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Lizard Skynard frontman Erik “Lizardman” Sprague

Lizard Skynard

an interview with Erik “Lizardman” Sprague
by Andrew Frey
May 2011

I totally agree with Erik “Lizardman” Sprague. “The world needs freaks,” he states in our recent e-mail exchange. “We explore the boundaries and show people that most limits are actually false. Freaks challenge society and provide a reflection for growth and exploration.”

The area for our reflection today will be the new band that he is fronting called ‘Lizard Skynard.’ It is sort of an underground supergroup made up of guitarist/songwriter Mossy Vaughn (The Heavils), bassist Russell Gillespie (Mothertrucker), drummer Johnny Baker (Waco Jesus) and Mossy’s brother, Eric Vaughn on keyboards.

Regardless of the others in the band, the focus of the group will always swing back to the renowned freak, comedian, author and vocalist for the band, Lizardman. If you somehow haven’t heard of him, he is easy to spot with his green tattooed scales, his bifurcated (split) tongue(“I have independent control of both tongues and can do some neat little manipulations with it.”), sharply filed teeth, and the teflon ridges implanted sub-dermally above his eyes. Plus he has worked with and been in several sideshow groups, appeared at many” Ripley’s Believe It Or Not” activities and has hosted many events.

After being involved in so many potentially dangerous endeavors I had to wonder if he had ever been permanently injured from a sideshow type performance. He filled me in, “I have some scars but nothing too serious.  One of my nipples is now noticeably different than the other due to a tear while lifting a car battery.


Pete Murray


An interview with vocalist Pete Murray
by Tina Hall
August 2010

Hailing from Southern California, Lo-Pro is comprised of frontman Pete Murray, guitarists Pete Ricci and Neil Godfrey, bassist Jerry Oliviera, and drummer Tommy Stewart (ex Godsmack drummer). Murray and Neil have been writing material together for almost 20 years. The long awaited follow up to the self-titled debut called “The Beautiful Sounds of Revenge” is expected to be released in May 2010.

Maximum Ink: Who are some of your musical influences?
Pete Murray: I grew up on Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Peter Gabriel, U2. I wanted to sing in a band after seeing Ministry live for the first time but I’d say melody is the biggest influence. I also miss the days when massive bands like that would reinvent themselves every time they released a new record - regardless of how well the last one did. There are too many bands nowadays writing the same record over and over because “it worked the first time.”

MI: It is mentioned during the time between albums you had taken up yoga as a way to deal with anger. How would you say it helped you deal with
PM: Yoga taught me how to breathe again. It’s changed my perspective completely. I don’t take this whole journey of life so seriously anymore.


Lockjaw 2013


An Interview with Medavon DeRaj'e of Lockjaw
by Chris Fox
December 2013

The southern Wisconsin music scene breeds a lot of unique music, but when it comes to hard rock and metal, we have a vivid array of diverse musicians. LOCKJAW, out of Milwaukee, brings an industrial approach, which is often lost on the smaller scene, to bluesy metal.

With influences ranging from Fleetwood Mac and Elton John to NIN and Type O Negative and several years on the local scene, Medavon DeRaj’e (vocals and guitar) brands their music as “Hell Rock,” which explains their attraction to darker tones and intense dynamics. He explains, “[I have always] loved how early industrial bands combined synths and electronics in their music. I’m a huge fan of old school metal, thrash, and 80’s stuff. I find it very hard to digest most of the newer metal bands these days. If I can’t understand the lyrics, then I usually can’t relate. I love heavy but it also needs a groove.”


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Madison's Lords of Discipline

Lords Of Discipline

by Chris Fox
August 2009

Take the shredding of Yngwie Malmsteen and Joe Satriani combined with the epic musings of bands like Nile and Behemoth and top it all of with beer soaked Wisconsin metal you have LORDS OF DISCIPLINE, a quintet that define their own take on metal. As bassist Nick Moreno explains, “we only have one gear, and that’s straight out metal, that’s it… we just play metal.”

