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Kicksville is a multi-influenced collective, largely ignored by the general public, but loved mostly by themselves and a select  - photo by Mystique Imagery CD: The Results Of A Higher Mission
Record Label: Ropeadope Digital
by Mack Dreyfuss
November 2008

The Presidential candidates have shared a motto during this election season: change. On Saturday, Nov. 15, America will have selected its leader, and a new era will be underway. Depending on your belief in what kind of change is needed, you may be looking to celebrate and/or protest. A perfect opportunity to do both awaits you at the Overture Center where a band called Kicksville is scheduled to perform. 

Kicksville can’t be constrained by the general conception of what is commonly referred to as a “band.” Kicksville is an entity. Their “Director of Propaganda” describes Kicksville as a political movement, a virtual community, and a musical collective. Madisonians and anyone else hell-bent on a free-thinking mind ought to be licking their chops.

Conrad St. Clair, the “Commissioner” of Kicksville, resists shackling attempts at categorization. “Politically we’re not Marxists, liberals, democrats or any of that.” Kicksville’s music also thwarts categorization. Constantly taking on new forms, collaborating with new artists (who gain “citizen” status), and utilizing new technology, Kicksville is an ever evolving creation that incorporates more than just sound. It assimilates ideas. St. Clair elaborates: “We’re teaming up with Amnesty International’s Small Places Tour 2008 to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights adopted by the United Nations in 1948. It’s an honor. It’s something we feel strongly about.”

Expect something special, as St. Clair is the chief sound engineer at the Overture Center and has designed the show specifically for the Capitol Theater. “Believe me; Madison has never seen anything like this before.” According to their posted videos, each show is a multi-sensory experience. To get re-educated, check out [] or []. Only expect a scolding if your political views are mere talk. This unit is about action.

Asphyxiating rhetoric is unauthorized. Mike Stehr, the “Mayor” of Kicksville, says: “We’re extremely serious, but we’re also extremely goofy. You have to be a little silly to remain so serious.”

Tickets are an affordable $13 and available at []. Scroll to find “Welcome to Kicksville” and book your reservation. This is guaranteed to be quite a ride.

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