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Bruce Kulick

Bruce Kulick

From KISS to Grand Funk Railroad, a rock legend
by Tina Hall
August 2010

Bruce Kulick needs no introduction. From his years with KISS, to working in Grand Funk Railroad and his well established solo career, he has proven he is legendary guitarist time and time again. His latest solo album, BK3 was released on Twenty 4 Records earlier this year. The album features an impressive line up of guest artists with Gene and Nick Simmons (KISS), Eric Singer (KISS), John Corabi (Motley Crue), and Doug Fieger (The Knack).

Maximum Ink: What lead you to release BK3?
Bruce Kulick: I was pleased with my first two solo discs, Audiodog from 2001 and Transformer from 2003. But I did have the desire to do the ultimate solo CD. When approached by my producer friend Jeremy Rubolino he was adamant that we do it with very high standards, as close to lets say Revenge as possible,  (Revenge being my fave KISS album). So that made the new CD very important and very complicated to finish. And the result is something I am very pleased with.

MI: The album showcases the singing debut of Nick Simmons. Was it very hard to convince him to try his hand at vocals?
BK: He was always into singing, and Gene offered him to me. I think we really accomplished something very special with his huge bluesy voice. Nick chose that track to sing on, and Hand Of The King turned into a very strong track for BK3. He was of course a bit “green” in the studio but he is super smart and a good learner. He really nailed it.


native Madisonian, New York transplant Doug Keith - photo by Bryan Bruchman

Doug Keith

An interview with singer/guitarist Doug Keith
by Tina Hall
August 2010

Doug Keith is a singer/songwriter whose work has been related to traditional folk and Americana styles. The New Yorker has released his second album, The Lucky Ones, an eleven song offering that can be found on is co-owned independent label, The Village Label. With a voice that is surprising to hear, it is one of the best of it’s kind available at the moment.

Maximum Ink: Since there is much out there about you would you care to fill us in on your background?
Doug Keith: I’m a midwestern born kid (born in Madison actually) who moved with his family at the age of 12 to a town just outside of Syracuse, NY. I figured out the language fast (‘soda’ = ‘pop’, ‘wicked’ = ‘very’, ‘sneaker’ = ‘shoe’ and so on) but never let my roots sink too far into the ground there. I graduated early from high school, tried college but left after a semester, I’m not even sure I ever got my grades or if I did, I never saw them. I moved to San Francisco when I was 19 and played in punk bands. I stayed there until I was about 24 and then moved back east to NYC where I’ve been ever since. I bounced around in bands in NY and worked before eventually deciding to go solo and tour nonstop. I always had a drive to do it, but never felt it was the time. Once I started working in earnest on my first record I knew it was the right direction to head in.


Actress/Singer Hayley Sara Knight

Hayley Sara Knight

An interview with actress/songstress Hayley Sara Knight
by Tina Hall
August 2010

Hayley Sara Knight is a rather impressive young lady at only 18 years of age the California native can be found opening for Billboard Top 10 artists.  She has a deal to record on a SONY project for Cinescore. She has trained in the arts since an early age.  She has amassed acting credits, done TV voice over work, TV commercials,and works in modeling as well. Hayley has co-starred in several musicals and stage plays.  She had a starring role in an L.A production of The Wizard Of Oz. She began her career as a vocalist by training with Polish artists Ilona Europa. Her first solo performance was at the Famous Canyon Ranch near Hollywood, where she was called ” part Katy Perry part Christina Aguilera with a dash of Rihanna.”

Maximum Ink: At what age did you first know you wanted to work in performing arts?
Hayley Sara Knight: I have always LOVED to explore different voices and different characters, I just loved the idea of pure CREATION. I think subliminally, at a very young age, the reaction that I got from people is what really inspired me to pursue it. I love making people laugh, making people cry, and expanding the minds of an audience just by simply allowing myself to be fearless. And when did you first began to train to do so?  Since I was little girl I would constantly exercise my singing, acting, and performance skills wherever I was, I would constantly be using my imagination and not hesitating to share it with others. (Which got me into trouble sometimes.)  However, I started to professionally train when I was 9 years old. I started in a little acting workshop. That is what started me off in the acting world. I got an agent and manager and went out on auditions. After being in a couple of musicals, I REALLY wanted to pursue my singing. So I got a couple vocal coaches over the years. But at age 15 is when I really found my vocal COACH.  Her name is ILONA EUROPA, she is a recording artist from Poland. From age 15 to now she has turned into my mentor. Singing is not just “technique” it is mainly “soul.”  Sometimes you feel butt naked when you are sharing your true soul with someone other than yourself. ILONA EUROPA has helped me to feel comfortable with that feeling.


Jann Klose - photo by Julie Marden

Jann Klose

An interview with musician Jann Klose
by Tina Hall
November 2010

Jann Klose was born in Germany, and raised in Kenya and South Africa, and then returned to Germany as a teenager. Then he went to Cleveland, Ohio as an exchange student (where he first learned to play piano and guitar). He has been cast in the touring company of Broadway’s Jekyll and Hyde, the European tour of Jesus Christ Superstar, and Tommy (where he played “The Pinball Wizard” in the NJPAC production). Jann has worked alongside artists like Les Paul, Roger McGuinn (The Byrds), Rosanne Cash, and Marty Stuart.

His musical stylings have led critics to compare him to Paul McCartney, Paul Simon, Seal, Sting, and Kurt Weill to name a few. His most recent work Reverie has been said to be made largely with fan support. His latest digital EP Sacrifice is available for download now.  He also had a music video, “Doing Time,” which was made with fans and students at the New York Film Academy. 

