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Madcity's Mackenzie Moore

Mackenzie Moore

Girl’s Rock Camper Steps Out
by Teri Barr
September 2018

It’s hard to believe she’s just starting her senior year of high school. But Mackenzie Moore has an old soul, and it comes out in her music. The Roxbury/Sauk City native has been writing her own songs for a while, and recently released her first album, “Veins,” with the support of some local musicians she met when she attended Girls Rock Camp Madison. But Mackenzie is just getting started, and she talked with me about her inspiration, what to expect when you go to one of her shows, and why her goal really isn’t that far out of reach.

Maximum Ink: You started playing guitar more than 10 years ago. What inspired you to pick up a guitar? 
Mackenzie Moore:
I initially got into music by listening to classic rock radio, and my parents’ C.D.’s. My mom played guitar for a while when she was in elementary and middle school, so when I started at 7, I used her same classical guitar from the early 70’s.


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Willy Street Fair 2018 - photo by David Michael Miller

Madcity Nights - September 2018

Previews of shows around Madison and surrounding areas
by Max Ink
September 2018

Madcity Nights for September features show picks and previews by Maximum Ink staff writers. This month: Willy Street Fair and many more!


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