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Maximum Ink's Calendar Goddess, Deb Fields

Maximum Ink's Calendar Goddess, Deb Fields

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Cafe Carpe

18 S. Water Street, Fort Atkinson WI 53538
Updated: 7/29/19 7:40pm
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8/1 Spook Handy
8/2 Steve Forbert
8/3 Roy Bookbinder
8/8 New Pioneers
8/9 Matthew Francis Andersen
8/10 Bill Camplin Band
8/12 Jeremy Clyde
8/13 Kevin Prater Band
8/14 McKain Lakey
8/15 TS Webb
8/17 Jacob Miller, Jason Lynk, Steve Tesmer
8/21 Bill Staines
8/22 The Lowest Pair
8/24 Georgia Rae Family Band
8/29 Song Circle w/ Tricia Alexander
8/30 John Gorka

9/7 Dayna Kurtz
9/11 Talbott Brothers
9/12 New Pioneers
9/13 Tricia Alexander, Kaia Fowler, Diana Laffey
9/14 Roxanne Neat
9/15 Tannahill Weavers
9/17 Peter Mulvey, Pieta Brown
9/19 Tracy Grammer
9/20 Mike Dowling
9/21 Luray
9/22 Lucy Kaplansky
9/26 Danny Schmidt

10/3 Song Circle w/ Tricia Alexander
10/12 Brooks Williams
10/17 Richard Shindell
10/18 What’s His Name & the Other Guy
10/26 Craig Cardiff
10/31 Song Circle w/ Tricia Alexander

11/30 Dave Cofell, Mark Dvorak

12/14 Corky Siegel, Howard Levy

Cafe Carpe Online:


1224 Williamson St., Madison WI 53703
Updated: 7/25/19 10:15am
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Mondays: Funky Mondays w/ Joey B. Banks (8pm)
Night of the Improviser (8pm)

7/31 Natty Nation (7pm)

8/1 Tango Dance Workshop (6pm)
8/1 Steve Nelson Rainey (8pm)
8/2 Bill Roberts Trio (5pm)
8/2 Maury Martinez Bachata y Más (8pm)
8/3 ‘Cool School’ Kids Jammin’ (9am)
8/3 Community Drum Circle (12pm)
8/3 Carlos Adames Group (8pm)
8/7 Mambo Blue
8/8 Anthony Cao
8/9 Hanna Bettner Mideast Salsa
8/10 Tango Milongo Social (5pm)
8/10 Ladies Must Swing (8pm)
8/16 David Bixler Quartet
8/17 Hanah Jon Taylor Artet
8/22 Eric Jacobson Quartet feat. Steve Einerson
8/26 Cinghiale Ken Vandermark ~ Mars Williams Duo, Steve Marquette Solo
8/29 Randall Harrison (Violin)

9/6 Juli Wood Quartet
9/7 Rare Element
9/8 Brian Lynch
9/12 Peggy Choy
9/13 Edi Rey y su Salsera
9/14 Ugochi - American Butterfly
9/19 David Stoler
9/20 Ana Paula
9/21 Café CODA Anniversary Celebration
9/27 Paroaria
9/28 Chris Madsen

Cafe CODA Online:

Capital Brewery

7734 Terrace Avenue, Middleton WI 53562
Updated: 7/25/19 10:15am
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Bier Garten 2019: Live Music 6-10pm
8/2 Joe Stamm Band
8/4 Battle of the Bands Fundraiser w/ The Druthers, Back Alley Kings, Karma Kat, Tim Ruesink, Slipjig, The International Peace Orchestra, Cory Eats the Amp, The Krause Family Band wsg/ Brad Duesler
8/6 Ryan Mauer & Friends
8/9 Rare Element
8/13 Robert J
8/16 Blue Olives
8/22 Mannish Boys
8/23 Yam Haus
8/27 Dave Larson Jazz Quintet
8/29 Scott Wilcox Band

9/3 The Dawg Bones
9/5 Panchromatic Steel
9/19 Dave Larson Jazz Quintet
9/20 Country Wide
9/24 Robert J

Capital Brewery Online:

Central Park Sessions

202 S. Ingersoll St., Madison WI 53703
Updated: 7/1/19 1:25pm
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McPike Park

