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Bob Log III loves his

Bob Log III

by Brett Lemke
March 2003

He’s the bastard stepson of a Tucson, Arizona trailer park and the juke joints of the Mississippi Delta. Bob Log III is Fat Possum Records’ veracious slide guitarist/one-man-band that will kick your adrenal gland into overdrive. He matches his de-tuned, f-hole guitars with the endless stomping of his rhythm section   left and right foot respectively on bass drum and kick cymbal. Bob Log is a one-man-band of international acclaim who’s raw hill country guitar and drums are only magnified my his ominous appearance. The sepia-tinted visor on his gray motorcycle helmet obscures his identity, and a microphone cord runs to a mouthpiece on the bottom of a mid-70’s black rotary phone receiver. It protrudes from the front, functioning as his vox.

Maximum Ink caught up with Bob during a tour stop in Rochester, New York for an interview.


El Donk

by Brett Lemke
March 2003

This reporter was walking home from our offices at Maximum Ink, smoking a Lucky Strike and marching in tow to El Donk’s newest release “Here Comes Johnny Law.” I was approached on my left by an ominous black Dodge conversion van with headers accentuating the already domineering bass-line. The van stopped, and I was reminded of Primus’ “Frizzle Fry” as the side door cracked open.  I looked back and felt a sharp stinging pain at the base of my skull. As I pulled the pin from my neck, I felt myself collapsing under the increasingly cumbersome weight of my bookbags.

My mind raced with anticipation of the neurotoxin. The effect resembled a more mellow “Morphine,” replacing the bass clarinet with a tenor sax. As my mind was on the topic of lounge, I drifted to a Las Vegas track debt to a scraggly bookie that smelled of shoe polish and twitched constantly. That was 1996, and unpaid. My hearing and vision slowly fading, I try to escape down a back alley off of East Washington Avenue. All the while, wondering why the band is obsessed with Waco, Texas.


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Something To Do

by Brett Lemke
February 2003

Madison’s Something To Do invade the Ska scene of Wisconsin


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The Schwillbillies on the December 2002 cover of Maximum Ink - photo by Rokker

The Schwillbillies

by Brett Lemke
December 2002

An interview with Geeter of Madison’s punk-hillbilly outfit The Schwillbillies


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