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Maximum Ink's Calendar Goddess, Deb Fields

Maximum Ink's Calendar Goddess, Deb Fields

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Cafe Carpe

18 S. Water Street, Fort Atkinson WI 53538
Updated: 4/1/19 10:06pm
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4/6 Jeff Mason & Tricia Alexander
4/11 Jeffrey Foucault
4/12 Vance Gilbert
4/13 Bill Miller
4/18 John Statz, Kyle Cox
4/19 Bobby Long
4/20 Eric Adnersen feat. Scarlet Rivera, Cheryl Prashker
4/25 Song Circle w/ Tricia Alexander
4/26 Harmony & Brad
4/27 Mark Dvorak, Dave Cofell

5/8 Ray Bonneville
5/12 Session Americana
5/14 Peter Mulvey, Klassik, Sista Strings, Paul Cebar
5/15 Peter Mulvey, Anna Tivel, Shane Leonard, Joe Jencks
5/16 Peter Mulvey, Simon Balto, Humbird, Satchel Paige
5/17 Peter Mulvey, Bill Camplin, Randy Sabien, Rose Cousins
5/18 Peter Mulvey, Randy Sabien, Chris Porterfield, Caley Conway
5/19 Peter Mulvey, Kaia Fowler, Katie Dahl, Randy Sabien
5/23 Song Circle w/ Tricia Alexander
5/24 Eccentric Acoustic
5/25 Sundae + Mr. Goessel
5/31 Karen Johnson

6/1 Rick Thum
6/6 Jackson Grimm & the Bull Moose Party

8/13 Kevin Prater Band

9/20 Mike Dowling

Cafe Carpe Online:


1224 Williamson St., Madison WI 53703
Updated: 4/1/19 10:11pm
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Mondays: Funky Mondays w/ The JB3s (Joey B. Banks, Chris Clemente, Todd Phipps) 7pm
Thursdays: Night of the Improviser Feat. Hanah Jon Taylor (8pm)
Saturday Mornings: Youth Jazz Expo (9am)

4/4 Makaya McCraven
4/5 Charanga Agoza
4/6 Youth Jazz Expo (9am)
4/6 Assif Tsahar + Tatsuya Nakatani
4/8 Miles Okazaki’s Trickster
4/13 Rare Element

Cafe CODA Online:

Capital Brewery

7734 Terrace Avenue, Middleton WI 53562
Updated: 4/3/19 3:35pm
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Fridays: Live Music @ 8:30pm

4/5 Steve Malin
4/12 Ken Curtis
4/19 Griffin Paul

Bier Garten 2019: Live Music 6-10pm
5/3 Dave Larson Quintet
5/5 Best Practice (12:30pm)
5/7 Robert J
5/9 The Dawg Bones
5/10 Country Wide
5/14 Mike Cahill
5/16 Scott Wilcox Band
5/17 Evan Riley
5/21 Derek Buckley
5/29 Sam Ness
5/30 Mannish Boys

6/6 Jake ‘O & Co.
6/18 Derek Buckley
6/20 Best Practice
6/21 The Jimmys
6/25 Mannish Boys
6/28 Madison County

7/5 Plugged In & the Scrap Metal Horns
7/16 The Dawg Bones
7/18 Mannish Boys
7/25 Derek Buckley

8/2 Joe Stamm Band
8/6 Ryan Mauer & Friends
8/9 Rare Element
8/13 Robert J
8/16 Blue Olives
8/20 Derek Buckley
8/29 Scott Wilcox Band

9/3 The Dawg Bones
9/20 Country Wide
9/24 Robert J

Capital Brewery Online:

The Club Tavern

1915 Branch Street, Middleton WI 53562
Updated: 3/30/19 2:30pm
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Mondays & Wednesdays: Karaoke
Thursdays: Bingo

4/6 Universal Sound
4/12 Ron Denson

The Club Tavern Online:

Come Back In

508 East Wilson St., Madison WI 53703
Updated: 4/1/19 3:44pm
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Sundays: Band In A Box Karaoke w/ Lars! (9pm)

4/1 Bryan Drewyor
4/2 Tom Weber
4/3 Robert J.
4/4 Gin Mill Hollow
4/6 Mannish Boys
4/8 Bryan Drewyor
4/9 Tom Weber
4/10 Robert J.
4/11 Gin Mill Hollow
4/12 Troye Shanks
4/13 Fuzzlove, Baccano
4/15 Bryan Drewyor
4/16 Tom Weber
4/17 Robert J.
4/18 Gin Mill Hollow
4/19 Kevin Troestler
4/20 Dropbear Collective
4/22 Bryan Drewyor
4/23 Tom Weber
4/24 Robert J.
4/25 Gin Mill Hollow
4/27 Dabylon
4/29 Bryan Drewyor
4/30 Tom Weber

5/1 Robert J.
5/2 Gin Mill Hollow

Come Back In Online:

