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  • Madcity Nights May 2017

    Previews of May 2017 Shows in the Madcity
    by Max Ink Writer List
    May 2017

    Joe Marsden

    Joe Marsden

    Meloz Release Party
    Samba Novistas 6-8:830pm
    Friday, May 5 @ 5-10pm
    Yahara Bay Distillery

    Meloz is a new type of spirit, a Domel. Whiskey and Vodka are made from grains (beer), Brandy from fruit (wine), but Domel is distilled from mead which is made from fermented honey. It is the only spirit I know that doesn’t come from a plant. Meloz is the world’s first Domel. So be a part of history in the making and meet Dominic DeSano, the man behind Meloz. The night features live music from Samba Novistas so wear comfortable shoes and pronounce it like “mellows”. By Rökker

    Tip: it’s all about saving bees and sustaining environment.

    Laura Marling
    w/ Valley Queen

    Saturday, May 6th
    The Majestic

    Gifted in literary imagination and musical adventure,  Marling’s exquisite juxtaposition of folk-guitar wizardry and dazzling jazz-poetry panache shines on record and on stage. Her latest, “Semper Femina,” pushes boundaries exploring concepts with sterling verve and charmed élan. L.A.‘s Valley Queen opens with a big, bold indie-rock sound. By John Noyd

    White Bush Unicorn
    w/ The Young Step, The Heavy Parts

    Saturday, May 6th
    Art In

    More genre-hopping, booty shaking, mystical madness coming to one of Madison’s newest and grooviest venues, The Art In. The two-piece The Heavy Parts will open show followed by Florida’s The Young Step, a unique brand of 3 part indie/dance rock harmony. And finally White Bush Unicorn will cram way too many bodies onto a tiny stage with a 7 piece indie-pop-jazz-fusion-funny-noise-punk-rock-math-experimental pack of weirdos from Madison, WI.

    Between The Waves PreParty
    w/ Old Soul Society,The Lower 5th and Katie Scullin

    Friday, May 12 @ 8pm
    High Noon Saloon

    The Lower 5th boast an all-star cast of local folk veterans from bands like Northern Pines, Mascott Theory, and Moonhouse while Katie Scullin has turned the indie-pop ballad on its head crafting an impressive arsenal of original songs planted firmly in her own style. Old Soul Society’s rich, textured musical layers create the base for the emotionally raw delivery of singer-songwriter Derek Ramnarace’s introspective and heartfelt lyrics. By Rökker

    Clyde Stubblefield Tribute
    Clyde Stubblefield’s All-Star Band

    Saturday, May 13 @ 9m
    Memorial Union Terrace

    On May 13, UW-Madison is posthumously bestowing an honorary degree on Clyde Stubblefield. To celebrate his life and achievements, the Clyde Stubblefield All-Star Band will perform popular James Brown songs the longtime Madison resident drummed on, as well as some of Stubblefield’s original tracks. Free and open to the public.

    Tip: Rain location is Wisconsin Union Theater

    North Avenue Stompers

    Saturday, May 13
    Knuckle Down Saloon

    North Avenue Stompers get their name and roots from their stomping grounds, the corner of North & Elston in Chicago. They bring a hard driving rhythm & blues sound and their classic lineup of guitar, stand up bass, drums and saxophone rocks like Duane Eddy and swings like Louis Jordan. By Rökker

    Hugh Masterson and Brian Elmquist of The Lone Bellow
    w/ Christopher Gold

    Monday, May 15

    Nashville-based Masterson recorded his latest album in Benton Harbor, Wisconsin, and brings deep-fried Southern gumption to rowdy country-rock sure to turn any Monday blues upside-down. Call it roots-folk or honky-tonk Americana, Hugh, Brian and Christopher bring red-hot barn-burners and smoldering soul-baring parables together for one super hootenanny. By John Noyd

    Songwriter Night
    The Frequency
    Tuesday, May 16

    Joe Marsden was the singer and guitarist behind Madison hard rockers, WALL OF FUNK, and he was a six-string badass. He’s leading a new Songwriter Night at The Frequency to show off what he’s been up to lately. You’ll also catch 4AM’s Chandon Vicarious expanding on his ska/punk foundation with a more stripped down sound. By Mike Huberty

    All Tiny Creatures and Dosh

    Wednesday May 17th @ 8 pm
    High Noon Saloon

    Strap your space boots on and prepare for some electro-orbital scorchers when cyber-funky jam collective All Tiny Creatures and live-looping mix-master Dosh rock the High Noon with techno-getdown pop. Pondered and laundered, but never squandered, these circuit-board psychopaths wrench surreal scene-stealers from future groovy mental movies. By John Noyd

    Hed PE, Motograter, Dead Horse Trama, Disappearance, Dogs of War
    The Red Zone
    Friday, May 19 @ 6pm

    If you’re missing Rap-Rock and I know there’s a lot more out there than you like to admit, then get your fix with California rapcore pioneers (hed)p.e. They’ve been touring constantly for damn near two decades with a solid energetic and aggresive live show. Opening up is Madison’s own rap-rock hybrid, DOGS OF WAR so turn it up and bring the noize! By Mike Huberty

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