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Aerosmith caught live in Chicago - photo by Adam Bielawski

Aerosmith - Tom Hamilton

by Mike Huberty
June 2009

As the bassist for the best-selling hard rock band of all time, Tom Hamilton has been laying down the foundation in AEROSMITH for almost four full decades. In the process of working on their new album and fresh off the release of Guitar Hero: AEROSMITH which brings the songs of the band to gaming consoles everywhere, the band is embarking on a summer tour and Tom took some time to talk about it.

It’s been an extraordinary run for the band since forming in Boston in the early 70’s and Tom brings up his original influences that made him pick up an instrument in the first place.“ I was 12 when the Beatles came out and the British pop explosion,”, he says. “Then the Hippie era started and we were all extremely interested in what was freaky and weird. From England, there was Zeppelin and The Who, and we were little blank slates who just ate it all up.“ And with plenty of money and success behind him, he explains why they’re still going. ”We just want to be part of it and don’t want to let things go by. In the 80’s, the band broke in half. With MTV, I remember thinking we were going to miss that. We don’t want to miss anything! We hear the voices of all the people that still want to hear us play.“


Iranian band Ahoora


by Chris Fox
January 2010

Interview with Milad Tangshir (guitars)

The up and coming band from Iran, AHOORA, brings out their newest release, “Awkward Diary,” amongst seemingly endless turmoil in their own country. Their indie metal musings have developed from years of struggle, and the loss of a dear friend in the June massacres. As guitarist Milad Tangshir declares, “we sit where Muse meets Iced Earth,” and seven years of playing together has developed AHOORA into a melodically wandering, yet precisely heavy group. Tangshir shares some comments and thoughts about the national metal scene as well as the development of his Iranian forbidden band.

Maximum Ink: As simply as possible, how would define the sound of AHOORA?
Tangshir: We’re an indie rock/metal band from Iran. You could say throughout the years we’ve mixed aspects of Prog/thrash metal with alternative modern rock.


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Alan Jackson

Alan Jackson

singer, songwriter, and country music legend
by Tina Hall
September 2010

Who of those among us that where raised on country music didn’t like songs about trains?  You just gotta love an album titled “Freight Train.” In his latest work, Alan Jackson proves after 20 years in the industry, 50 million albums sold, and 34 number one hits, that he is indeed a legend in country music. He co-wrote eight of twelve songs on the album. Lee Ann Womack teams up with Jackson on a impressive cover of the 70’s hit “Til The End” for a rather fitting tribute to the late Vern Gosdin.

The opening track “Hard Hat and a Hammer” speaks to those who understand the satisfaction that comes from a days hard work, while “I Could Get Used To This” showcases some very nice work on steel guitar that is rather hard to find these days. The tracks “It’s Just That Way” and “Big Green Eyes” provide a glimpse at the more edgy side ,while the ballad “The Best Keeps Getting Better” offers something to those that prefer a softer tune. All in all it is an album that will delight die hard fans and make an impression on new country fans alike.

Maximum Ink: What was it like to work with Lee Ann Womack On Till The End?
Alan Jackson: I been trying to get her to sing a duet with me for a long time. She’s one of my favorite female country singers. Probably the only one out there left that’s singing real hard country stuff, and can really pull it off, I mean, I’ve loved her from day one, and I asked her to sing with me years ago and she turned me down. So finally she agreed to do it. I’m glad to have her on the record and “Till The End’s” been a song that I’ve always wanted to record as a duet, and it was Verne Gosdin song he had a hit on, years and years ago. I think one of his ex-wives wrote this song. Which I didn’t even know that until we got ready to record this. Verne, he passed away of course last year, and I wanted to do a song, in his honor. I got to do a song for Verne, and got to sing with LeAnn, and this, man, it’s a cool cut.


Alex Anders

Alex Anders

An interview with Alex Anders
by Tina Ayres
April 2015

Alex Anders came onto the music scene as a singer/guitarist in his teens. He has since went on to add harmonica, organ, and drums to his repertoire. While he prefers to perform county music he has also worked in rock, alternative, and acoustic genres. His debut release This Memory can be found at digital outlets everywhere from Potomac Records. The new single Those Were the Days can be found on iTunes and all digital media outlets Tuesday March 17, 2015

Maximum Ink: Since there isn’t much known about you yet, can you tell us a little about yourself?
Alex Anders: I am 22 years old, born and raised in Northern Virginia, and currently residing in Fairfax, VA. Since I can remember, music has always been my passion and what I’ve always gravitated toward – to escape from routine as well as to let my creative juices flow. Music has always provided a sense of belonging, and singing and writing is part of who I am – to put it in simpler terms, music simply defines me. I have been pursuing a musical career since my teenage years, with a clearer definition, goal, and a stronger determination now that I’m in my twenties. I love music, I just want to perform, write, and always make music.

