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Parker Lundgren from Queensryche at Madison Brat Fest - photo by Tricia Starr


Interview with Queensryche guitarist Parker Lundgren
by Tommy Rage
June 2017

One of the biggest rock/metal bands from the 80’s & 90’s returned to Madison for this year’s 2017 Brat Fest. Queensrÿche, which had success with releases Operation Mindcrime (1988, certified Platinum) and Empire (1990, triple Platinum) came to Madison in support of their 2015 release Condition Hüman (US Billboard #27).  I had a chance to catch up with the band and guitarist Parker Lundgren who hails from the same small town in the Pacific Northwest as I do.  Parker Lundgren, lead/rhythm guitars and backing vocals, shared some of his thoughts on Madison, Queensrÿche and supporting fellow small town musicians. 

Maximum Ink: Queensrÿche has a long and rich history with Wisconsin and specifically Madison, including the recording of the live release Operation: LIVEcrime (1991 double Platinum). How hasa the reception been this year?
Parker Lundgren:
We love coming to Madison and Milwaukee. I love to ride, and Wisconsin has Harley Davidson. I’m a huge fan of bikes and have a sweet bike as well. The energy from the fans at shows is great and we can feel the magic of a live show like what we had here [at Brat Fest 2017].


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The Claudettes from Chicago


An interview with Johnny Iguana, founder and pianist in punk-blues act, The Claudettes
by Mike Huberty
June 2017

After spending the 2000s with Chicago indie rock/popsters, OH MY GOD, keyboardist and singer JOHNNY IGUANA started a piano/drum band in 2011 as the house act at a little Illinois bar called Claudette’s (and named themselves after the club and its wild owner.) Starting with good old American Roots music, he began borrowing elements from punk, blues, jazz, and even classical to create their sound and since the spare beginning they’ve added more musicians to the mix to fill out the sonic spectrum. In addition to Johnny Iguana on piano and vocals, THE CLAUDETTES are Berit Ulseth on vocals, Zach Verdoorn on bass/vocals, Matt Torre on drums. We talked with Mister Iguana to discuss their upcoming show at AtwoodFest at 2pm on July 29th.


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The Dead Deads

The Dead Deads

An interview with Billy Dead, Drummer of Nashville's Pop-Punkers THE DEAD DEADS
by Mike Huberty
June 2017

It’s hard to believe that The Frequency is already celebrating 9 years! This year’s Birthday Weekend features two nights of music, but Saturday June 10th’s lineup features some new Pop-Punk from Nashville. Four girls with X’s over their eyes, with MISFITS-style chants at a breakneck pace, THE DEAD DEADS feature Meta on lead vocals and rhythm guitar, Betty on lead guitar, Daisy on bass, and Billy on drums. And of course, their last name is all DEAD. We talked with Billy Dead about their new album, their influences, and their upcoming show at The Frequency on June 10th.


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David Atwood, namesake of Atwood Avenue in Madison

Russian Hackers Break into AtwoodFest Servers and Leak Music Schedule

by Tom Butler
May 2017

As summer music festivals in the Madison market release their music schedules, AtwoodFest typically waits until Memorial Day to release its anticipated line up of local, regional, and national artists.

This year, it looks like the Russians have intervened and hacked into the AtwoodFest servers and leaked the live music schedule on

View the schedule here in its entriety:

Never before has this happened in small town America, but apparently Vladimir is trying to plan his summer fun schedule and could not wait until the holiday release.

Local authorities are calling for an independent investigation into the leaks but legislators in the capitol are using little known rules to block any attempts.

For now it looks like we’ll all have to wait for the official website to be released and trust that the leaks are accurate.


Joe Marsden

Madcity Nights May 2017

Previews of May 2017 Shows in the Madcity
by Max Ink Writer List
May 2017

Previews of May 2017 Shows in the Madcity


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Joshua Rip - photo by Benjamin North

Josh Rip

by Teri Barr
May 2017

“I’m in a different place mentally, emotionally, and spiritually than when I first started making music almost 20 years ago.”

Josh Rip is a changed man. He’s not the same Madison-based musician taking over the Hip-Hop scene and being awarded for it, just a few years ago. And he’s far from the troubled kid who grew up poor in a tough suburb of Chicago. Rip has found peace, and it has turned his life around. His recently discovered purpose is on full display in his emotional new album, “Trinity,“which is being released at a show on May 17, 2017 at Lucky’s 1313 on Regent Street in Madison; then available following the show at

Rip’s music reflects the pain of a difficult transformation, but he also tells me he is now able to celebrate the meaning he has found in his life, and why it may be his biggest reward.

