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Pop Evil by LeAnne Mueller - photo by LeAnne Mueller

Pop Evil

An interview with lead vocalist Leigh Kakaty of Pop Evil
by Aaron Manogue
September 2011

Michigan has a prestigious reputation for producing some the greatest musicians of modern time. From Alice Cooper to Eminem and even the twisted act Insane Clown Posse, the state has a wide variety of famous musicians who have hugely impacted music, whether good or bad. The trend continues with Pop Evil, the latest band to shake up Michigan’s music scene. War of Angels, the recent release from the Michigan-bred rockers, has once again infected the rock n’ roll world with their catchy riffs and memorable stage presence. Maximum Ink’s Aaron Manogue talked with lead singer Leigh Kakaty about their Michigan roots, new album and touring with 3 Doors Down and Theory of a Deadman.


Porky's Groove Machine from Appleton, WI

Porky’s Groove Machine

An interview with nerd-funkers Porky's Groove Machine
by Mike Huberty
July 2017

With their tongues firmly planted in their cheeks, Appleton’s PORKY’S GROOVE MACHINE plays campus-ready dance-able white guy funk that is ready to help you get on with your baddest self. They’ve got tracks like a “PSA (Porky’s Service Announcement)” proclaiming to “Don’t be silly, wrap your willy!” or with titles like “Hey! Fatballs!”, so you might have guessed that their music isn’t quite the deep introspective soul-searching kind.


the Poster Children

The Poster Children

an interview with Matt, Rick, and Rose of the Poster Children
by Ted Offensive
November 2016

The Poster Children are back!

By this, I mean they have re-released their iconic, “Daisy Chain Reaction” album In October on vinyl, and are touring in support of it.  Additionally they are back in the studio with that record’s producer, the legendary Steve Albini to record new material.

The brief tour included four cities on the east coast, and five out west.  Following this, they will play in Cincinnati on the 19th and Columbus, OH on the 20th, before 2 gigs in Chicago on the 23rd of November at Schuba’s.  Then they go back into the studio to write and record more music.

This is good news to many who have been enjoying their music over the last two plus decades.  They actually formed in 1987 in Champaign-Urbana, Illinois.  At their core have always been Rick and Rose, with Rick’s brother Jim joining the band after the Daisy Chain Reaction record.  They have enjoyed the services of seven different drummers before gaining Matt in 2001, but have maintained a remarkably steady, catchy rock sound across all of them.

I caught up with them across the information super driveway between and after their swings through both the east and west coasts.  I asked them about music, and not music, perspective and the moment.  What follows is a view into a very friendly, unpretentious rock band, and quite possibly, why they have been able to keep giving great music for so long.

Maximum Ink: So are you guys back in the old familiar van from the tour video you did years ago?  If so, is it kind of like putting on a pair of old comfortable shoes? 
We don’t have the old van anymore but




An interview with Chris Marchiel and Nick Avila
by Tina Hall
August 2010

Powerglove is easily in a class all it’s own as a video game metal band. With shows that proclaim, “We are Powerglove and we are here to fuck with your childhood”,  the shows appeal to metal fans and gamers alike! It is a mix you don’t find often. The band out of Boston, MA consists of Alex Berkson, Bassil Silver-Hajo, Chris Marchiel, and Nick Avila. Their new album Saturday Morning Apocalypse is due out September 28, 2010 on e1metal.

Maximum Ink: Can you tell us a little about what led you to form Powerglove?
Chris Marchiel: Originally, it was boredom and love of nostalgic theme songs from our youth. We all played video games and watched cartoons on a pretty much full time basis while growing up, so these songs were basically our cultural heritage as well as our childhood memories. We really love and revere these songs as major parts of our lives and as we grew into metalheads and shredders combining metal with video games and cartoons was just the most natural thing we could do. Powerglove began as a side project of our former Melodic Death Metal band Revengeance (yeah we love silly names!) and later evolved into a full touring band a year or two later. We were very encouraged by the online feedback we got from our first few demo covers and eventually put a press and label demo together that went nowhere at the time, so we persisted on our own and self released our first album Metal Kombat for the Mortal Man which did well with sales and reviews and inspired us to truly focus full time on Powerglove and become a serious touring band in 2008.


NYC's Pronto


by Joshua Miller
September 2009

Mikael Jorgensen is no stranger to success or the life of a busy musician in a big rock and roll band. In fact, he spends most of his time playing keyboards in Wilco, a critically acclaimed band whose recent days are filled supporting their much buzzed about new album.

But even with Wilco’s success and schedule, Jorgensen’s desire to further discover what he can do with music doesn’t end when his full time band takes a break.

Enter Pronto, an emerging rock band touring in support of their own critically acclaimed debut, “All Is Golden,” released this past spring.  The album, featuring Jorgensen and several friends, showcases a set of catchy pop melodies, rockers and ballads hinting of 70s soft rock while putting a modern spin on it. However, with the release of a new-old set of songs this month featuring a more experimental side of the band called “The Cheetah,” the band shows their sound is constantly on the move.

The band brings its multiple music personalities to Madison September 19th when they play the Forward Music Festival. Jorgensen managed to take some time out his busy schedule and talk with Maximum Ink through an e-mail interview about his band’s fascination with music exploration.


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Milwaukee's Pyschedelicasi on the cover of Maximum Ink September 1997


by Kevin John
September 1997

An interview with Paris Ortiz, then guitarist for the now-defunct Milwaukee band, Psychedelicasi


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Wes Scantlin of Puddle of Mudd on the cover of Maximum Ink in August 2001 - photo by Christopher McCollum

Puddle Of Mudd

by Paul Gargano
August 2001

It all started with a fake backstage pass that got Wes Scantlin backstage at a concert he really didn’t even want to go to. There he was, wandering around Family Values, and he starts talking to one of Fred Durst ‘s security guards. He recalls that Fred Durst just started a record label, and decides to pass his only remaining copy of his demos on to the security guard, hoping they may reach the Limp Bizkit frontman. Scantlin couldn’t write music that sounded any less like rap-rock, but he knows Durst’s a businessman above all, and decides that if there’s an off-chance the phenom would hear his tape, he’d take it… A few weeks later, the phone rings, and it’s Durst. He not only got the tape, but he was impressed by it, and not only agrees to help the guitar-slinging singer/songwriter find a band, but offers to sign the soon-to-be quartet on his Flawless Records, as well.

The results are the brilliant debut Come Clean, an infectious blast of rock ‘n’ roll that swirls high-strung melodies around a punk rock raciness, serving up an inspired sound that stands head and shoulders above today’s murky musical depths. Album opener and lead single “Control” squirms in it’s own sexual energy, an anthem for anyone that’s been in a relationship for far too long. With the catch phrase lyric, “I love the way you smack my ass,” the track offers the perfect introduction to Puddle of Mudd, diving to bogged-down lyrical depths, kicking around the bottom, then exploding back up to break the surface, the whole experience defining why Puddle of Mudd aren’t your typical turn-of-the-millennium band.


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