Maximum Ink: What did you love most about growing up in Northern Virginia? What are some of your most fond memories from that time in your life?
Alex Anders: The thing I definitely loved most about living in this area was the amount of family I had growing up here. My aunts, uncles, and cousins always seemed to be just down the street from one another. It was nice never having to travel more than 10 minutes to get to one another’s home. It always made for awesome holiday get togethers, birthday celebrations, cookouts, and many other family events. It was really nice knowing the people that meant the most, were always so close to me. This enhanced the fact that Northern Virginia has a very diverse culture, vast history, wonderful attractions, and activities that appeal to a worldwide audience. In addition there is its growing music scene which has contributed greatly to shaping me into the artist that I am today. Northern Virginia is also the home of Potomac Records, who are doing an amazing job in cultivating and supporting the local music scene, including myself. Putting all this together, Northern Virginia has been and will always be the best place in the world for me.

Maximum Ink: Can you recall what you very first favorite song was?
Alex Anders: I have always loved music and how it made me feel, but it wasn’t until I heard Bruce Springsteen’s Rosalita, The Dance by Garth Brooks, and Motorcycle Drive By by Third Eye Blind, who are admittedly one of my favorite bands, that I got more and more interested in the wonderful world of music.

Maximum Ink: When did you first become interested in guitar?
Alex Anders: I first remember wanting to seriously pursue guitar after seeing my older cousin play her guitar. I was always going over to her place and seeing her strum along and sing to popular songs on the radio. I had always been infatuated with guitar and drums and wanting to learn how to play an instrument of my own from a pretty young age. But it was probably around 10 or 11 when I really decided that I would pick it up and start teaching myself. I haven’t put it down since.


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Alex Wilson

Alex Wilson

by Troy Johnson
July 2010

The Alex Wilson Band is a trio of musicians with deep raw vocals and a big-band blues sound and an increasing fan following in the Midwest. Wilson currently takes the stage with Marc Wilson on the drums, Eric Wills on the bass guitar, and Alex on lead guitar and vocals. Alex Wilson’s debut album “Tell Me Why” was released on his own label Rathskeller Records in October, 2008. I had a few chances to speak with Wilson in between his busy schedule of gigs and composing.

Maximum Ink: You started playing guitar when you were five years old and had a family full of musicians. Is guitar your only accomplished instrument?
Alex Wilson: I’ve fiddled with music my whole life. I’ve played shows on the drums before and I still have a fondness for percussion but I could never call myself a drummer. I play a little bass but my main focus is the guitar. I didn’t begin to consider music as a profession until I was about 17.

MI: You are a non-smoking blues musician with his own record label in Milwaukee. Do you have a significant other?
AW: I don’t. Chemistry and timing have not yet been on my side simultaneously.


Alice Cooper

Alice Cooper

A Paranormal Ghost Story with Alice Cooper
by Mike Huberty
March 2018

At 70 years old, the former Vincent Furnier (ALICE COOPER was originally the name of the band and only later became the name of the singer) isn’t really shocking anyone anymore. The decades of boundary-pushing artists that his music and wildly theatrical show have inspired make his Halloween haunted house stage show seem almost quaint. ALICE COOPER returns to Madison at the Orpheum Theatre on State Street on March 14th. I hope he brings the guillotine, because you guys haven’t seen a rock show until you’ve seen a dude cut his own head off onstage!


Alice Stuart

Alice Stuart

An interview with American Blues songstress Alice Stuart
by Tina Ayres
December 2014

American Blues and folksinger/guitarist Alice Stuart has toured with Van Morrison, Mississippi John Hurt, and many others. During the 1970’s she first gained notice as one of the only women in rock n roll to write her own music, front a male band, and play lead guitar. She can currently be found performing alongside Marc Willett (The Kingsmen) and Steven Flynn (Chuck Berry,Jr. Cadillac) in the band The Formerlys.

Maximumink: What was your childhood like? What are some of your most fond memories from those days?
Alice Stuart: My childhood was pretty miserable. My mom parked me at 2 years old with my aunt (her sister) and went off to work at Bechtel (of all places). She came home a couple times a year. Very sad for me. My aunt and I (although I learned a lot of practical things from her) were pretty much like oil and water trying to mix together. I was a nervous wreck, allergic to practically everything. All I cared about was music.
MI: Do you happen to remember what your very first favorite song was?
AS: Beethoven when I was playing piano, then Buddy Holly and Chuck Berry and Jerry Lee Lewis.
MI: What was it that first led you to discover your love of music?
AS: Always loved music. First piano, then drums, baritone ukulele, and then graduated to guitar.
MI: Why do you think music has always had such a strong appeal throughout time? Why do you the Delta style has always struck such a chord in the hearts of listeners?
AS: People need a connection to their soul and the Delta style really connects you. It’s the real deal. I still prefer it.


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