Big Dumb Dick

by Mike Huberty
April 2008

Milwaukee's Big Dumb Dick in Maximum Ink in April 2008

Milwaukee's Big Dumb Dick in Maximum Ink in April 2008

Milwaukee hard rockers who’ve shared the stage with metal and heavy bands from Saliva to Disturbed to Motley Crue, BIG DUMB DICK was one of the Brew City’s most reliable rock acts through the late 90’s and early Aughts. They would perform regularly at events like Summerfest and Harley Fest as well as touring nationally. Their shows were known for body-passing, moshing, dancing girls, and pyrotechnics, making them one of the city’s best draws. This also garnered them representation from big players like Kid Rock’s management company and serious interest from major record labels. After being at the center of the maelstrom, lead singer and founding member, Travis Mantsch decided to take some time off from BIG DUMB DICK to clear his head and start a family. Three years later, the songs he had created in his home studio took on a familiar tone and now the band is back and releasing a new record, See You In Hell.

“Learning the business side and having someone you don’t trust running your band [their management company] takes a lot out of you,” Mantsch says, “They had us switch our band name to BIGGER THAN YOU to make it more commercial-friendly and I should have never done that. It was a family and it became a business, [they] took the fun out of it.” As far as the new record and the sound, he says, “When people ask what we sound like I tell ‘em we sound loud… it’s not the same cookie monster rock we used to be, it’s much more melodic.” As far as the name goes, he says, “I’ve had enough people in my career in local music to tell me to go to Hell, so I figured that’d be a good title.” The CD Release party is May 3rd at The Rave in Milwaukee and fans looking for a taste can check out new songs “Family” and “Sentimental Killer” on their Myspace site as well as old favorites like “Bitchslap” and “Hoedown”.

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