Wednesday ~ August 7

5:15 pm     Driveway Thriftdwellers
7:30 pm     Old 97s (1st Set)
9:00 pm     Old 97s (2nd Set)

Thursday ~ August 8

5:00 pm     BingBong
6:30 pm     The Figgs
8:40 pm     The Bottle Rockets

Friday ~ August 9

5:00 pm     Panchromatic Steel
6:30 pm     The Iguanas
8:30 pm     Lyrics Born

Wednesday ~ August 14

5:15 pm     Beth Kille
7:15 pm     The Travelin’ McCourys (1st Set)
9:00 pm     The Travelin’ McCourys (2nd Set)

Thursday ~ August 15

5-10 pm

Central Park Sessions Online:

The Club Tavern

1915 Branch Street, Middleton WI 53562
Updated: 7/29/19 3:59pm
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Mondays & Wednesdays: Karaoke
Thursdays: Bingo

8/2 Rare Element
8/26 A Few Blind Mice

The Club Tavern Online:

Come Back In

508 East Wilson St., Madison WI 53703
Updated: 7/29/19 2:26pm
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Sundays: Band In A Box Karaoke w/ Lars! (9pm)

8/1 Gin Mill Hollow
8/2 Taylor Schereck
8/3 The Jeffrey James Show
8/5 Curtis Goodman
8/6 Tom Weber
8/7 Robert J.
8/8 Gin Mill Hollow
8/9 The Bolzen Beer Band
8/10 Rail Hopper
8/12 Bryan Drewyor
8/13 Tom Weber
8/14 Robert J.
8/15 Gin Mill Hollow
8/16 Troye Shanks
8/17 Cosmic Strings
8/19 Bryan Drewyor
8/20 Tom Weber
8/21 Robert J.
8/22 Gin Mill Hollow
8/23 Grace Gladem
8/24 Water Street jacks
8/26 Bryan Drewyor
8/27 Tom Weber
8/28 Robert J.
8/29 Gin Mill Hollow
8/30 Troye Shanks
8/31 The N’achos

Come Back In Online:

Common Ground

2644 Branch Street, Middleton WI 53562
Updated: 7/29/19 8:36pm
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Mondays: Bluegrass Jam & Open Mic (6:30pm)

8/2 Honeyrock
8/3 Ukulele Sing-Along w/ MAUI (2pm)
8/3 Chance Stine & Friends (7pm)
8/7 Open Mic
8/9 Acoustic Collective
8/10 Sydney Hensen
8/14 Old Middleton Jazz Jam
8/16 Common Chord
8/18 Tracy Jane Comer w/ Alan Maslowski (11am)
8/21 Open Mic
8/28 Old Middleton Jazz Jam

9/4 Open Mic
9/7 Ukulele Sing-Along w/ MAUI (2pm)
9/14 Acoustic Collective
9/18 Open Mic
9/22 The Mighty Mohills

10/2 Open Mic
10/5 Ukulele Sing-Along w/ MAUI (2pm)
10/12 Ted Live
10/16 Open Mic
10/20 The Mighty Mohills

11/2 Ukulele Sing-Along w/ MAUI (2pm)

Common Ground Online:

Country Corners

3737 County Rd. AB, McFarland WI 53558
Updated: 7/25/19 10:53am
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Sundays: Frank James & Jackie Marie (3pm)
Wednesdays: Cyberoake Karaoke (8:30pm)
Thursdays: Open Jam

Country Corners Online:

Crescendo Espresso Bar & Music Cafe

1859 Monroe St., Madison WI 53711
Updated: 7/29/19 8:43pm
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8/8 Songwriter’s Circle w/ Anthony Lamar, Shawndell Marks, Travis Agnew, Katie Burns, Tim Ruesink
8/9 The Oxleys
8/17 Asumaya, Good Night Gold Dust
8/24 The Lone Canary, Nate Meng

Crescendo Espresso Bar & Music Cafe Online:


3116 Commercial Avenue, Madison WI 53714
Updated: 7/31/19 3:19pm
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Wednesdays: Karaoke w/ Host Spike Bolen ~ New Themes Every Week! (8pm)
Third Fridays: The Rocky Horror Picture Show w/ Velvet Darkness Cast (Midnight)
Fourth Fridays: Deviance (BDSM Play Event) w/ DJs Spike and Psychotron
Fourth Saturdays: Burlesque Hosted by Meláni Khandroma

