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Madison native NØÅ


An interview with electronic artist, NØÅ a.k.a. Noah Gilfillan
by Mike Huberty
December 2016

Madison native Noah Gilfillan might have moved to the Midwest artistic meccas of Minnesota’s Twin Cities, but he keeps true to his Wisconsin roots. His release party for the latest effort of his electronic music creator identity NØÅ will be at The Frequency in Madison on December 23rd, kicking off the Christmas weekend. We talked with Noah about the new release, entitled I Was Sleeping, I Just Woke Up… Robots Coming! and what people can expect from the show.


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Sam Ness - photo by JC Dunst

Sam Ness

A Musical Journeyman
by Teri Barr
February 2018

“Music is a release for me when life gets hard. It’s a friend I can always count on. It’s a connection to so many amazing people around the world. It’s a second language, a hobby, a business, a friend, an enemy, sometimes it feels like the air that I breathe. I don’t know what the moment was I realized it, but I’ll never live without being close to music. It’s just as ingrained in me as my own heartbeat.”
Sam Ness

He found his voice, while wandering the streets of Europe. But Sam Ness brought his songs home, to record in places he loves, in Wisconsin. His album is a magical musical journey, and not only features his thoughts about where he’s been; but as one of the youngest and exciting new voices on the scene here, it’s a reflection on where he still wants to go. So, just before he leaves in search of some new inspiration, Sam took time to talk about his reason for traveling, why he loves busking while he’s on the road, and how some bad busking experiences in Madison have pushed him to try and change the law here.


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