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In This Moment

In This Moment

by Chris Fox
November 2008

After the recent release of their new album, “The Dream” on September 30, IN THIS MOMENT find themselves on tour. Somewhat familiar with Wisconsin, after hitting the stage hard for Band Camp ’07, they have returned, opening for Five Finger Death Punch.

The band has gone through a lot of sound adjustments in their four years together and have developed what Chris Howorth (guitarist) defines as “melodic rock and roll with a little bit of heavy metal.”  The new album concentrates more on song development rather than the almighty riff.  Maria Brink’s (vocalist) screams are less apparent than their previous release, but the band still manages to stay heavy with melody.  Howorth and Jesse Landry (bassist) account their changing sound to the diverse musical choices of the group. Howorth is the appointed “metal guy,” but they account everything from Kiss and Pantera to Ratt and Def Leppard as influences.

Each band member seems to have their own preferences as to which of their songs was the favorite, but their live favorite was a resounding, “Daddy’s Fallen Angel.” Landry explained that it was one of their heaviest songs in the set list and really seemed to click with the more rambunctious crowds. The live show seemed to be their favorite part of the whole lifestyle, and even though budgets are tight these guys plan to continue doing what they love.


Maria Brink in a sexy photo shoot

In This Moment

by Chris Fox
February 2009

Still rolling on the release of their newest album, The Dream, IN THIS MOMENT will be back in Wisconsin at the Riverside Ballroom in Green Bay, and the Orpheum, with MUDVAYNE on February 9th and 18th respectively. Whether you are a veteran fan or a first time listener this quintet is bound to grab your attention both live and with their amazing studio talents.

Digressing from their first album, Beautiful Tragedy, the new record takes a lighter approach to heavy music. Showing true diversity and gusto, the new album is “more song oriented rather than focusing so heavily on riffs,” explains Maria Brink (vocals). Their influences span from, the riff masters, Pantera to Johnny Cash creating a very diverse sound in their music. Brink attributes the more melodic take on the new album to seeing Ozzy play when they were on the Ozzfest Tour. “Watching a massive crowd sing all his songs back to him really inspired us to twist our songs in a different direction,” explains Brink. Her highly recognizable screams are still present, but there is a whole new layering with melody and harsh sounds. Brink continues, “I was really angry on the first album, and I write about my passions and experiences,” and there is a whole new understanding with The Dream.

Brink explains that singing is, actually, much more challenging for her than the screaming. She digresses about Cash not being the greatest singer, but “you can feel what he is singing.” Music becomes about an escape from the reality that all of us are stuck in, and Brink feels the album keeps the heavy sound while being lighter because it still conveys “that specific attitude of not falling into what everybody else does… independence and power.” As a female lead, a somewhat unique position in hard rock and heavy metal, Brink feels that people often blow such an aspect out of proportion. “People sometimes don’t take our music as seriously, but that all disappears when the music starts,” explains Brink.

IN THIS MOMENT constantly challenges themselves to play better live. Being onstage is “where I feel most free and alive, everything stays away,” and Brink certainly displays this passion on stage with more enthusiasm that many of her peers. The most inspiring part is Brink’s battle with anxiety. She explains that she has only suffered on stage twice, and in reality the stage is what allows her to transgress above such complications. In fact, she continues, “fear is the greatest adversity I’ve had to overcome,” not from anxieties, but rather the fear and doubt while chasing a dream. She expressed her gratitude, the greatest thing as a musician is, “inspiring fans and being able to do what I love everyday.”

Whether it’s the older pit favorite, “Daddy’s Fallen Angel,” or the new crowd mover, “Mechanical Love,” these musicians deliver. Through her mother’s influence, Brink easily found metal and she uses those influences to develop an ever-changing genre of music with her bandmates. Heavy melodies and screeching overtones, as well as incredibly high energy and a true passion for music are what make them a band to watch. After their dates over the next couple months, IN THIS MOMENT plans to head for Europe as well as being scheduled to play the Warped Tour. Brink explains with the utmost excitement, “this is what I feel like I’m here to do… it makes me feel alive.”


In This Moment

In This Moment

by Chris Fox
November 2009

After surprising an unsuspecting crowd with their stage presence at the Mudvayne show back in February IN THIS MOMENT is back on the road. Now on a headline tour, they are returning to Madison in November. With Earth shattering screams and a mesmerizing singing voice, Maria Brink fronts this eclectic mix of pounding heavy metal and melodic hard rock.

