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Band Logo by Patrick Foote - photo by Patrick Foote

Big N Tasty Blues

An Interview with Big N Tasty Blues
by Karli Norton
January 2015

Big N Tasty Blues is ready to take a break from the cold and make their way down to Memphis for the 31st Annual International Blues Challenge.

The seven member blues band from Green Bay, Wisconsin has formed their own style like none other around the area.


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 - photo by Phil Hunt

Drowning Pool

An Interview with guitarist CJ Pierce
by Karli Norton
November 2014

The superstitious better say their prayers, because Drowning Pool is bringing the “unlucky” full force. After 13 years, the band is re-releasing their 2001 album ‘Sinner.’ The expanded reissue is a two-disc set with remastered originals as well as 13 demo tracks including “Soul” and “Hero Sleeping”, the last song to be recorded with the band’s first singer Dave Williams, whose untimely death in 2002 at the age of 30 marked an unlucky end to a rising star. The current tour is a chance for new fans to see some of these classic songs live. Max Ink caught up with guitarist CJ Pierce out on the road.


From left, Alex Smith, Chris Frey, Jake Phelps, JD Skenadore outside Green Bay's Lyric Room.

Harvey Brown

An interview with band Harvey Brown
by Karli Norton
September 2014

The first time I saw Harvey Brown I was thrown off by the strange array of stage props: lava lamps, a garden gnome, a picture of a T-Rex, a Michael Jackson vinyl, a large cut out of Brittney Spears and even a poster for Jurassic Park. I had no idea what I was about to experience. Being unexpected is maybe the only thing that you can expect from Harvey Brown. Recently I sat down with Jake Phelps (vocals), Alex Smith (guitar), Chris Frey (bass) and JD Skenandore (drums) before the band performed an open mic set at downtown Green Bay’s Lyric Room.


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Buckcherry preforming at Green Bay Distillery  - photo by Karli Norton


by Karli Norton
August 2014

I recently had the opportunity to see Buckcherry in concert and afterwards meet them and talk with them. As a fan of the band, it was extremely difficult for me to not want to scream and drool all over when I saw them walking into my work. I work at a restaurant in Green Bay, and we held a concert for Pop Evil and Buckcherry on August 13th.

The second I walked into work, I felt an adrenaline rush knowing that these artists were somewhere in the building. Unknown to me, the first table I would help serve food to that evening would be…


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