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Sleighriders - Steve Grimm pointing to the sky!

The Sleighriders 2008

by Kristen Winiarski
December 2008

The Sleighriders with their cast of ever changing members, continue their fundraising activities at the Benefit for the SafeZone Community Art Project, taking place at Shank Hall in Milwaukee on December 15th. This year’s performers include: Eddie Butts, Steve Cohen, Warren Wiegratz, Gregg Koch, Sigmund Snopek, Annie Dennison, members of Bad Boy (including Steve Grimm & Xeno), Blue Hand, Crisis, Speakeasy, Dirty Ernie, Boogie Men and many others. The Brandon James Band opens the show this year.

2008 marks the 26th annual charity event by the Sleighriders. It is an event to encourage kids to get involved in making music and discover their potential. The money raised is given to buy instruments and musical instruction for children in the community. Their newest cause is the Safezone Community Art Project, which they have been raising money towards for the past five years.


Steve Grimm of Sleighriders

Sleighriders 2009

by Mike Huberty
December 2009

Bringing together an almost ridiculously diverse collection of Milwaukee’s most popular musical talents to perform for charity under one roof for one night is difficult enough, but THE SLEIGHRIDERS have done it every Christmas season for the past twenty-seven years. Combining the expertise of forty performers rotating through the lineup throughout the night and blasting through a musical revue of seasonal Holiday music, R&B, and classic rock, over time, it’s become firmly entrenched as a tradition of the Milwaukee music scene’s Yuletide festivities.


Slightly Stoopid in Maximum Ink in June 2008

Slightly Stoopid

by Mike Huberty
June 2008

With a laidback attitude and stoner swagger, SLIGHTLY STOOPID, is set to release their seventh album of party music July 22nd with Slightly Not Stoned Enough To Eat Breakfast Yet Stoopid. Hailing from Ocean Beach (a gorgeous surfer enclave near San Diego that perfectly fits their music) and formed in the early Nineties, the band’s two front men, Miles Doughty and Kyle McDonald, have been playing together since their early teens. Discovered by Sublime’s Brad Nowell and signed to his Skunk Records label, the band released their first record in 1996 (a highly sought after collector’s item by Sublime fans because of Nowell’s appearance on a hidden track) and while the duo at the core hasn’t changed, their lineup has shifted in and out over the years. This latest incarnation is the most solid according to drummer, Ryan Moran (affectionately known as RyMo to fans), adding horns and congas to the mix. With diverse instrumentation like that, they fit their music to whatever suits their mood, according to Moran, “We play a lot of different styles and throw them into the pot. We might play 3 or 4 punk tunes, 5 or 6 reggae tunes, blues-rock, 1 or 2 hip-hop feel or ska feel. We just kind of wing it; don’t write a set list or anything, we just go with the moment and the energy of the crowd.


Slipknot on the cover of Maximum Ink in May 2000 - photo by Paul Gargano


by Paul Gargano
May 2000

Ten years ago, the Limelight was a landmark for bands who performed in New York City. Women danced in cages suspended from vaulted ceilings, stained glass surrounded a stage elevated on what used to be an altar, and men and women mingled in lines for unisex bathrooms. Built as a church decades earlier, the site had since been deconsecrated, converted to a nightclub, and angel-shaped disco balls hung where a crucifix was once suspended. It was the perfect not to mention haunting and eerie setting for the inspired debauchery of sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll that made the late ‘80s and early ‘90s such revered times.

And almost a decade later, recently reopened, it was the perfect venue to host the live chaos that is Slipknot.


Slipknot's second time on the cover of Maximum Ink

Slipknot 2004

by Jason Mansavage
April 2004

Did you ever open a garbage can on a hot summer day only to be greeted by the offensive stench of a larva of freshly hatched maggots? While this image is enough to make your skin crawl and your nostrils flare, this summer will most definitely bring a new host of maggots to a mosh pit near you!

Slipknot is back and better than ever as each day brings us ever closer the release of their third album and several summer tours to get their army of maggots back into battle. I was contacted by one of the maggot leaders from their snow covered base in Iowa. He was simply called # 3 (aka Chris Fehn). We discussed Slipknot’s plans for world domination in 2004.

I often wondered what was behind the name Slipknot in the first place and since this year is really a rebirth for them as a band, I wanted to know where the idea for the now infamous moniker came from. “Basically, Slipknot was just a song title that we had at the beginning. And we were looking for a name and we just stuck with that. As far as any real significance, it’s definitely not the stupid noose thing. I don’t have a glorified answer for you about what it actually means.”


Soil - formed in Chicago in 1997


by Chris Fox
March 2010

Backing a new album and hitting the road, SOIL will be in both Madison and Milwaukee on April 2 and 3 respectively. SOIL plans to hit The Annex and The Rave harder than ever. Going out on a limb from their previous albums and getting back to their early rock roots, they have developed an album that “took them back to their youth”.

The new album, Picture Perfect, was named so because “it really is the sound that we have always wanted,” according bassist Tim King. The album delves on a common rock vibe, but adds an extra element with a heavier sound. “We finally got it right on this one,” explains King, “We managed to encompass all classic rock stuff, but get the heavy sound with down tunings and more distortion. We went back to square one, and back to what we wanted to sound like.”

There is a dark side to SOIL that really comes through. Without this darker element the album would be a standard rock record. Their extreme metal influences, however, have added a biting edge to the new music.


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SOiL by Stephanie Cabral - photo by Stephanie Cabral


An interview with SOiL bassist Tim King
by Aaron Manogue
July 2013

They say perseverance is a virtue, but to the band SOiL, it’s become part of their DNA. Formed in Chicago in 1997, the landscape for the entire band has been one giant rollercoaster ride ever since. But to make things even harder, their rollercoaster was lit on fire and thrust upon decaying rails. From their mainstream successes with the album Scars in the early 2000’s to lineup change after lineup change, the number one thing that remains is their constant love for their music. The boys will be in town as part of the WJJO Band Camp lineup August 17th, and will be releasing their sixth studio album, Whole on August 20th. Maximum Ink’s Aaron Manogue spoke with bassist Tim King about the past 16 years and what to expect from their upcoming release.

Maximum Ink: It has been 12 years since you guys released one of your most popular albums, Scars, and the band has been though a lot since then. How have all of the highs and lows over the past decade made you all into better musicians and a better band as a whole?
Tim King: Well it definitely has been a crazy ride. Adam (guitar) and myself were the last two original members standing for a while. It was then that we started talking to Ryan (vocals) again about doing some UK shows, because there was such a demand still for the band over there. We committed to a tour that would celebrate the 10th anniversary of SCARS and it was a sell-out across the board. Every venue sold out in a matter of weeks. We had such a great time on that tour and playing together that we decided to get back together and do a new album.


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