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Mary Zimmer from classic Ottomon Empire days...  - photo by Laura Koeppel

Luna Mortis

Looking Back and Moving Forward, the Return of Luna Mortis
by Sal Serio
July 2013

So you wanna be a rock ‘n roll star? Well, listen now, to what I say. You shopped around your demo, attracted some major label interest, and – viola! – you got signed. Now it’s time to live the dream, right? Elaborate catering requests on riders, swanky tour busses, swimming pools, and groupies lined up down the hall of the Embassy Suites. You’re on easy street, right? I’m sorry to say, the trip may not be a rosy as a baby’s bottom, after all.


Sam Llanas

Sam Llanas

"An Interview with founding BoDean singer Sam Llanas"
by John Noyd
October 2011

Born in Waukesha WI fifty years ago, Sam Llanas spent nearly half his life as co-founder of the BoDeans, working with Grammy-winning producers, recording at world-class studios and skyrocketing to public awareness when the BoDean’s, “Closer to Free,” was picked as the theme for the television show, “Party of Five.” Sam’s first solo venture, under the band name Absinthe, came when the BoDeans took a brief hiatus in the late nineties. His second solo outing, “4 A.M.,” was released the end of last month, a few short months after he announced his departure from the BoDeans. A powerfully quiet affair marked by a low-key tenderness that highlights Sam’s emotion-laden voice, “4 A.M.,” beautifully captures the late night mood where love, truth, loneliness and sympathy walk hand in hand. Sam was kind enough to answer some questions via email and shed light on the process behind such a personal undertaking.

MAX: “4 a.m. here we are again,” a great line for a very nocturnal album and for your second solo outing. Were there any insights in your second time around?

SAM: The only thought I had in my head when I started this project was that I wanted it to be very different from both, “A Good Day to Die,” and any BoDeans record. The obvious thing was to make a record that was almost entirely based on acoustic instruments. 


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Tommy Lee on the cover of Maximum Ink in June 2002

Tommy Lee

by Paul Gargano
June 2002

Tommy Lee became synonymous with drumming in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s, his solos setting the standards by which all future drummers would be judged, and his presence one of unparalleled rock ‘n’ roll excess. Since those heralded days in Mötley Crüe, a lot has happened, but Lee’s focus hasn’t shifted. Through tabloid headline after tabloid headline, he’s kept his music close to his heart, all the while, his personal life being run through the American psyche as if it were made for prime time television. And while the hooplah may have been more than most men could handle, in sitting down with Tommy Lee as the release of his sophomore solo effort approaches (this time the project is simply called Tommy Lee, and the album, appropriately, Never A Dull Moment), it’s practically chilling how sound both in mind and body the international superstar has become. It’s as if the more he’s been through, the more he’s learned, and Lee savors the newfound knowledge with an enviable zest for life. The same zest that he applies to his music. On the eve of the band’s departure for the road in support of Lee’s latest solo outing, Maximum Ink sat down with the drummer-turned-frontman to discuss life as an icon, and the albums that have come as a result…


Wisconsin native Claire Wellin of NYC's Youth In A Roman Field

Youth In A Roman Field

An interview with singer and songwriter Claire Wellin of Youth In A Roman Field
by Mike Huberty
January 2018

New York City’s YOUTH IN A ROMAN FIELD has a very Wisconsin connection with its front woman Claire Wellin. While she was raised in Wausau, she’s spent time all over the Midwest and landed in NYC where this talented multi-instrumentalist has put together a band that mixes up folk and jazz, as instantly likable for Indie Folk fans as those who enjoy spinning some of that Great American Songbook. Claire is playing a solo show at The Frequency on Tuesday January 9th and we spoke to her to preview the night.


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