By the way, June Carter Cash was my godmother.


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