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The Moguls

An interview with Madison Pop-Punkers The Moguls
by Ryan Schremp
April 2013

Interviewing The Moguls is a bit of a challenge, and it’s not just because half of them live in Milwaukee while the other half live in Madison. However, I sat down with the Madison half—Riley Henninger and Kyle Jaco—while we Skyped-in the Milwaukee half—Patrick Talaska and Dustin Schramm—to talk a bit about their past, their present, and their future. Each of us with a 40oz bottle of a beer that rather resembled champagne, the interrogation began.

Maximum Ink: You’ve had this current lineup for about a year and a half now, tell me a bit about how you got here.
Kyle Jaco: Well, Patrick started the band with some dudes in ‘98 and they didn’t really do anything. Pat wrote a couple of songs - one of them is, “Why Won’t They Leave Me Alone?” - Then I played in a band with Dustin and Riley in High School.
Riley Henninger: Called, Everything Diet.


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Mojo Radio - photo by Brian Ebner/Optic Nerve

Mojo Radio

Madison's Guitar-Driven Harmonica-Powered Rock ‘n Roll Juggernaut!
by Sal Serio
November 2012

The local Madison guitar-driven harmonica-powered rock ‘n roll juggernaut known as Mojo Radio has a lot of positive momentum to hang their hats on these days. Their first self-titled CD has garnered attention in both the Midwest and the East Coast, as well as Germany and France. Having just signed to the self-proclaimed “high octane riffage total guitar” label Grooveyard Records, the group is now fine-tuning material for a second full length release. I was recently able to catch the band in their rehearsal space to get some insight in to how they got to this enviable position in such a short time span, and what the future promises. Mojo Radio is Jason “JP” Peterson on guitar, drummer extraordinaire Brent King, bassist Scott Aumann, and singer/harp player Adam Zierten.


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Moloko Shivers Live

Moloko Shivers

An interview with Milwaukee's Moloko Shivers
by Mike Huberty
October 2012

If you lived and breathed rock music in Southeastern Wisconsin in the early 1990’s, then you saw MOLOKO SHIVERS. Shirtless rock stars with cutoff jean shorts in the RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS vein, they were the leading edge of The Dairy State’s little corner of the Alternative Nation. With a killer mix of grooves, heavy riffs, and good ol’ showmanship, they dominated the live rock scene for several years until disbanding in 1997. After taking over a decade off, they reformed with a new lead singer, Craig Baumann from Milwaukee jam-rockers, FAT MAWROONEY and have emerged back on the scene with a brand new self-titled album. We talked with drummer, Dave Schoepke, and vocalist Baumann about the new album and the direction of the band as they enter their third decade.


Monster Magnet on the cover of Maximum Ink in September 1998

Monster Magnet

by Paul Gargano
September 1998

Monster Magnet may unleash the most bombastic arena rock this side of the Reagan administration, but frontman Dave Wyndorf is as misplaced today as he would have been in 1988. His music glows with flash and fire, a hard rock amalgamation of everything guitar-driven and melody-laced, and onstage he plays equal parts Paul Stanley, badass biker, and teenager enchanted by the allure of sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll. With a brilliant new release, Powertrip, that rivals Guns ‘N’ Roses’ Appetite for Destruction in sheer audacity, tenacity, and musical virtuosity, he is currently wrapping a month of amphitheater dates with Aerosmith before kicking off a blockbuster tour with Rob Zombie and Fear Factory in October. ``In 1998, there is no alternative but to just physically get out there and pound people over the fucking heads and celebrate excess,” Wyndorf said over lunch recently at a New York City tavern. “Fuck this symphonic turntable going ‘wacka wacka wacka,’ it’s time to fuck people!”


Madison's Moodtrain - photo by Sam Antha


An interview with Verge Manyen and Travis Ziegler of improvisational rock duo, MoodTrain
by Mike Huberty
July 2018

Making up songs on the fly is hard, but improvisation is in the soul of live music. It’s what brought GRATEFUL DEAD fans back show after show because they didn’t know what to expect from night to night. If music is emotion made sound, then improvisation is what happens when you explore those emotions intuitively and in depth. That’s what Madison drummer Verge Manyen and guitarist Travis Ziegler do in MOODTRAIN. It’s improvisational instrumental rock where Verge and Travis feed off each other to create something unique every single time. They just released their first album, “Great Lakes Airlines volume 1”, an entirely off-the-cuff 30-minute jam. They’ll be playing outside at the Cheba Hut in downtown Madison on September 7th for a free show at 4:30pm. I talked with Verge and Travis about the new record and the band.


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Wisconsin's Mother Orchis

Mother Orchis

by Joshua Miller
May 2009

Loudly making an entrance with a wave of raw emotion, MOTHER ORCHIS roams Milwaukee bars and clubs, looking to produce like minded beings that absorb her trance-inducing musical waves. 

Approaching this mysterious being reveals the elements that drive her: a band by the same name, which effortlessly blends classic rock, psychedelic rock and metal.  Laying down the beat of her footsteps and heart beat is Jesus, who keeps time her epic like movements.  Rochelle (often shortened to Roach) adds bass in rhythm with her heart beat while Kevin chugs away fiercely on his guitar.  Hallowing, somewhat growling, with an Ozzy Osbourne-like darkly tone, Matt Leece provides the final elements with his voice and guitar.

“I think we all kind of were on the same page from the get go,” Leece says of his band’s ability to merge their sounds together.


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Motherhive of Madison, Wisconsin


An interview with singer Michael Kerwin
by Mike Huberty
April 2016

With a performance coming up at Maximum Ink’s 20th Anniversary Celebration, Bomblastica, Madison’s MOTHERHIVE is bringing classic heavy metal thunder and aggression magnified through a funky lens to the party.  If you get down to FAITH NO MORE, TOOL, or LED ZEPPELIN, then your head will bang to MOTHERHIVE. After several years of blasting their way around the Madison area in the first decade of this century as THE MOTHERHIVE SYNDICATE, guitarist Sven Hansen and singer Michael Kerwin found a new rhythm section in drummer Scott Chazan and bassist Matt Acker. With the new lineup, they re-christened themselves to simply MOTHERHIVE.  We talked with Kerwin about what their music is all about and what they’ve got planned for the big show at the Frequency on April 16th.


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