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Breech on the cover of Maximum Ink 9-2016 - photo by Cassie Bird Photography


A conversation with Lance and Ricci Martinez
by Laura Sorensen
September 2016

BREECH is a Madison based, heavy metal band featuring two sets of brothers, Lance Martinez on bass / vocals, Ricci Martinez on guitar, Mike Willan vocals and Jeff Willan on drums. Since 2015 this “band of brothers” has been recording and performing at multiple local venues as well as shows around the state of Wisconsin. Their mission is to share their music with as many people as possible. Recently, I met with Lance and Ricci to discuss their music and their upcoming performance opening the second day of WJJO’s Sonic Boom on Sunday, October 2, 2016 at the Rock County Airport in Janesville.

Maximum Ink: How long have the four of you been together as a band?
Since about 2006 so around 10 years.


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Los Angeles' Buckcherry on the cover of Maximum Ink in November 2008


by Mike Huberty
November 2008

Originally coming on strong at the end of the 90’s with their fists-in-the-air ode to cocaine addiction, “Lit Up”, SoCal hard rockers, BUCKCHERRY, experienced a sophomore slump with their second album, Time Bomb, and the original band broke up.  After flirting with what would eventually become Velvet Revolver, distinctive screamer, Josh Todd, and guitarist-songwriter Keith Nelson reformed the band in 2005 with new members and have led the group to even bigger success in this decade with their biggest single (the ubiquitous “Crazy Bitch”) and two new albums. The second of which, Black Butterfly, was just released in September and the band is hitting the road in November with Avenged Sevenfold to promote their new release.

Keith Nelson is excited when talking about BUCKCHERRY’s resurgence. “We just came home from Japan and before that we were on Cruefest [the Motley Crue summer festival] and it was a lot of fun, a summer camp for the criminally insane and a rolling circus,” Nelson says, “now we start the new tour on November 4th.” That’s Election Day in the United States, so I ask him if there’s any candidate they’re supporting. “Well, in Japan they call it Erection Day,” he jokes, to which all I can do is groan, but at least he’s got a lot of life in him. “I don’t think any candidate really wants BUCKCHERRY in their corner,” he laughs, “politics is something that we decidedly do not get involved in.”


Madison's Bugattitype 35 on the Cover of Maximum Ink August 1997

Bugattitype 35

by Mike Bumm
August 1997

Bugattitype 35, long since defunct, featured film director and owner of Coney Island Studio Wendy Schneider, former Wheelie King bassist/vocalist Per Farney and drumme Rice Christensen.


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Bullet For My Valentine on the Cover of Maximum Ink for February 2008

Bullet For My Valentine

by Kimberly E. McDaniel
February 2008

There just may be something in Britain’s water supply that causes the country to produce some of the finest heavy metal bands the world has ever known. Black Sabbath, Cradle of Filth, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest…the list goes on and on. Now, 2008 is shaping up to be the year of the Valentine, as Welsh rockers Bullet For My Valentine unleash “Scream Aim Fire” on an unsuspecting public.


Burden Brothers on the cover of Maximum Ink in June, 2004

The Burden Brothers

interview with guitarist Cory Rozzoni
by Rökker
June 2004

I ran into the Burden Brothers completely on accident at this year’s South By Southwest festival in Austin, Texas. Their crowd was as big as their sound and I was totally impressed with the songwriting, performance and energy they put out. They played together like a pro sports team, well honed. I spoke with Cory Rozzoni who left Madison to relocate in Dallas.


Milwaukee's The Buzzhorn on the cover of Maximum Ink in August 2002

The Buzzhorn

by Sarah Klosterbuer
August 2002

“We just wanted to kinda get back to rock.” The phrase may be a bit of a cliché, but is the perfect description of what The Buzzhorn is all about.

Recently signing with Atlantic Records, the Milwaukee-based band is taking its first steps into the national limelight, with high hopes and realistic expectations. “As far as the national level and everything, you can keep your fingers crossed and hope that it all goes well. We just want to keep playing, and that’s really it,” reflects vocalist Ryan Mueller.

The Buzzhorn are one of Milwaukee’s hottest bands, but were relatively unheard of outside of the city until recently. Advertising extensively and barely getting by financially, The Buzzhorn developed a strong, energetic fan base in the Milwaukee area. Ultimately, this, in combination with the band’s musical talent, caught the eyes and ears of Atlantic Records, offering The Buzzhorn the opportunity every band dreams of. On August 6 of this year, “Disconnected” hits stores, with the first single, “Ordinary” currently being added to radio play lists nationwide.


Captured! By Robots on the cover of Maximum Ink in June 2005

Captured! By Robots

by Tom Butler
June 2005

Captured! By Robots, just home momentarily from a National two-month spring tour will be hitting the road again in June 2005 for a long over due tour of Canada with limited dates in the US. The “Greatest Hits” set will feature songs from both “The Ten Commandments and Get Fit with…” along with songs from Captured! Alive. These summer dates will be the only time in the foreseeable future to catch these songs again live.

Captured! By Robots recently recorded the follow up to the DVD/CD release “Captured! Alive.” This new release is a double CD entitled “The Ten Commandments / Get Fit with…” This release was recorded in the studio and contains two bonus 10 minute MPEGs – one clip from each of the past two tours, both filmed at the Green Door in Oklahoma City OK. “The Ten Commandments / Get Fit with…” chronicles the past two themed tours, The Ten Commandments CD was the set performed on the 2003 Fall Tour, and the Get Fit with…. CD is the set from the most recent 2004 Fall tour. Each CD will feature ten of Jbot’s favorite songs from each set. Due to acts of God, ie: manufacturing issues the release due out in April 2005, has not been available on tour or in stores but is now available.


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