Jann Klose will be performing in Chicago on Nov. 16 and 17 at the Uncommon Ground for the Jeff Buckley Tribute, and then in Winnetka on the 18th for the Living Room Session.

Maximum Ink: What was it like to grow up in Kenya and South Africa?
Jann Klose: I got to see a lot of Eastern and Southern Africa as a child. My parents loved to travel and took us with them, everywhere. It was a very good life.

MI: Was it very different in Germany?
JK: My parents got divorced in South Africa and my brother and I stayed with my Dad. My grandparents ended up moving to Johannesburg to help out since my dad worked full time. When we moved back to Germany my brother and I lived with our grandparents for a few years. A lot changed, not just culturally, but personally in our lives after leaving Africa.


Jeanne Kuhns live, photo by Mary Mattson - photo by Mary Mattson

Jeanne Kuhns

An interview with the singer, songwriter, and artist
by Tina Hall
September 2010

From Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin, Jeanne Kuhns offers up soulful folk music that you have to hear to believe. She is also the mother of some very talented children. You might remember Eli Mattson from his run as runner up on America’s Got Talent some time back, but Jacob and Mary Beth Mattson are musicians as well. Her current band, Lost Mothra!, features the stylings of Patrick Palmer on bass, Lynn Gudmundsen on fiddle, and George Sawyn on lead guitar.

Kuhns is an Indie Singer/songwriter with her albums produced by herself and Hans Christian of Studio 330 in Sturgeon Bay. Jeanne has three solo albums and her style is reminiscent of female songwriters and singer of the 1960’s. Her newest work is titled Ghost Ranch and is available at

Other accolades include being named Door County Wisconsin’s Female Musician of the Year in 2008, and by Door County Magazine in July of 2010, and was number 6 on the Indie Songwriters Chart for WOS online radio

Maximum Ink:Can you tell us a little about your background? Where are you from?
How did it influence your musical style? What first led you to the music?
Jeanne Kuhns: I grew up in the Chicago suburbs listening to the folk artists of the time, Peter Paul and Mary, Joan Baez, Buffy Saint Marie then later Carol King, Joni Mitchell, James Taylor, Bob Dylan and Carley Simon. I loved Aretha Franklin and Tina Turner and the Motown sound.  Later Bonnie Raitt, Etta James and Peter Gabriel and my favorite new female singer is Brandi Carlile. My parents were also listening to public radio, the Midnight Special and taking me to the Old Town School of Folk Music in Chicago, and we just loved all this music that changed the world with the messages it carried. As far as Indie singer songwriters The Sons of the Never Wrong, Krista Detor, Laura Veirs, Harry Manx and Jack Johnson.  Also I love the music my kids write, I’ve learned a lot from them.


Katie Scullin on the cover of Maximum Ink for February 2017 - photo by John Hart

Katie Scullin

by Teri Barr
February 2017

What is a hurdle when you relate it to a music career? The definition indicates an obstacle or difficulty to overcome. If you ask Madison-based musician Katie Scullin, she now smiles and shares the stories of many unexpected hurdles during the process of writing and creating her first full album of original music.

Some hurdles would knock out a weaker person. It’s just the way it is. But Katie, who has won countless competitions and accolades including an Emerging Artist Award, the Triple-M Singer-Songwriter Competition, and numerous Madison Area Music Association Awards, refused to fall. Now the finish line is at hand as her new album drops on February 7, followed by an album release celebration on February 17th at Funk’s Pub, and a tour in support of it.

Katie took time to answer some questions about her music at a time when her career is also getting a big boost from those who believe she can take on any hurdle, and win.

Maximum Ink: Everyone has a different story about the way they discovered music. What’s yours?
Katie Scullin:
I just remember sitting in the back of the car singing along to the radio while listening for the differences in every voice, and trying to match the tone and timbre with my own voice, even the guys. Experimenting with my voice just made me feel good. When my parents brought home an old used piano I was immediately drawn to it. I took some lessons in elementary school and used to write songs with my girlfriends. Then, I picked up guitar after high school, and it opened up a whole new avenue for me. It’s also when I started writing “real” songs.


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Madison's Kelsey Miles on the cover of October 2018 Maximum Ink

Kelsey Miles

Singer/Songwriter Can’t Leave the Madcity
by Teri Barr
October 2018

Music healed me, and I owe it to music to help others heal.” -Kelsey Miles

It’s not just a simple quote from Kelsey Miles. The Ohio-born woman is a beauty, inside and out, and Wisconsin is fortunate she now considers Madison her home. Kelsey’s story, of the way she found music while in the midst of being focused on something very different, may amaze you. But it is also why she believe she can help music, help you, too. Kelsey will be releasing a few new, extended songs, during the next two months. But she has much more planned. And we can’t wait to see it happen.

Maximum Ink: Your decision to create your own music just started a few years ago which is amazing to me!
Kelsey Miles:
I’ve always liked to sing. I would make up little songs and such when I was younger, but it wasn’t until I moved to Wisconsin in 2013, I actually got involved with music. I picked up the guitar because I was going through a really rough time in my life. A friend of mine knew I liked to sing, and thought I might like learning how to play guitar, so she suggested I borrow hers and take a class. After some group lessons, we had learned a couple of chords. and I immediately began to write songs. It was a healing process for me. For the first time in my life


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