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Maximum Ink's Calendar Goddess, Deb Fields

Maximum Ink's Calendar Goddess, Deb Fields

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Alliant Energy Center

1919 Alliant Energy Center Way , Madison WI 53713
Updated: 1/30/19 3:01am
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Veteran’s Memorial Coliseum:
2/8 Trevor Noah
2/22 Alan Jackson, William Michael Morgan

3/28 Old Dominion, Jordan Davis, Mitchell Tenpenny
3/31 Weezer, Pixies

5/1-5/5 Cirque de Soleil Crystal
5/24-5/27 Brat Fest

Madison Roller Derby:
2/9   Game 1 feat. Vaudeville Vixens vs. Quad Squad MRD
          Game 2 feat. Reservoir Dolls MRD vs. Unholy Rollers
3/9   Game 1 feat. Vaudeville Vixens vs. Unholy Rollers
          Game 2 feat. Reservoir Dolls MRD vs. Quad Squad MRD
4/27   Semi-Finals
5/18   Championships

Alliant Energy Center Online:

The Annex @ The Red Zone Madison

1212 Regent Street, Madison WI 53715
Updated: 1/30/19 3:02am
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Wednesdays: Paint Nite (7pm)

1/31 Glowga + Drinks (Yoga)

2/2 Maximum Damage w/ JPHELPZ
2/23 Codd Dubz, GAPZ

3/13 SHIM (feat. Shimon Moore formerly w/ Sick Puppies), Big Story, Seilies, Revolution X
3/20 Tony Macalpine, Jacky Vincent, LoNero

4/12 Boys of Fall, Oh Weatherly, Never Loved, Of Brighter Skies, Common Threads

The Annex @ The Red Zone Madison Online:

Art In

1444 E. Washington Avenue, Madison WI 53703
Updated: 1/30/19 3:06am
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1/31 Bitter Nothings, Cheyne Trost, Ren Edstrand, Mortality Play

2/1 Bent Antenna, Flavor Crystals, The Sunken Lands
2/6 Dystopian Echo, Fake News
2/8 Horace Greene, Gentle Brontosaurus, Bing Bong
2/15 Radio 22: Rnb Night Valentines Edition w/ DJ Stracktrace, Landon DeVon, Brezzy Esco, Alise Mosley, Vision, Jay B Coolin, Video by Just Chillin Productions
2/20 Daniel Champagne
2/21 Gary David & The Enthusiasts
2/22 “Dope Smoke and Smutt” Hosted by Down 2 Hearse Boutique w/ Strive To Last Eternity (Scrub God), Uncle Dopie, Yung Spurge, Red The Bully, Jonny Cash of Elyon
2/23 Jaya,  Dada Veda, Candance Griffin, Steven James Stini, Metadiscorse, Elmer and the Ceramic Trees
2/28 Craft ‘n Draft: Make a Personalized Bottle Pendant!

3/2 Magic Conch, Wimbledon, Project Constellation, The Bitter Nothings
3/3 The Orcastrator, Foxy Dope, Mass Relay

4/18 Midwest Soul Xchange

Art In Online:

Arts + Literature Laboratory

2021 Winnebago St., Madison WI 53703
Updated: 1/30/19 10:02pm
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2/1 Lucas Koehler Band
2/9 Micahel Koszewski’s Mr. Chair
2/20 John Raymond’s Real Feels w/ Gilad Hekselman

3/1 Casey Nielsen’s Lapis Trio
3/9 John Christensen
3/19 Son of Goldfinger feat. Tim Berne, Ches Smith, David Tonrn
3/29 Dave Cooper

4/6 Dustin Laurenzi’s Twin Talk
4/11 Tollef Ostvang Quintet
4/12 Dave Rempis, Brandon Lopez, Ryan Packard
4/27 John Blevin’s Matterhorn

5/16 Jenny Scheinman and Allison Miller’s Parlour Games feat. Carmen Staaf, Tony Scherr
5/25 Keefe Jackson Quintet

Arts + Literature Laboratory Online: