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Madison's folk singer/songwriter Dana Perry - photo by Jenna Joanis

Dana Perry

by Teri Barr
January 2017

“When we really stop to take a deeper look… many musicians like myself realize we’ve actually already gotten ourselves right where we want to be - and we’re going exactly where we want to go.”
Dana Perry, musician

A multi-talented musician, Dana Perry is doing it all these days. She plays solo and with several bands, supports other artists, and teaches new musicians the craft she loves. And Perry gives every ounce of her energy and her heart to each effort. But starting this month, she is behind an even bigger endeavor to get more songwriters heard in an intimate, exclusive setting. The first Thursday of each month, beginning on January 5th, Perry is hosting a “Listening Room” at SOSONIC. She took time to answer some of our questions about it, including why she knows she is in the right place at the right time.


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Doctor Noise  - photo by Chelsea Roque


An Interview with Doctor Noise Singer and Songwriter, Bill Martin
by Mike Huberty
January 2017

Pop-punk with a science fiction and humorous bent, Madison’s DOCTOR NOISE plays hooky and fun rock songs that can swerve from psychedelic singalong (“Crazy Town”) one minute to straight up Doctor Who tribute (“Captain Jack Harkness”, “The Blue Box”) the next. What started as a solo music project of YouTuber Bill Martin is now a full-fledged band with guitarist Tim Budzsiewski and drummer Jon Kussow (also in GOVERNMENT ZERO) and bassist Joe Golemb (also a horn player in 4 ASPIRIN MORNING.) We talked with Martin about the band’s upcoming performance at The Frequency on Friday, January 13th.


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Sparklefuck has figured out that we can't print their name in big bold letters without an edit, lol - photo by Chad Sutherland - Rise Up Photography


An interview with reunited Madison murder rockers Sparklefuck
by Mike Huberty
December 2016

With quirky songs about murder and mayhem, Madison’s SPARKLEFUCK is all about a punky and poppy sound about taboo topics and a ridiculous stage show. Male and female vocals collide with circus keyboards and aggressive bass to cultivate an unconventional sound that’s undeniably fun. While the band stopped playing regularly in 2015, they’re reuniting for a special pre-New Years party at The Frequency on December 30th. We talked with the whole band, including vocalists Sascha Strange and Susan Galasso, guitarist Kyle Jaco, and bassist Ryan Schremp.


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Madison native NØÅ


An interview with electronic artist, NØÅ a.k.a. Noah Gilfillan
by Mike Huberty
December 2016

Madison native Noah Gilfillan might have moved to the Midwest artistic meccas of Minnesota’s Twin Cities, but he keeps true to his Wisconsin roots. His release party for the latest effort of his electronic music creator identity NØÅ will be at The Frequency in Madison on December 23rd, kicking off the Christmas weekend. We talked with Noah about the new release, entitled I Was Sleeping, I Just Woke Up… Robots Coming! and what people can expect from the show.


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Madison based singer/songwriter Shawndell Marks - photo by Nissa Brehmer

Shawndell Marks

Q&A with Madison based singer/songwriter Shawndell Marks
by Teri Barr
December 2016

Inspiration—good and bad—can run deep.

Shawndell Marks makes no excuses and uses both to her advantage. She can turn pride or pain into an outstanding song. And as I quickly learned, she would rather do that than an interview, any day!

Marks has been on the area scene for a long time, though you may only recognize her outstanding skills as part of an ensemble or tribute band. She’s solo now, and this tiny but mighty woman’s new album is just out. Look for it, along with December show dates on her website and keep reading for more on her surprising music roots, and why it would be ok if she didn’t like Elvis.

Maximum Ink:  Let’s start with one of my favorite questions—when did music become an interest? Every person I’ve talked with has a very different story. What’s yours?
Shawndell Marks:
  I was in 2nd grade, and my family moved into an apartment that had an old, out-of-tune upright piano stashed in the back of it. I would sit with an open hymnal in front of me and pretend to play. I had no idea what I was doing, but felt confident it sounded STELLAR. It was instant love for those black & white keys. My grandmother eventually bought me my own piano after our family moved out of the apartment. I played organ and piano in church through middle school, and in high school auditioned for “The Wisconsin Opry,” a music theater in the Dells offering nightly country-western shows to tourists. I worked there for three summers (performing Patsy Cline’s Crazy), and at the age of 18, I met my future husband who asked me to join his cover band, Thunder Road. We opened for George Jones, Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, and also played clubs and festivals.