Brutal and technical are the words these guys live by. Their name runs deeps through not only their musical ventures, but the LORDS OF DISCIPLINE are also regimented in their downtime. Whether it’s learning various forms of martial arts or constant guitar theory, discipline is the heart and soul seeking the level of mastery with a martial arts state-of-mind in music. Their recording techniques reflect the structure they require to create such a monsterous sound. Moreno explains, “it’s the most intimidating thing I have ever come across as a musician.”


Madison's Lords of the Trident on cover of April 2010

Lords Of The Trident

by Chris Fox
April 2010

Can you define heavy metal? Does metal mean screaming vocals and deadly distortion? Or is metal wailing guitar solos and an iron lunged singer?

To Fang VonKillenstein of Lords Of The Trident, heavy metal is “that distorted sound that makes you roll down your windows in the summer and makes you put your fist in the air, out the window. It just gives you that feeling in the pit of your stomach that just drives that ‘yeah.’” One can only assume that “yeah” would make King Diamond proud.

Mr. Killenstein, also known as Ty, defines their sound as “80’s metal mixed with modern influences.”

“Our structure is more towards classics 80’s, but we down tune and are fans of modern death and black metal. Those tonalities show up a lot as well.”

Using their local flavor, they have turned bits and pieces of the UW Campus and Madison into epic metal. Fang explains:

“The Madison music scene is really a lot of indie rock, around campus especially. When you say metal, the average Joe thinks of death and turns the other cheek to our music. Half the people come to our shows for cool music, but the other half just come to see what the hell we are up to. “


Lords of the Trident: The most METAL band on earth! - photo by Mary Sweeney Photography

Lords of the Trident

an interview with vocalist Fang Von Wrathenstein
by Teri Barr
October 2016

My assignment? A pre-Halloween show Q & A with Ty Christian, better known as Fang VonWrathenstein, lead singer of the Madison-based band Lords of the Trident.

What I learned? The band has been in Max Ink twice before, and has only had to endure two line-up changes.

But, the goal has never changed:  world domination.
Too serious?

Consider, it is October, and this is not a group taking itself too seriously.
Still, this band is no joke. Made up of talented musicians, Lords of the Trident has also been signed to a label in Europe, and is creating a monthly column for Guitar World Magazine called, “Music of the Arcane.”

It’s just a few of the steps on the way to world domination.
Hope you enjoy reading about the rest.

Maximum Ink:  You were a young barbarian when your parents urged you to learn the war cries of your people. Was this your first foray into music?
Fang Von Wrathenstein:
We also trained on various instruments - the bone xylophone, the skull trumpet. My mother even had an accordion made from flexible bison hide that she would play from time to time. But they always knew my true passion was in the vocalizations of our various war calls. That’s how I began to train my voice in the power of true META. Later, when the time came to record our first album, I started to get into the production-side of music, learning all I could about the various microphone techniques and equalization strategies. Thankfully, a number of strong mortal warriors helped, otherwise our albums would’ve sounded much worse than they do.


Lords of the Trident on the Cover of Maximum Ink in Oct. 2013

Lords of the Trident 2013

An interview with Fang VonWrathenstein
by Chris Fox
October 2013

The LORDS OF THE TRIDENT have been bludgeoning the music scene for the last five years, and after a successful Kickstarter campaign to fund their new EP, Plan of Attack, they are hitting Madison venues. On October 19, they are playing The Inferno with Circleswitch, Sparklefuck, and Warnerbeast. Maximum Ink had the opportunity to catch up with Fang VonWrathenstein, the vocalist for LORDS OF THE TRIDENT, since they are also playing the Maximum Ink Halloween Weekend at the Frequency on October 25. This year they are going as Judas Priest, and have said that concert goers could expect to be run over by a bunch of motorcycles.

Maximum Ink: How would you define the sound of LORDS OF THE TRIDENT?
Fang VonWrathenstein: Lords of the Trident is the most metal band on earth. Imagine, if you will, taking the thunderous sounds of a thousand steeds rampaging into battle, and combine it with the clashing produced by the swords and spears of men ready to kill or be killed. Then add some guitars. That’s pretty close to the incredibly face-melting, soul-stealing sound of the pure metal, produced by the Lords.
MI: Obviously, a huge part of your band’s repertoire is based on your live show. What inspired the band’s on-stage persona?


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