8/1 Hysteria: Alternative Drag w/ Garnet Grimm, Baby Bear, Aubrey Del Mar, Dee Dee Purr, Amethyst Von Trollenburg, Zz Topz, Jasper Madison
8/2 Grendel w/ Striplicker, Glass Apple Bonzai, Esoterik
8/3 301 Presents: Archers, Of Brighter Skies, The Starfoxx Project, Dear Violence, The Martyr Complex, Two Sides of Me, 90 To Harmony
8/4 Ritual Waves Presents: Double Eyelid, Wraith Haven, Satanic Hispanic
8/7 Karaoke: Cheesy!
8/8 Adrenaline Armory Presents: Rictus Grin, Jingleheimer, Chi Noden
8/9 HellMuff, 0400 Hours, Volk, Apocalypstick Girls Burlesque
8/10 Sensous Enemy (EP Release), Fee Lion, Sweat Boys, Null Device, DJ Eurotic
8/15 Pillow Talk w/ Shaun Sin
8/16 Graveslave, Writhe, 2nd and Archer, Disgunt
8/17 Leather + Lace Crucible Masquerade: The Wrecking Ball w/ DJs Mike Carlson, WhiteRabbit
8/18 KIND (Kids in Need of Defense) Benefit
8/22 Ladyscissors, The Hasbians
8/24 MUSE: Cosplay Edition (1pm)
8/24 Books In The Buff (5pm)
8/24 Burlesque (9pm)
8/24 Continuum Dance Party w/ DJ Cykophuk (11pm)
8/29 Adrenaline Armory Presents: Swimsuit Contest II w/ Dearth, Ritual Room, Big Swizzle
8/30 Postcards from San Junipero: 80’s Dancy Party w/ DJs Avalon, Ellafine
8/31 The Midnight Purchase, DJs Eman G, Cykophuk

9/2 God Module, Finite Automata, Absynthe of Faith
9/5 D.R.I., Deathwish, Toxic Ruin, Warbastard
9/7 Ancient Future Fest 3 w/ Sabbath Assembly, Heavy Temple, Vanishing Kids, Doomstress, Wolf Blood, Lost Tribes of the Moon, Twichard, White Shape, Astral Hand, Treatment
9/20 Twichard, Birth of Tragedy, All Meridians
9/22 Captured By Robots, Droids Attack

10/10 Boy Harsher, Spelling, Klack

1/8 Thrill Kill Kult

Crucible Online:

The Crystal Corner

1302 Williamson Street, Madison WI 53703
Updated: 7/29/19 1:37pm
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All Shows 9:30pm (unless otherwise listed)
2nd Tuesdays: Josh Harty & The Big Tasty (8-10pm)
3rd Tuesdays: David Hecht & The Who Dat?
4th Tuesdays: Lackin’ Some Direction (Grateful Dead Tribute) (8pm)

8/17 The Hussy, Sweet Jap, Choke Chains, Dumb Vision
8/29 No Dice (Badfinger Tribute), Bent Antenna, The Delicate Delegate

9/21 Howler, Powerwagon, Rally

The Crystal Corner Online:

Crystal Grand Music Theatre

430 W Munroe Avenue, Wisconsin Dells WI 53965
Updated: 7/25/19 11:12am
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8/9 Dwight Yoakam
8/16-17 80’s In The Dells feat. Jack Russell’s Great White, Eddie Money, Patty Smyth, Kip Winger, Ton Loc, Taylor Dane, The Producers

9/14 Charley Pride
9/20 Justin Moore
9/28 REO Speedwagon

10/4 Joe Nichols
10/5 NGA PRO/AM P4P Undeafeated Natural Championships 2
10/11 Natalie Grant
10/18 George Thorogood and the Destroyers

11/2 Josh Turner
11/9 Jo Dee Messina
11/16 Vince Neil of Mötley Crüe

12/21 The Oak Ridge Boys

2/8 Bill Anderson

Crystal Grand Music Theatre Online: