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Terry Bozzio is more than a timekeeper or drummer,  and lives in a world of searching for the correct emphathetic sounds.

Terry Bozzio

An Interview With Terry Bozzio: A True Student Of Rhythmic Percussion
by Gregory Harutunian
September 2014

Virtually no introduction is required for Terry Bozzio. His long career of polyrhythmic time signatures and percussive empathy has encompassed the 40-year mark which includes scaring various musicians like Frank Zappa and Jeff Beck with his technical prowess in their bands as a drummer, along with pop forays in a band with former partner, Dale Bozzio, in the band, Missing Persons.

Above all, he is one of those rare people that finds joy in his craft and the freedom in pursuit of that ethereal art form called, “music.” Like the true visionary that was John Coltrane, there is always something to hear and to attempt playing by finding inspiration on another level.


Ian Anderson

Ian Anderson

An Interview With Jethro Tull's Ian Anderson On The 2013 Thick As A Brick Tour And July 22 Stop At Ravinia
by Gregory Harutunian
June 2013

Ian Anderson is best known as the frontman, singer-songwriter, musician, flute player, engineer, producer, and whatever other duties he will tell you regarding the legendary band, Jethro Tull. With more than four decades of performing under his belt, the last decade has seen him step out on his own projects. Distinctly Anderson, the music slides to the more melodic avenues in discovering instrumental nuances to dally with.

His own touring group consisting of bassist David Goodier, keyboardist John O’Hara, drummer Scott Hammond, and wunderkind guitarist Florian Opahle have performed with Ian on his solo dates, as well as having performed at various times as members of Jethro Tull. They all participated on the recent release, “Thick As A Brick 2,” an update companion to the original 1972 release which answers the question,” What ever happened to Gerald Bostock,” TAAB’s supposed writer.

Audiences got to find out firsthand last year, as the original TAAB was performed in its entirety for the first time since 1972 including the weather report and prostate awareness skits, that bookend with TAAB2. The 2013 tour extends the fun stateside through the month of July, concluding with a performance at the Highland Park (IL)’s Ravinia Festival ( on the 22nd. British singer Ryan O’Donnell, who has been active in the UK theatrical scene, was added to sing difficult vocal parts. Anderson wants to perform vocals and instrument parts as they appeared on the original THICK AS A BRICK.

A phone interview, conducted with Anderson, touched on the tour itself, the TAAB sequel, and what’s on his plate for future endeavors. What follows is an edited transcript of the conversation.

Maximum Ink: We last spoke three years ago, and I must update the more serious inquiries… what is your favorite color, and if you could be any tree, what would you be?
Ian Anderson: Still gray, a nice battleship gray. As for tree, still an oak. They’re slow growing, slow to mature, a bit grand, solid and decorative. Plus, they are quite useful, if you want to build a ship, sail around, and attack a small country far away, or something like that.


Rick Wakeman and Jon Anderson

Anderson And Wakeman Start Tour In Milwaukee

Anderson And Wakeman Start tour In Milwaukee
by Gregory Harutunian
October 2011

    It finally happened. Jon Anderson and Rick Wakeman are bringing their duo show to the United States for an abbreviated tour this fall, which kicks off at 8:00 p.m. Oct. 19, in all of all places…Milwaukee. The northern Lights Theater At Potawatomi Casino is playing host to a program that stateside fans of the former Yes frontman and keyboardist have presented to U.K. audiences in 2006, and last year, coinciding with the release fo their CD, “The Living Tree.”


Jon Anderson  - photo by

Jon Anderson

Ever The Starship Trooper
by Gregory Harutunian
July 2011

During a phone conversation, Jon Anderson sounds just the way one would expect: exuberant, gracious, eschewing the mundane…in short, he is consistent with the description given by former Yes keyboardist Rick Wakeman, “The only man we know of, who is trying to save this planet while living on an entirely different one.”

This makes asking even simple questions an adventure.

“What kind of tree would I be, and why? I would be a weeping willow because the branches look so beautiful as they caress the water of the river going by. And my favorite color? Turquoise. The blue is peaceful, serene…and fuschia because of the pink. That’s a nice color.”

Anderson is also an avid painter of flowers, when relaxing, as his color choices betray. “I just finished one yesterday, and I’ve kept it up all along.”

The last two years have been uncharted territory for him, following a life-threatening pulmonary illness which necessitated a hiatus from lead singing duties with the band he co-founded, Yes. The other members filled his position with Benoit David, from a Yes tribute band, and went out on tour, leaving Anderson to recoup and question their actions and loyalties.


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