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Interview with vocalist Mark Wojtkiewicz
by Angela Villand
May 2011

Over the last several years, a group of five musicians from PA (with two Indie CD’s under their belts) have caused some curiosity and commotion throughout the Northeastern US and now they’re spreading abroad. One city, one state, one hotel after another in support of the current TAPROOT tour, Absolution is continuing their DIY journey. After heavily promoting themselves in support of their critically-acclaimed EP Theory Of Existence from one side of the USA to the other, they’ve gained an impressive following. Delivering an adrenaline pumping performance night after night is just one of many reasons for the band’s continued success. Now, with the arrival of their 3rd CD, The Other Side of Nothing, we were excited we could steal away some time with singer, songwriter, Mark Wojtkiewicz.

MAXINK:  Your CD, THE OTHER SIDE OF NOTHING hits the shelves on May 3rd. Collectively, as a band, you guys are on the road, you’re pretty much going to be tour dogs until June, kicking it off for Taproot. How do you guys kick back between shows, after the adrenaline rush quiets down, or when you get to a new city? What do you do to keep it real within the group?
MARK:  We talk with each other; share the experience as a family. Through all the ups and downs, we’ve become so much tighter as a group, offstage as well as onstage.  We were driving through the Colorado Rockies on the way out, and a couple of us were sleeping, but we smacked ‘em on the head to wake them up.  There are a lot of things out here that some of us have never seen. My first time in Vegas was this last year, and everyone else, they’d never been there.  So driving in, we’d wake up everyone so we could see it coming in. 


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Ace Frehley - photo by Kevin Britton

Ace Frehley

by Sal Serio
November 2009

Legendary lead guitarist Ace Frehley is no stranger to playing Madison, Wisconsin, having appeared here no less than seven times with his former group KISS, but November 7th’s Majestic Theatre show will mark the first time Frehley has played MadTown as a solo performer. In fact, the Majestic gig will be only the fifth live performance he’s made since the release of his long awaited CD Anomaly this past September. Wisconsin’s Frehley fanatics are also lucky enough to witness a November 6th appearance at Potawatomi’s Northern Lights Theater in Milwaukee. I asked Ace about his recently postponed Australian tour, which will be another first for Frehley as a solo performer.


Adam Domack

Adam Domack

by Laura Sorensen
January 2016

If you follow the local rock scene in Madison, you may have noticed a familiar face over the last couple of years.  Adam Domack is a singer and acoustic guitar player who has opened for numerous venues in the Madison area including The Red Zone and the Hijynx in Ft. Atkinson.  After seeing him perform as the opening act for bands such as Ultrea, Haliwel and Fall II Rise, I asked Adam if he would answer some questions.  This is a summary of our conversation.


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Tavis Stanley of Art of Dying(Left) Rick DeJesus of Adelitas Way(Right) - photo by Tricia Starr - TStarr Photography

Adelitas Way

Interview with Tavis Stanley From ART OF DYING
by Al Brzostowski
March 2018

Tavis Stanley, Tour Manager and Guitarist from Art of Dying, is currently on tour with Adelitas Way as their guitarist.  Adelitas Way is on the #Notorious tour, hitting the U.S. in support of the album “Notorious”, which was released in October. Also on tour with Adelitas Way are the Sons Of Texas, Stone Broken, Taking Dawn and Static Signal.
Adelitas Way and Tavis Stanley, which plays The Annex in Madison with special guests, rocking the single “Notorious,” one of the band’s most successful songs.
With the line-up change and a U.S. tour underway, I spoke with Tavis Stanley. Here’s his take on things to come.


Adrenaline Mob

Adrenaline Mob

An interview with guitarist Mike Orlando
by Chris Fox
April 2014

Riding on the release of their latest album, Men of Honor, ADRENALINE MOB hits the road again this spring. The quartet has continued to reaffirm their supergroup status with the addition of TWISTED SISTER drummer, A.J. Pero, as they deliver a gut-hitting hard rock sound.

The band’s latest album follows what they started with the first, Omertà. ”We’ve taken the staple of what we created with that album, and just turned the page and turned it up,” explains guitarist and songwriter Mike Orlando. “But, it is what it has always been, solid grooves, big hooks, and monster beats - wrap all of that up and you have Adrenaline Mob.”


Aerosmith on the cover of Maximum Ink January 2007


An exclusive interview with guitarist Joe Perry between tours...
by Sarah H. Grant
January 2007

Try to define rock n’ roll without Aerosmith and you’re not going to get very far. After nearly four turbulent decades of breaking musical modes while struggling with severe addictions and internal dissent, the boys from Boston have proven themselves to be the quintessential American rock band. If there is any band that deserves to coast a little bit on their reputation, Aerosmith are certainly qualified. That said, legendary guitarist Joe Perry explains why it’s going to be awhile before Aerosmith put their feet up in this exclusive interview with Maximum Ink…

MAXIMUM INK: It must be interesting to experience the nature of your audiences changing over time.
JOE PERRY: Oh yeah. It’s not quite at drastic as it was 20 or 30 years ago. America has become more homogenized with all the malls and different things, national television stations and that kind of thing, so you have to dig a little further to see those kind of idiosyncrasies in each part of the country. That’s one of the reasons we stopped touring by plane and started touring by bus: You get more out of it, and it’s just amazing.

MAX INK: What is the best part of going on the road?
PERRY: Well, this is the most amazing country on the planet, and if you get to travel by bus, which we do, you get to see a lot of it, so we take advantage of that. I love all different parts of the country, because they’re just so unique because of the weather and the people, it’s just amazing. It’s never boring.


Aerosmith caught live in Chicago - photo by Adam Bielawski

Aerosmith - Tom Hamilton

by Mike Huberty
June 2009

As the bassist for the best-selling hard rock band of all time, Tom Hamilton has been laying down the foundation in AEROSMITH for almost four full decades. In the process of working on their new album and fresh off the release of Guitar Hero: AEROSMITH which brings the songs of the band to gaming consoles everywhere, the band is embarking on a summer tour and Tom took some time to talk about it.

It’s been an extraordinary run for the band since forming in Boston in the early 70’s and Tom brings up his original influences that made him pick up an instrument in the first place.“ I was 12 when the Beatles came out and the British pop explosion,”, he says. “Then the Hippie era started and we were all extremely interested in what was freaky and weird. From England, there was Zeppelin and The Who, and we were little blank slates who just ate it all up.“ And with plenty of money and success behind him, he explains why they’re still going. ”We just want to be part of it and don’t want to let things go by. In the 80’s, the band broke in half. With MTV, I remember thinking we were going to miss that. We don’t want to miss anything! We hear the voices of all the people that still want to hear us play.“


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