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Brew City Sludge - Rökktober 2008

by Lane Klozier
Milwaukee's reggae mon Wadadli aka: Dan Reed, aka: Sly Mongoose

Klozier here.

In the world of local reggae, there are both posers and those that can be considered the real deal. Nothin’ worse than seeing a Brookfield white kid sporting blond dreds and a Bob Marley T reeking of cheap gas station incense. On the other side, there are those who either by way of nationality or true indoctrination are viable members of the scene. Milwaukee’s Wadadli is a member of the latter of these two groups. Wadadli aka: Dan Reed, aka: Sly Mongoose might be as pasty as any Anglo in the crowd but his past is of a different color. Raised from childhood in Antigua and the surrounding Islands, Reed can be considered a true child of Reggae. After relocating to the US at the age of 18, he developed a taste for American music. His tastes ran the gambit as he indulged himself in everything from hard core to modern pop. This duplicity helped form the musician that he is today. Most of his work has been self produced and self promoted, yet his admirers are many and he is able to fill a decent sized room. Sitting in his home studio, listening to his library of original work, I discovered a vast range. Guitarist, bassist, and fledgling keyboardist, Reed has an uncanny natural ability to create catchy melody. Pop, rock and world roots all are a part of his repertoire; but it was the reggae that stood out as his true calling. Reed’s main instrument is his voice. He is able to growl out old school one drop style while inserting backgrounds that are high, soaring and sweet. Introspective is a key word illustrated in his subject matter that speaks often of love and understanding. Recently, Reed has been working as a part of the all star cast in Milwaukee’s Reggae Fire. As a devoted family man with his wife Anita and children Sky, Jocelyn and Sophia his time for music (like so many of us) is somewhat limited. Yet, the songs keep coming. Witness the multicultural many faceted musical genius of the Sly Mongoose at Liquor Sweets on Saturday, November 1st.

With equal doses of pop and punk, Milwaukee’s The Mandates are a throwback to all that was good in the post punk era that brought about groups like the Femmes. Lo-fi and unpretentious, the band relies on old school wide open guitar and a wash of 60’s reverb to bash through songs that get right to the heart of the matter. Songs like No 1 Stunner You do it Again speak to their obvious reverence for the Dick Dale approach toward making bodied shake. Track after track, their songs lull you into a state of consciousness that takes you to a land where the only thing that matters is basic rock (that being a good thing). Most endearing is their disregard for spit and polish. Slightly out of tune backgrounds wash over gutteral croonings that segue nicely into guitar solos that are off the cuff and strangely melodic. If you’re a fan of the Pixies or an old Stooges freak, this is a band you will no doubt dig.

I know I’m supposed to be a music guy, but I have to tell you about a movie. Nuna Minch who has fronted the band Nuna for the last several years has for the time being put down the guitar and picked up a camera. His current effort is a full length horror film called Brutal. As the title suggests, the scenes are filled with blood and torture all set to the background of many of our own local groups. Put Her in the Trunk, GRC, Nuna and many others can be heard during the film which premiered Oct 30th. Hopefully, your chance to see it will come soon as it has received accolades from the horror industry world wide.
That’s all for now my darlings.

Remember: Thanksgiving will soon be here. Be thankful that you don’t have my job.

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