The band really finds itself on the razor’s edge between heavy and light without losing the elements of either. Brink explains, “we aren’t afraid to do what we want, and that has made us really diverse.” The guitar riffs of Chris Howorth are bluntly heavy, but the touch of melody in Howorth’s solos and Brink’s soaring voice are what set IN THIS MOMENT in their own category.


L-R: Louie, Jimmy K, E-Dub, Bachness Monster, SlamminAlvin

Infernal Rock Radio

An interview with the Madison deejays of Infernal Rock Radio
by Mike Huberty
December 2010

Internet radio has come a long way from the technological wasteland of the 1990’s when you were tied to a desktop machine with a wired Ethernet connection and then you could listen to a low-bitrate stream that sounded like an AM radio station from 200 miles away over tinny crapola speakers. At the time, just the idea of listening on the Internet untethered by the rules and corporate economics of terrestrial radio was invigorating. Everyone could be a pirate because it was radio without limits. Deejays that didn’t have to spin the same Top Forty songs that only your little sister likes or the same tired classic rock songs that haven’t left the airwaves since 1975. It was going to be the great equalizer, because everyone could listen to you. But an idea is all it was. It was usually more of a pain to figure out than it was an actual joy to listen to. Today, in the second decade of the new Millennium, it’s a completely different story. Everyone has Broadband and for many, it’s mobile. Computers are starting to become the foundation for home entertainment. Internet radio broadcasts in crystal-clear quality, sounding better than FM when you’re next to the antenna. People are listening to radio over the Internet in their cars, on their iPods, and wherever there’s a cell phone signal. One of this new breed of Internet radio stations that’s making waves in Madison is Infernal Rock Radio, a station devoted to hard rock and heavy music.

Started by Dread Pirate Vane, a veteran webcaster who takes the “pirate radio” symbolism all the way, even into his moniker, Infernal Rock Radio’s motto became “The station built by the bands, for the fans”.


Madison's Instead We Smile

Instead We Smile

An interview with Madison rock band, Instead We Smile
by Mike Huberty
October 2016

Female-fronted rock with a Pat Benatar-vibe, Madison’s INSTEAD WE SMILE is vocalist Amanda Ikens, bassist Ed Feeny, guitarist Jeff Muendel, and drummer Tom Pier. They are debuting their first release, Earthly Stew at Chief’s Tavern on October 22nd. It’s a free show and people will be able to pick up vinyl copies of the new music.


Iron Maiden's Bruce Dickinson on the cover of Maximum Ink in June 2005 - photo by Paul Gargano

Iron Maiden

by Paul Gargano
August 2005

Simply put, Iron Maiden had to co-headline OZZfest 2005. From the band’s perspective, spending the summer on OZZfest would expose the legendary Maiden machine to a vast new, younger audience. And from OZZfest’s perspective, Iron Maiden were the only remaining band left to headline the summer caravan. It was the best of both worlds for both parties, and creates an even better world for fans of heavy metal, as the double-billing of Black Sabbath and Iron Maiden creates one of the most potent top-heavy package tours in music history. Ironically, while neither band are boasting new material, there are three solo albums being released this summer from their cumulative forces, two from Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi and bassist Geezer Butler, and one from Iron Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson. We won’t be hearing any of the new material this summer, and there’s only a possibility that any of them will tour solo this fall, which makes their presence on the road this summer even more monumental. Especially in the case of Iron Maiden. While Black Sabbath tours have become an annual occurrence as of late, there’s no telling what the future holds for Maiden, especially in America. Their last album, Dance Of Death, was a chart success for the band, but it resulted in only two domestic tour stops in New York and Los Angeles. And with frontman Bruce Dickinson being a full-time airline pilot outside of Iron Maiden, we have to approach any opportunity he takes to tour as privileged circumstances…


Poster for the Isthmians on the Brink (top) the Isthmians of Comedy (bottom)

Isthmians on the Brink

by Dana Sitar
July 2012

On July 24, the Isthmians of Comedy come together to celebrate yet another milestone. The group’s founders, Nick Hart and Stefan Davis will share the spotlight at the Brink Lounge as Davis celebrates the release of his debut CD Of Course I’ll Choke You and Hart headlines to record his first album, The New N-Word. A few weeks later, they’ll both leave Madison behind.

Since their inaugural April Fool’s Day show in 2010, the Ishtmians have taken great strides, its original members beginning to stand out on their own in and outside of Madison. Last year, they saw Dave Pickett move with his family to Norway, where he’s taking the English-speaking comedy scene by storm. Davis is touring the Midwest after spending a year in San Francisco. He returns in September to compete in the prestigious San Francisco International Comedy Competition. Hart is headed East in August, taking his career into the heart of stand-up comedy, New York City.


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