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Sam Llanas

Sam Llanas

"An Interview with founding BoDean singer Sam Llanas"
by John Noyd
October 2011

Born in Waukesha WI fifty years ago, Sam Llanas spent nearly half his life as co-founder of the BoDeans, working with Grammy-winning producers, recording at world-class studios and skyrocketing to public awareness when the BoDean’s, “Closer to Free,” was picked as the theme for the television show, “Party of Five.” Sam’s first solo venture, under the band name Absinthe, came when the BoDeans took a brief hiatus in the late nineties. His second solo outing, “4 A.M.,” was released the end of last month, a few short months after he announced his departure from the BoDeans. A powerfully quiet affair marked by a low-key tenderness that highlights Sam’s emotion-laden voice, “4 A.M.,” beautifully captures the late night mood where love, truth, loneliness and sympathy walk hand in hand. Sam was kind enough to answer some questions via email and shed light on the process behind such a personal undertaking.

MAX: “4 a.m. here we are again,” a great line for a very nocturnal album and for your second solo outing. Were there any insights in your second time around?

SAM: The only thought I had in my head when I started this project was that I wanted it to be very different from both, “A Good Day to Die,” and any BoDeans record. The obvious thing was to make a record that was almost entirely based on acoustic instruments. 


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Brian “Head” Welch

An interview with former Korn guitartist Brian "Head" Welch
by Aaron Manogue
October 2011

Everyone has heard the story of talented musicians falling to the temptations of drugs and alcohol, and seeing some of the best musicians of our time falling too early. This was the case for one of the past decades biggest metal guitarists of our time. The only difference here is that this extremely talented musician was fortunate enough to get the help he needed, and get back to writing music before it was too late. Brian “Head” Welch, former guitarist and co-founder of the legendary band Korn, is back at it with new music. And for anyone who has ever had an addiction of any type, his story is one to admire. Not only is he back, he is back and hotter than ever with a new single titled “Paralyzed” out and an EP due out in early 2012. Maximum Ink’s Aaron Manogue spoke with Welch about his new EP, how finding Christianity has affected his music and if he’d ever consider rejoining Korn.

Maximum Ink: Tell me about your first single off of your upcoming 2012 EP, “Paralyzed.” Where did it come from and what is it about?
Brian “Head” Welch: Jason Rauch, who’s producing it and who co-wrote it, and he came to me with the idea and kind of the rhythm. Then I just added my stuff on it and then we just hooked back up. I remember when we were in the studio and he’s like “Alright, we need to do the middle section now.” So I suggested splitting up so we went to different rooms, because we were in his studio. We went to different rooms and I came back like a minute and a half later and he goes, “You got it, huh?” and I just said “Yup!” So it was really simple just like that and trust me they’re not all like that.


Vocalist/Guitarist Wayne Static

Wayne Static

An Interview with Vocalist/Guitarist Wayne Static
by Aaron Manogue
October 2011

There have been very few voices and guitar riffs that have been as noticeable as Wayne Static’s signature metal howl and “evil disco” sound in the past few decades. He has mashed and molded a unique combination of hardcore metal with industrial sounds dashed with a side of disco to form a brand that has sold thousands worldwide. Now that Static-X is on an indefinite hiatus, Wayne is back at it, doing it solo but still bringing the signature sound to rape and pillage your ear drums. Maximum Ink’s Aaron Manogue sat down with Wayne Static to talk about his new solo album Pighammer, his favorite music he listens to and his pyshco dog Brutus that would protect his wife and himself, in case of a zombie apocalypse.

Maximum Ink: Talk to me a little bit about where the name Pighammer came from for your latest solo album?
Wayne Static: It’s kind of just a word that popped in my head years ago and I’ve wanted to use for something for a long time. I finally figured out we’d call the solo record Pighammer and me and my wife had a good time thinking of what Pighammer means. At first, we were going to say it was a sexual position, but we thought that might be too much for the kids. So we came up with this whole story about the mad plastic surgeon with this big hammer tool that he uses to change women into pigs. That kind of went along with the whole lyrical theme of the record too, which is transformation.


Deer Tick by Scott Alario  - photo by Scott Alario

Deer Tick

Deer Tick’s Ian O’Neil talks new album, live performance and songwriting
by Emily Genco
October 2011

It’s a good thing the band Deer Tick doesn’t spread illness like the woodland arachnids with the same name. Though, their reeling rock ballads that combine smoky vocals with rollicking guitars do infect listeners with urge to dance, shout along or at least bounce their glass to the beat on the bar. The Rhode Island five-piece will play The Majestic Sunday, November 13, supporting their latest album Divine Providence.


The The Devil Wears Prada

by Aaron Manogue
October 2011

It seems like America has a strange obsession with zombies in the past few years. More and more zombie movies and shows are coming out, but one has to ask themselves, “Why?” Because they’re awesome! Nothing is scarier than total zombie apocalypse, where your friends and family are turned into the undead and you’re forced to kill or be killed and do what you can to survive. The Devil Wears Prada recognized this and have created a kick ass zombie game with their music in it. It’s called Zombie Slay and it’s exactly what you imagine, as they put it, “Slayin’ zombies and head banging at the same time!”

Maximum Ink: Where did you guys come up with the badass idea for the game?
The Devil Wears Prada: The band wanted to do an extension of the Zombie EP. We wanted to give our fans something different than just a re-release. We met up with ECHO interaction group and developed the idea of Zombie Slay. It is a prequel first person swipe/shoot game to the Zombie EP Comic Book.


Hank 3

An Interview with Hank 3
by Mike Huberty
November 2011

Shelton Hank Williams is the closest thing that country music has to a crown prince. The son of Bocephus himself, Hank Jr. (The Artist Formerly Known as the “Are You Ready For Some Football?” guy), and the grandson of one of the most popular country artists of all time, Hank3has charted a path entirely his own. Starting his career drumming for punk bands in the early 90’s, he’s spent his music career freely ignoring the genre lines of metal (he was in two bands with PANTERA’s Phil Anselmo, ARSON ANTHEM and SUPERJOINT RITUAL), cow-punk (he calls it “hellbilly” with his DAMN BAND), and punk (leading the band ASSJACK) After years of fighting with the Nashville country music system (just listen to “Dick in Dixie” or “Trashville” for his opinions on the current state of country music) as well as his record labels, Hank has just released three(!) new albums on his own, Hank3 label. Ghost to a Ghost/Guttertown is a double country-tinged album, Attention Deficit Domination is doom metal, and 3 Bar Ranch Cattle Callin’ is a mashup of speed metal and spoken word by cattle auctioneers that has to be heard to be believed!


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