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The boys of Heavy Glow - photo by Bo Cross

Heavy Glow

An interview with Heavy Glow frontman, Jared Mullins
by Mike Huberty
June 2014

Bluesy rock with emotional vocals, HEAVY GLOW first gives off whiffs of Hendrix guitar with Dave Grohl fronting; it’s a modern sound that will be music to the ears for fans of THE WHITE STRIPES and THE BLACK KEYS. Their music was recently featured on the Stephen King show “Under The Dome” and you can see why it fit perfectly: it’s dark and moody melodic hard rock that sounds like it was meant for listening to driving on a summer night. We took a few minutes to talk to HEAVY GLOW’s lead singer and guitarist Jared Mullins about their upcoming Madison show at the Willy Street Pub and Grill, the Wisco.


Heavy Trash

Heavy Trash

by Mike Huberty
October 2009

What started as a side project for Matt Verta-Ray’s SPEEDBALL BABY and Jon Spencer from the JON SPENCER BLUES EXPLOSION has evolved into a full-fledged rockabilly outfit with the release of HEAVY TRASH’s third album, Midnight Soul Serenade. Greasing back their hair and letting their collars go wide and open, Matt and Jon embody the fashion and music of the classic American rock n’ roll sound.

A sound that Matt explains he was influenced by from a young age. “My mom had a lot of cool 50’s records, some Sun, soul, and blues.”, he says. “When I got a guitar, I got a hold of a tape of Eddie Cochran and that knocked me out. Guys like Buddy Holly and Leadbelly, but I was also influenced by some of the more out-there stuff like Hasil Adkins and novelty records. It’s kind of what I’ve always played, Jon had a similar trajectory and was into groups like the Gibson Brothers.”



Hed PE

An interview with vocalist Jared Gomes
by Max Ink Writer List
November 2010

Hed Pe (the Hed stands for higher thought and the PE added later meaning planet earth) is best known as a G - punk act. Hed was formed in 1994 in Huntington Beach,CA. They have nine albums to date(including one live album and one compilation).Current members include Jared Gomes, Jaxon, Mawk, DJ Project 1969, and Trauma. The music fuses styles like hip hop,reggae, punk rock, and heavy metal. I recently caught up with Jared for the latest on their work.

Maximum Ink: Where did the idea for the name Hed pe come from?
Jared Gomes: The word head comes from one of the first songs I wrote with the band that was called “heavy head”, which was about thinking too much and depression. For a while we were just called Hed. When we got signed, we had to change our name for legal reasons and we added the P.E., which stands for Planetary Evolution, and came from some books I was reading. Books like ET 101, and Earth: The living library by Barbara Marciniak.

MI: What were some of your earliest influences?
JG: The influences have definitely changed through the years. In the 90s, I was influenced by The Beastie Boys, Nine Inch Nails and Dr. Dre.


Hed PE

Hed PE

An interview with guitarist Jackson Benge
by Tina Ayres
July 2014

Hed PE is back with their ninth studio album to the delight of American Rapcore fans everywhere. Their latest offering, Evolution, is slated for release this July on Pavement Entertainment. Comprised of Jared Gomes(vocals), Mawk(bass), Jackson Benge(guitar) , and Trauma(drums) the band is back with sounds heavier than ever.

Maximum Ink: What were you like as a child growing up? What would you say are your fondest memories of that time?
Jackson Benge: I was a hyper kid. My grade school teachers would always write the same types of comments on my report cards; “He has a lot of energy,” or, “Distracts other kids.” I couldn’t keep still and couldn’t stop staring at the clouds. My imagination was my best friend and I used to love to draw. One of my fondest memories growing up was the first time I rode a bicycle without training wheels. As long as my memory is still intact, that will remain among the fondest.

MI: How old were you when you wrote your first song? Do you remember what it was about?
JB: I was about 15 or 16 years old when I wrote one of my first actual songs. Believe it or not, I wrote the lyrics as well. It was called, “Hold On,” and it was a cross between “Earth Angel” by the Penguins and “Don’t Cry” by Guns ‘n’ Roses. It was a simple love song about wanting to be with a girl you can’t have. At the time, many girls around me seemed to like that song, so I guess it was a relative success.

MI: Are you excited to be releasing your ninth studio album on Pavement Entertainment?
JB: “Evolution” is our 9th studio release and it’s always exciting to put out a new record, especially with a label like Pavement, which clearly has a solid grasp on how to treat their artists. The team we now have working with us is incredible. When I talk to others who have worked with Pavement, they have nothing but great things to say about them as well.


Held: A Musical Fantasy

Held: A Musical Fantasy

an interview with Kelly Maxwell
by Teri Barr
June 2015

VO5. Little Red Wolf. Held. You may recognize one or more from the Madison arts scene, but did you know the same person has played a part in all three?  Kelly Maxwell made her initial mark locally as a musician, but is now sharing her talents on a different stage. “Held: A Musical Fantasy,” is playing weekends through June at Broom Street Theater. It’s Kelly’s directorial debut, and first full-length work. “Held” is on the dark side of fairytales, with the consequences of power driven by the music, and weaved between the characters – one, demonstrating charm and a gift for the supernatural – the other, a determined realist. Let’s just say it leads to a powerful end. 

I recently asked Kelly about using her own power to move between music, and theater. And why this may be the start of a real-life fairytale, come true.


HELLYEAH on the cover of Maxmum Ink May 2007


by Rick Florino
May 2007

An interview with former Pantera/Damageplan and current Hellyeah drummer Vinnie Paul covering his new band featuring Chad Gray and Greg Tribbet of Mudvayne and Tom Maxwell of Nothingface.


Hewn from Madison, WI - photo by Nick Berard


by Andrew Frey
August 2012

Hewn. A short and simple name for a band that is neither simple nor small nor easily explained.

“When Sam Spotts (Acoustic Guitar, Growls & Such) and I first got together I had no idea what kind of music he was playing,” begins Ben Lisser (Pots and Pans, Piano, Guitar, Vocals, Head Chef). “All I knew was that I loved it and had to be a part of it. We both wrote a lot together and never really tried to produce a certain kind of music. Sam would present a song and I would record it and add drums, and piano and anything else we felt was necessary.”

However, the duo ran into a dilemma early on. Sam recalls, “When Ben and I started recording we quickly realized that unless we both grew four more arms and an extra head we couldn’t recreate the sound
that we made on the recording.”

Thus the ranks of Hewn swelled to 7 when Sam and Ben enlisted the aid of musical cohorts, Forrester Barry (Djembe, Vocals, Rabble Rouser), Nathan Bowie (Bass, Vocals, Cool Hand Luke), Jake Blumer (Electric Guitar, Plucko), Adam Bluhm (Pots and Pans, Accordion, Vocals, Whistles/Kazoo, Thrower of Stuffs) and Christian Lisser (Drums & percussion, Motor Man).


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