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DJ Trichrome spinning tracks on a concert cruise ship opening for 311

Madcity Nights - May 2015

a monthly look around Madison's Live Music Scene
by Max Ink
May 2015

Madcity Nights is a monthly look around Madison’s Live Music Scene


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Willy Street Fair 2018 - photo by David Michael Miller

Madcity Nights - September 2018

Previews of shows around Madison and surrounding areas
by Max Ink
September 2018

Madcity Nights for September features show picks and previews by Maximum Ink staff writers. This month: Willy Street Fair and many more!


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Joe Marsden

Madcity Nights May 2017

Previews of May 2017 Shows in the Madcity
by Max Ink Writer List
May 2017

Previews of May 2017 Shows in the Madcity


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Madison Malone - photo by Scotify

Madison Malone

Madison Singer/Songwriter makes move to Los Angeles
by Teri Barr
August 2016

“I have no idea what’s about to happen,” Madison Malone reveals to me as we hug in greeting, and sit down to chat. “But I don’t want a predictable life or music career, so it’s the right time for a new challenge in a new city.” Malone’s days in Madison are now officially numbered. By the end of August, Wisconsin will be a blip in her rearview mirror, and her career will be off and running in Los Angeles. It’s true. The young songstress already has close to a dozen shows booked in California, and a few will include musicians from this area on the bill starting with singer-songwriter Teddy Davenport. It is something she has strategically built into her business plan. “I want to be a funnel for helping Madison musicians get on stage in the L.A. area,” Malone says. “My goal really is to collaborate with the connections I have and put together a back-and-forth opportunity for artists in both cities.”


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Czech Republic's Plastic People of the Universe to play the Madison World Music festival

Madison World Music Festival 2008

by John Noyd
September 2008

Spread over two consecutive weekends in mid-September, Madison’s global gathering touches every point on the compass across Madison in every creative fashion imaginable. Syrian singer GAIDA, Indian guitarist PRASANNA and the psychedelic dub of Turkey’s BABA ZULA perform, dance, lead workshops and colorfully flavor UW’s campus, the Annex and the Willy Street Fair.




An interview with singer Angry Phil
by Tina Hall
February 2011

Madlife was formed from the breakup of the Los Angeles based band Merge in 2004. It is currently comprised of Angry Phil on vocals, Isaiah on guitar, Jimmy Minj on bass, and Kylio on drums. Over the years they have toured with bands like Marilyn Manson, Prong, Adema, Bullet For My Valentine, Trivium, and All That Remains. Their newest single “Be Tomorrow” is out now from the album Angry Sonnets for the Soul . The album was produced by Powerman 5000 guitarist Evan 9.

Maximum Ink: Can you tell us a little about where you are from? Do you think you carry the influences of where you came from with you today? How has coming from where you have influenced your musical tastes?
Angry Phil: I am from just outside of Toronto in Canada. I carry some of the influences. I was driven to get out of there and away from what I hated most: snow. My musical tastes have been influenced mostly by East Coast Industrial Music, coming mostly out of NYC.

MI: When did you first become interested in music?
AP: I have been into listening and playing music my whole life.


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Paul Schluter of Madison's Magic 7 on the 7th cover of Maximum Ink in September 1996 - photo by Craig Gieck

Magic 7

by Paul Gargano
September 1996

What’s so magical about Magic 7? It depends who you ask. For fans of Last Crack it’s the first time writing duo of Paul Schluter and Buddo have worked together in more that five years. For the former member’s of Madison’s best known hardrock outfit, it’s an opportunity to put the past behind and focus on the present.

“This wasn’t pieced together just to get all of the members of Last Crack, except for the drummer, together in another band,” said guitarist and principal songwriter Paul Schluter in a recent interview. “We’ve all worked together before, we’re in each other’s heads and it’s a great starting point, but I think the thing that makes this band special is that we’re relying on mostly new music. Last Crack was fun for us, but it was in the past. What makes this band worth being around is that it’s a whole new style of music for us, a lot mellower at times, a lot more melodic, a lot more mature, and at times completely different sounding.”


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