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Brew City Sludge - August 2008

by Lane Klozier
Milwaukee's Rehyn: Singer, songwriter, pianist, storyteller…

Klozier here.

Milwaukee’s the Quon Poppers are one of those bands with absolutely no spit and polish. That’s ok….they don’t need any. In the spirit of all that is punk, the Poppers spit, bark, rattle and rant as if every song is the last one they will ever play. Obvious influences ranging from the Clash to the Pistols combine for a sound that retraces well-trodden ground while maintaining enough originality to be viable. Their current demo/ep is a quick but awesome listen. Most appealing is their ability to infuse enough guts, anger and self-absorption into a debut record to prompt a second (even a third or fourth) listen. Also: these guys are young. Hopefully, they will be able to navigate the waters of the punk rock scene to an island that is inhabited with high-paying clubs, lots of punk rock girls, and not too many drugs. Pop on Boys.

For the last fifteen years, Southbound has been one of the biggest draws in clubs surrounding the Milwaukee area. Although the band could be labeled as jam, or hippie, the musicianship takes the act to a higher level than most associated with the genre. Along with a vast array of classic covers from the Allman Brothers to the Dead, Southbound has also become known for a large catalogue of solid original material. Live, the band is one of those acts that is usually still playing at a fever pitch when the last call lights come on to a packed dance floor. Look for a new release coming soon and check ‘em out at G Daddy’s BBC Friday, Aug 29.

I heard a new voice. It was soothing, sensual and melodic. It is the voice of Milwaukee’s Rehyn. Singer, songwriter, pianist, storyteller… this girl’s got it all. With a soulful style and good pop sensibility, Rehyn shows the kind of promise that was seen in acts like Jewel and a young Sarah McLaughlin. The McLaughlin reference is especially noteworthy. Her ability to take seemingly simple piano arrangements and complicate them nicely without any clutter is encouraging. Her debut ep “A Time to Fly” on Funtup Productions oozes with radio ready tracks. Take a short but worthy drive to Lake Geneva to check her out Saturday, Aug 23, at the 2008 Geneva Live Theater Series. That’s all for now, my Darlings.

Remember: Brett Favre is the best god damn QB we have ever had. Just bring him back and shut the fuck up already!

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