Maximum Ink: The do-it-yourself nature of music has intrigued you since you were young?
My mother was a violinist growing up. And not many people know this, but I took violin for a year or two in grade school, and never went home and practiced. I developed a love for DJ’ing and freestyling to Hip-Hop records in my bedroom in the mid-to-late 90’s, and recorded it to cassette. I picked up production, and pretty much taught myself everything I needed to know to produce music. Now, almost 20 years later, I produce everything myself; from my music to my music videos. I prefer it that way because I have 100% creative control and everything you see or hear is 100% my vision.


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Erik Kjelland with Butch Vig

Wisconsin Vinyl Collective

Q & A with Erik Kjelland
by Teri Barr
April 2017

Erik Kjelland is a man with a plan. Actually, the Madison-based musician always seems to be in the middle of creating a new plan, while taking another to completion. Lucky for us, Erik’s plans typically revolve around music for the greater good.

Currently, he shares his own terrific talent in so many ways; as a soulful singer-songwriter, dynamic leader of the award-winning band, The Mascot Theory; and as one-part of the beautiful duo, Kerosene Kites. Also in recent years, Erik has been the frontman in forming some strong collaborations leading to music as a vehicle for raising funds and awareness. He’s done it for the Keep Wisconsin Warm/Cool Fund with the wildly successful Flannel Fest, and next he’ll do it for the Wisconsin Vinyl Collective, a brand new project aimed at highlighting the many great musicians based in, or originally from, the Badgers State. One of the people Erik approached? Butch Vig of Smart Studios and Garbage fame. The Wisconsin native quickly said, “yes” to his request, and Erik just returned from a few days in L.A. where he met up with Butch, and they plotted the next steps to solidify the future of the Wisconsin Vinyl Collective.

Right now, Volume One is about to be released as a part of Record Store Day, and at shows on April 21 at Riverview Gardens in Appleton, and April 23 at High Noon Saloon in Madison. Artists on the album will be the featured performers. (More info at: )

Before this first of its kind event, I asked Erik about the partnership with Butch, the goals of the project, and why it already means so much to him.   

Maximum Ink: Where did you get the idea for a Wisconsin Vinyl Collective project?
Erik Kjelland:
Inside my brain is a mixed cluster of ideas and projects that skirt the line between creative and ridiculous. Wisconsin Vinyl Collective (WVC) is really a collection of a bunch of those nuggets. I was kicking around the idea of a local music compilation album released by my record label, Stone After Stone Records, and as a means to put on a fun charity event in Madison, like a spring edition of Flannel Fest, the annual fall Americana music showcase Beth Kille and I created to raise funds and awareness for Keep Wisconsin Warm/Cool Fund.


Brian Koenig of Lords of the Trident will play Bos Meadery 4/14/2017

Madcity Nights - April 2017

Show previews for Madison and the surrounding areas
by Max Ink
April 2017

April show previews for Madison and the surrounding areas


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The Zombies - photo by Andrew Eccles

The Zombies

An interview with vocalist Colin Blunstone
by Sal Serio
April 2017

There are great rock ‘n roll bands, and there are legends. The Zombies fall in to the later category, having formed in 1962 and became one of the top selling British groups of the 1960s. Original members Colin Blunstone (vocals) and Rod Argent (keyboards / vocals) front the current incarnation of The Zombies, who will be celebrating the 50th anniversary of their ‘Odessey And Oracle’ album, with a tour that reunites the present band with the surviving original members. Madison’s Barrymore Theatre will present this momentous event on Saturday, April 15. Prior to hitting the road, Maximum Ink’s Sal Serio spoke with Colin Blunstone.


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The Mannish Boys

An interview with Jesse Steinberg, Guitarist for Mannish Boys
by Mike Huberty
April 2017

Jesse Steinberg, the guitarist from THE MANNISH BOYS is on a mission to dispel the myth of Blues music as a genre for sad sacks whining about wayward women, downtrodden men, and lives lived too hard. They call themselves “booty-shakin’ blues” and Steinberg, a professor at the University of Wisconsin, has even authored a book on Blues Music and Philosophy.  The rest of the band is Andy Smith on vocals, Paul Schwoerer on harmonica, Jesse Olson on piano, Tim Payne on bass, and Johnny Watson on drums. We talked with Steinberg about THE MANNISH BOYS and their upcoming show at Capital Brewery on May 2nd.


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