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Madison's metal outfit Triibe


by Mack Dreyfuss
October 2008

Born from the entrails of Malice in Wonderland is the metal movement called TRIIBE. TRIIBE’s current constitution is centered on its founding members:  Chris Chaos and Nick RIP.  Impeded by disunity and infighting during prior collaborations, the two sought liberation in a cohesive and connective form of musical power. Nick describes: “A tribe is a group of people that live and die together. That is what we are. That is our music.”


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Guido's Racecar featuring Max Ink's Lane Klozier on Drums (2nd from left)

Guido’s Racecar

by Kristen Winiarski
October 2008

Somewhat on-again off-again band, Guido’s Racecar has been on-again since 2007. Made up of Roni Allwaise on vocals, Mike Hoffman on guitar, Johnny Washday on bass and fellow Max Ink writer, Lane Klozier on drums, this relatively low-key “kinda glam & kinda punk [band]” as Allwaise calls it, had its start back in 1998. I had the opportunity to speak with Roni Allwaise.


Luna Mortis live at the Annex in Madison, Wisconsin - photo by Matt Mommaerts

Luna Mortis

by Rökker
October 2008

Halloween is coming, metal is in the air and Madison will make another mark on the heavy metal map.

Last December you may remember Maximum Ink ran a band called The Ottomon Empire, a Madison metal band featuring the operatic and sometimes brutallic vocals of Mary Zimmer, guitarists Brian Keonig and Cory Scheider, drummer Erik Madsen and bassist Jake Bare, on the front cover.

I had to go back to the Max Ink website to check out the story one more time, seeing how so much had changed in less than a year… but oddly, it was the same.

In July, it was announced that band had signed to Century Media records and that explained to me why they had changed their name to Luna Mortis.


Tom Morello - The Nightwatchman (Rage Against The Machine, Audioslave)

Tom Morello - The Nightwatchman

by Mack Dreyfuss
November 2008

Music lovers attempting to use their money wisely during these dour economic times may have just found the show of the year to attend. Musico-political titan, Tom Morello, is coming to the Pabst Theater in Milwaukee on Nov. 12 under the moniker, The Nightwatchman. For those who don’t immediately recognize his name, you may be familiar with Rage Against the Machine or Audioslave, bands who have been built with Morello on lead guitar. Rolling Stone rates him 26 on the list of 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time. His most recent solo project released Sept. 30 is called “The Fabled City.” The Nightwatchman, Morello’s “folk singer alter ego,” transfuses politically charged lyrics into guitar riffs reminiscent of “eighties Dylan + Jimi Hendrix.”

The genesis of The Nightwatchman occurred while playing packed stadium shows with Audioslave. Morello hungered to voice his political views and be more intimate with his audience. Soon after, he released “One Man Revolution.” He states: “…it was absolutely the most fulfilling, artistically as anything I had ever done….There were a few nights where it really felt like in this tiny, dark coffeehouse that everybody’s soul in the room was at stake.”


Kicksville is a multi-influenced collective, largely ignored by the general public, but loved mostly by themselves and a select  - photo by Mystique Imagery


by Mack Dreyfuss
November 2008

The Presidential candidates have shared a motto during this election season: change. On Saturday, Nov. 15, America will have selected its leader, and a new era will be underway. Depending on your belief in what kind of change is needed, you may be looking to celebrate and/or protest. A perfect opportunity to do both awaits you at the Overture Center where a band called Kicksville is scheduled to perform. 

Kicksville can’t be constrained by the general conception of what is commonly referred to as a “band.” Kicksville is an entity. Their “Director of Propaganda” describes Kicksville as a political movement, a virtual community, and a musical collective. Madisonians and anyone else hell-bent on a free-thinking mind ought to be licking their chops.

Conrad St. Clair, the “Commissioner” of Kicksville, resists shackling attempts at categorization. “Politically we’re not Marxists, liberals, democrats or any of that.” Kicksville’s music also thwarts categorization. Constantly taking on new forms, collaborating with new artists (who gain “citizen” status), and utilizing new technology, Kicksville is an ever evolving creation that incorporates more than just sound. It assimilates ideas. St. Clair elaborates: “We’re teaming up with Amnesty International’s Small Places Tour 2008 to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights adopted by the United Nations in 1948. It’s an honor. It’s something we feel strongly about.”


Saving Abel is an American rock band formed by Jared Weeks and Jason Null in 2004

Saving Abel

by Chris Fox
November 2008

On tour with their debut self-titled release from Virgin Records, SAVING ABEL is looking to give crowds a “straight up rock show,” according to bass player Eric Taylor.  The band has been playing since 2004 and are currently touring with AVENGED SEVENFOLD, BUCKCHERRY, and SHINEDOWN. Southern grown rock, with a whole mess of other influences from the ALLMAN BROTHERS to LYNYRD SKYNYRD to 3 DOORS DOWN, Taylor says the band is ready to show the world what they are made of.


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