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Papa Roach on the cover of Maximum Ink November 2006

Papa Roach

by Paul Gargano
November 2006

An interview with the newly recharged singer of Papa Roach Jacoby Maddix about the Paramour Sessions and more!


Parquet Courts

Parquet Courts

An Interview with Parquet Courts Lead Singer Andrew Savage
by John Noyd
May 2013

Rising indie stars Parquet Courts combine scrawny garage-rock blues with tight-fisted riffs, savvy post-punk taffy and brawny honesty. In preparation for their highly-anticipated visit to Madison’s High Noon Saloon June 22nd, we cornered lead singer Andrew Savage for some background on the band.

Maximum Ink: Where does the name Parquet Courts come from?
Andrew Savage: Well, Parquet is a type of geometric arrangement of wood pieces; surely you’ve seen them on the basketball court at the Boston Gardens (home of the Boston Celtics). Sean is from Boston, so it’s kinda an homage to him, since everybody assumes he is from Texas, by association. 

MI: You’re a New York band, but have roots in Texas; what prompted the move to Brooklyn?
AS: Three of us are from Texas.  Max left Texas to go to college.  For Austin and I, it was just getting out of a college town (the town I was born in, I should mention).  Also, nothing wrong with college towns. 
MI: What sort of day jobs did the band have before they decided to make the band their full-time focus?
AS: Actually, we still have day jobs.  I work as a bike delivery boy, Max is a private tutor, and Sean is a freelance writer.


Madison's Patchwork - photo by The Canopy Agency


by Dan Vierck
September 2008

Jeremiah Nelson named his dog after Bob Dylan. Influences aren’t nearly as direct when it comes to Nelson’s band, Patchwork - which released its new full length, “Take Me Down the Interstate” on Aug. 15 at the Frequency in Madison, WI.

“You draw from enough sources that it becomes unrecognizable,” he says over a bagel and cream cheese while Zim, the black lab, explores the sunny porch of Nelson’s Williamson-area house. “A lot of the time it’s my friends,” he says. We talk about Oskosh fav Attack Octopus - who seemingly couldn’t be more dissimilar with its busy, sparkling, crackling, tangy arrangements, odd time signatures and overall challenging sound. In this context, Patchwork is definitely roaming Dylan-esque territory.


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Jefferson native Paul Filipowicz on the cover of Maximum Ink September 2013 - photo by Nick Berard

Paul Filipowicz

Wisconsin Blues Legend
by Dave Leucinger
September 2013

For guitarist/vocalist/songwriter Paul Filipowicz, making music isn’t about the big theatric shows at stadiums or huge halls. Although his shows are no less intense, his venue of comfort and familiarity is the American roadhouse – a rough-and-tumble venue for a rough-and-tumble style of music. “There are still quite a few out there – even some new ones,” he said in a recent telephone interview. “A lot are still out in the middle of nowhere. We just played at one in the middle of nowhere – Lohrville – it’s between Oshkosh and Stevens Point, outside of Redgranite. We got there at three – just the bartender and one of his staff there. We were set up on a trailer – and two hours later, there’s a hundred people there – many riding in on cycles. That’s one of the interesting things I’ve found about Wisconsin – you can get there when nobody is there, and two hours later, you have a big show.”


The People Brothers Band - photo by Jonah Westrich of Isthmus Media Group

The People Brothers Band

All People Are Brothers, Live Your Life Like A Song
by Sal Serio
August 2015

I had been speaking to members of The People Brothers Band for a couple months about doing a feature for Maximum Ink, and we agreed that August would be the right time, since their 7th annual “People Fest” music and camping festival was coming up on August 6, 7, & 8 at The Bullpen in Hillsboro, WI, showcasing the largest and most impressive collection of bands to date, from a multitude of genres, and featuring activities scheduled for attendees of all age groups. But what we didn’t know at the time was how apropos the timing really was. The 8-piece group was also just recently recognized for their superb studio release “Middle Of The In Between”, which won the 2015 MAMAs Award for “Pop/R&B Album Of The Year”. People Brothers are truly a group that embody the best and most beautiful things about the Madison music scene: community, collaboration, mutual support, representation, respect, and commitment were all prominent themes in the conversation I had with singer Teresa Marie Scrivens and drummer Greg Schmitt. Rounding out the band are: Robert Gronna - vocals & keyboards, Tim Lochner - guitar & vocals, Scott Lochner - bass, Chris Peters - lead guitar, Anitra Hovelson - saxophone, and Andrew Traverse - trumpet.


Theresa Marie of The People Brothers Band on stage at AtwoodFest 2017 only days before appearing on the Cover of Maximum Ink - photo by Jason Tish

People Brothers Band

an interview with singer Theresa Marie
by Teri Barr
August 2017

Have you been touched—truly touched—by The People Brothers Band brand of love, peace, and harmony?
It’s a feeling. It’s a sound. It’s an energy.

And it’s something you can’t describe. It has to be experienced.

My own The People Brothers Band experience happened just a few years ago, though the band itself has been together since 2009. (I know, where have I been?)

I’ve been fortunate in more recent years, to really enjoy the band’s joy. Prior to one show, to also have the opportunity to spend time backstage with them before introducing the group to a big crowd—I was left beyond impressed.

Teresa Marie is the only woman in The People Brothers Band, but don’t think she gets any special treatment. She sings, writes, and performs her heart out, just like everyone else in the “family.” Teresa knows she is part of something special, and took time to share her thoughts about it, just before the popular People Fest, August 10-12, 2017, at their own Driftless Gardens music venue.



An interview with the band PHOX
by Ryan Schremp
July 2012

PHOX is a new band who’s taking Madison by storm. A sea of sound that’s easy to get lost in, each individual part bending and forming to create one amazing whole. I got the opportunity to sit down with Monica, Matt Roberts, Dave, Cheston, Sean, and Matt Holmen recently to talk about how they came to be, their influences, and more.

Maximum Ink: How long have you guys been a band?
Matt Holmen: Well, we technically had our one year anniversary on May 5th, Cinco De Mayo. But we moved to Madison last fall, so we’ve really only been playing shows for about seven months here. We’re all from Baraboo.


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