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Alan Jackson

Alan Jackson

singer, songwriter, and country music legend
by Tina Hall
September 2010

Who of those among us that where raised on country music didn’t like songs about trains?  You just gotta love an album titled “Freight Train.” In his latest work, Alan Jackson proves after 20 years in the industry, 50 million albums sold, and 34 number one hits, that he is indeed a legend in country music. He co-wrote eight of twelve songs on the album. Lee Ann Womack teams up with Jackson on a impressive cover of the 70’s hit “Til The End” for a rather fitting tribute to the late Vern Gosdin.

The opening track “Hard Hat and a Hammer” speaks to those who understand the satisfaction that comes from a days hard work, while “I Could Get Used To This” showcases some very nice work on steel guitar that is rather hard to find these days. The tracks “It’s Just That Way” and “Big Green Eyes” provide a glimpse at the more edgy side ,while the ballad “The Best Keeps Getting Better” offers something to those that prefer a softer tune. All in all it is an album that will delight die hard fans and make an impression on new country fans alike.

Maximum Ink: What was it like to work with Lee Ann Womack On Till The End?
Alan Jackson: I been trying to get her to sing a duet with me for a long time. She’s one of my favorite female country singers. Probably the only one out there left that’s singing real hard country stuff, and can really pull it off, I mean, I’ve loved her from day one, and I asked her to sing with me years ago and she turned me down. So finally she agreed to do it. I’m glad to have her on the record and “Till The End’s” been a song that I’ve always wanted to record as a duet, and it was Verne Gosdin song he had a hit on, years and years ago. I think one of his ex-wives wrote this song. Which I didn’t even know that until we got ready to record this. Verne, he passed away of course last year, and I wanted to do a song, in his honor. I got to do a song for Verne, and got to sing with LeAnn, and this, man, it’s a cool cut.


Danny Johnson

Danny Johnson

by Mike Huberty
November 2009

Looking at guitarist, DANNY JOHNSON’s musical resume is like reading a syllabus for a course in Classic Rock. Discovered at 18 years old by Rick Derringer (he of the “Rock and Roll Hoochie Koo”), Johnson recorded three albums with him and moved on to joining the bands of Alice Cooper and Rod Stewart. Danny would go on to replace Steve Vai (who in turn had replaced Yngwie Malmsteen) in Graham Bonnet’s post-Rainbow project, Alcatrazz, and when they disbanded, became the guitarist in Eddie Van Halen’s production project, Private Life, in the late 80’s. During the last decade, in addition to performing with Tia Carrere on the Wayne’s World soundtrack, Johnson became the lead guitarist with the originators of the term “heavy metal”, Steppenwolf (still a touring entity almost half a century after forming.) Johnson has also released two solo albums, Grih-Grih Thing and Over Cloud Nine and is embarking on a solo tour through Wisconsin this November.


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Don Jamieson Talks Hookers & Blow

Don Jamieson

VH1's Don Jameison Talks Hookers & Blow
by Tommy Rage
January 2018

That Metal Show co-host Don Jamieson shares what it’s like to deal with a drunk Marilyn Manson, being on tour with “Hookers & Blow” and his favorite ‘fan-boy’ souvenir.  Read More…


J Marsden


An Interview with Singer/Songwriter J. Marsden
by Mike Huberty
August 2017

Former WALL OF FUNK leader J. MARSDEN has consistently been one of Madison’s most underrated guitarists. With plenty of technical skill, a great sense of melody and most importantly, a surplus of heart, Joe’s first solo album, Gravity is a mix between ALICE IN CHAINS (Sap and Jar of Flies specifically), DAYS OF THE NEW (lower-register vocal melodies and hooks), and RADIOHEAD (expert guitar work ala The Bends).


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Jackyl's 25th Anniversary

Jackyl’s 25th Anniversary

An interview with Jackyl's Jesse James Dupree
by Tommy Rage
August 2017

Jesse James Dupree discusses Jackyl’s new release, writing pop-songs, and playing at the up-coming Harley Davison Rally in Milwaukee. Read More…


Jane Lee Hooker on the cover of Maximum Ink  - photo by Alan Rand

Jane Lee Hooker

An interview with Guitarist Tracy 'High Top' Almazan
by Michelle Harper
July 2016

The Blues just got an exciting makeover, and it’s called Jane Lee Hooker.

The band’s debut album entitled “No B!” was released April of this year by Ruf Records. It’s filled with original takes on classic blues songs such as Muddy Waters’ “Mannish Boy” and “Champagne and Refer”, Willie Dixon’s “Shake for Me” and Albert King’s “The Hunter”, along with an original track “In the Valley”. It’s earned rave reviews and high praise for its electric vibe and aggressive sound.

Formed in New York City in 2013, the members of JLH are no strangers to the music business. Guitarist Tracy ‘High Top’ Almazan has been playing for years in such bands as The Wives (with JLH bassist Hail Mary Z), Helldorado and Nashville Pussy, while the band’s other guitarist Tina “T Bone” Gorin, played with NYC band Bad Wizard. After a long hiatus from playing music, longtime friends High Top and T Bone decided to get together and make something new and exciting happen.

“I had stopped playing music altogether for about eight years”, High Top recalls. “Tina had stopped playing music for a bunch of years. We just didn’t feel like doing it anymore separately. And we just reconnected and said hey, let’s try to put a band together for fun. We got Melissa “Cool Whip” Houston on drums right away, and she was amazing! And I brought in (bassist) Mary”.


Jane's Addiction's Perry Farrel and Stephen Perkins, on the cover of Max Ink Mar/2012

Jane’s Addiction

An interview with drummer Stephen Perkins
by Dan "EJ" Schneiderman
March 2012

In 1985, the Los Angeles music scene was mostly hair metal bands trying to make it to super stardom. But a little known underground scene was being born with original bands playing new alternative music. One of those bands was Jane’s Addiction. Today, over 25 years later, Jane’s is still pumping out great music with an L.A. vibe. With their new album The Great Escape Artist finally out, and tons of 2012 tour dates booked, I spoke with Jane’s Addiction’s drummer, Stephen Perkins, about the new CD and tour and other good stuff.

Maximum Ink: Hi Stephen, my name is EJ, I’m with Maximum Ink Music Magazine and Maxinkradio, how are you doing today?
Stephen Perkins: I feel great man, it’s been a really good day,  I’ve got a 2 year old son, so I’ve spent the whole day with him, and now I’m on my way to rehearsal with the boys.

MI: What is the meaning behind the title The Great Escape Artist?
SP: It’s a personal thing like everybody, it really, with all the bullshit, no matter what year you look at, 2012 or 1812 there is always bullshit in the way of enjoying yourself. And what are we here for, I think we are here for art and sex. Let Jane’s Addiction be your art and sex, escape with us. Get away from everything else you’re fucking dealing with, put on this record, just like when we used to put on Sgt Peppers record, or I used to put on Physical Graffiti, which I still do and just get away from it all, let the music take you. Don’t let it do it 30 seconds at a time, go away for a half hour.


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