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Vanishing Kids

Vanishing Kids

interview with Jason Hartman
by Theron Moore
December 2016

Vanishing Kid’s music is best described as heavy yet ethereal, complex and textured but always accessible, and more so than not—a massive, mountain of sound. A juggernaut in their own right.

I spoke with guitarist Jason Hartman to really dig into the story of Vanishing Kids, what makes up their overall sound, and what to expect from the band in the near future.

Maximum Ink: How did Vanishing Kids come together?
Jason Hartman:
Nikki Drohomyreky (Vocals, Organ, Synth, Percussion) and I started the band in 2000. Jerry Sofran (Bass, former Fluid Oz.) has been playing with us for 3 years now and was an idol of mine as a teenager. I would go to see his thrash metal bands Mirrored Image and For Christ Sake in the early 90’s. So intense! Drummer Hart Allen Miller has been with us for a year and a half. I played some shows with Hart in the past and was always impressed with his heavy, solid style. Nik and I were in the same scenes in the late 90’s in Madison and had similar musical tastes and passions. It was easy to put music together right away.


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Cold Black River, Sons of Kong, Rogue Rat at Mr. Roberts poster

Madcity Nights - December 2016

upcoming shows in the Madcity area
by Max Ink
December 2016

Madcity Nights is a show preview column highlighting live music coming to the Madison area


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Beasto Blanco - photo by Natalia Britt

Beasto Blanco

Alice Cooper band members feed their Frankenstein on their 2nd album
by Sal Serio
December 2016

Theatrics, flesh, muscles, tattoos, volume, riffs, grind, and thrust… this is Beasto Blanco, the project of longtime Alice Cooper bassist Chuck Garric. Enhancing the mix is Alice and Sheryl Cooper’s daughter Calico on vocals and mayhem, providing a Tarantino type of gritty and gruesome rock experience. Beasto Blanco’s self-titled second album has just been released on Rat Pak Records. Rounding out the band is outstanding guitarist Brother Chris Latham, drummer Tim Husung, and bass player Jan LeGrow. The following interview is with Chuck Garric, conducted on November 16th by Sal Serio.


the Poster Children

The Poster Children

an interview with Matt, Rick, and Rose of the Poster Children
by Ted Offensive
November 2016

The Poster Children are back!

By this, I mean they have re-released their iconic, “Daisy Chain Reaction” album In October on vinyl, and are touring in support of it.  Additionally they are back in the studio with that record’s producer, the legendary Steve Albini to record new material.

The brief tour included four cities on the east coast, and five out west.  Following this, they will play in Cincinnati on the 19th and Columbus, OH on the 20th, before 2 gigs in Chicago on the 23rd of November at Schuba’s.  Then they go back into the studio to write and record more music.

This is good news to many who have been enjoying their music over the last two plus decades.  They actually formed in 1987 in Champaign-Urbana, Illinois.  At their core have always been Rick and Rose, with Rick’s brother Jim joining the band after the Daisy Chain Reaction record.  They have enjoyed the services of seven different drummers before gaining Matt in 2001, but have maintained a remarkably steady, catchy rock sound across all of them.

I caught up with them across the information super driveway between and after their swings through both the east and west coasts.  I asked them about music, and not music, perspective and the moment.  What follows is a view into a very friendly, unpretentious rock band, and quite possibly, why they have been able to keep giving great music for so long.

Maximum Ink: So are you guys back in the old familiar van from the tour video you did years ago?  If so, is it kind of like putting on a pair of old comfortable shoes? 
We don’t have the old van anymore but


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The Big Payback on the cover of Maximum Ink music magazine

The Big Payback

"An Interview with Guitarist Kyle Rightley"
by Michelle Harper
November 2016

The Big Payback is about to unleash a brand new bag of jazz-rock brass-laced funk on Madison’s music scene.

Five years after their debut album “Overture” took audiences by storm, The Big Payback is releasing a new album entitled “Animal Brain” on November 18th. And, with the talent and projects compiled in the 9-piece musical powerhouse, recording it was no small feat. Fronted by the spicy soulful vocals of Leah Isabel Tirado, TBP is compromised of highly experienced and profoundly innovative artists whose collective sound has earned them award after award after award. Guitarist Kyle Rightley took time out this week to talk with me about “Animal Brain” and how the theme of musically unifying the duality of the human mind came to fruition.


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