Common Ground

2644 Branch Street, Middleton WI 53562
Updated: 4/1/19 10:23pm
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Mondays: Bluegrass Jam & Open Mic (6:30pm)
Wednesdays: Old Middleton Jazz Jam (6:30pm)

4/3 Open Mic
4/5 Acoustic Collective
4/6 Ukulele Sing-Along w/ MAUI (2pm)
4/7 New Valley Jazz Band (11am)
4/12 Benjamin Scully
4/17 Open Mic
4/19 Common Chord
4/30 New Orleans Jazz w/ New Valley Jazz Band (11am)

5/1 Open Mic
5/3 John Kostle
5/4 Ukulele Sing-Along w/ MAUI (2pm)
5/10 Acoustic Collective
5/15 Open Mic
5/17 Common Chord
5/26 New Valley Jazz Band (11am)

6/5 Open Mic
6/15 Harper and Lee
6/19 Open Mic
6/21 Common Chord
6/29 Acoustic Collective
6/30 New Valley Jazz Band (11am)

7/7 The Lovelys

8/9 Acoustic Collective

Common Ground Online:


3737 East Washington Ave., Madison WI 53704
Updated: 1/2/19 4:28pm
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Sundays: Domingos Parranderos w/ DJ Richard Mix
Mondays: Open Mic
Wednesdays: Karaoke
Fridays & Saturdays: DJ & Dancing

Connections Online:

Country Corners

3737 County Rd. AB, McFarland WI 53558
Updated: 4/1/19 10:08pm
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Sundays: Frank James & Jackie Marie (3pm)
Wednesdays: Cyberoake Karaoke (8:30pm)
Thursdays: Open Jam w/ Kelsey Miles (7pm)

4/6 2AM
4/13 Blue Steel
4/20 Quest
4/27 Your Mom

5/4 Decades Rock Band
5/11 Under Cover
5/18 Blue Steel

Country Corners Online:

Crescendo Espresso Bar & Music Cafe

1859 Monroe St., Madison WI 53711
Updated: 4/1/19 10:09pm
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4/5 John Mark Nelson, The Oxleys

Crescendo Espresso Bar & Music Cafe Online:


3116 Commercial Avenue, Madison WI 53714
Updated: 4/2/19 2:00pm
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Sundays: Dark Arts & Crafts (1pm)
Wednesdays: Karaoke (8pm) New Themes Every Week!
Third Fridays: The Rocky Horror Picture Show w/ Velvet Darkness Cast (Midnight)
Fourth Fridays: Deviance (BDSM Play Event) w/ DJs Spike and Psychotron
Fourth Saturdays: Burlesque Hosted by Meláni Khandroma

4/3 Karaoke: Leather Night
4/4 Level 1 Final Showcase (7:30pm)
4/4 Hysteria: Conspiracy
4/5 Spoil w/ Mauser, Rudeboi, Peas N Carrots vs Sync N Pump
4/6 301 Presents: Disgunt, Bad Lads, Descent of Man, Disappearance, Chewing Teeth
4/11 Adrenaline Armory Presents: Revolution-X, Fall II Rise, Hi/Jack
4/12 Zero Theorem, Cold Black River, Switchblade Monkeys, Go Play God
4/13 Reverb Presents: Invasion w/ DJs psych0tron, Siberia, Jim Marcus
4/15 Hed PE, Silent Theory, Project 44, Desolate
4/18 Adrenaline Armory Presents: Not Dead Yet, Barnyard Oddities, The Brash Menagerie (Homemade Swimsuit Contest to Follow Show!)
4/19 Post Punk Sound Check w/ DJ Ellafine (6pm)
4/20 Masquerade: Beltane Fire w/ DJs Mindphaser, psych0tron
4/22 AL1CE: The Unity of Opposites Tour w/ Joey Broyles
4/25 Pillow Talk w/ DJs Shaun Sin, Jackie Nightshade
4/27 Continuum: Midnight Dance Party w/ DJ Cykophuk (11pm)
4/28 Re:boot w/ Dexagon, Ginjahvitiz, Foundation, Blaise West

5/4 Johnny Likes Noize (CD Release)
5/5 Actors, The Bellweather Syndicate, Null Device
5/10 Rock Hard Burlesque
5/11 Sea of Sin: A Dark 90’s Prom w/ DJs Eurotic, WhiteRabbit
5/14 Precious Child, Hot Pink Satin
5/25 Continuum: Midnight Dance Party w/ DJ Cykophuk (11pm)
5/26 Re:boot w/ Dexagon, Ginjahvitiz, Foundation, Blaise West
5/31 Summer Lovin’ Bash w/ Brett and the Dandys, Gas Can Alley

6/1 The Feast of Metal Cookout & Show: Cookout @ Token Creek Park 2pm, Live Music w/ Chaosophy, Morta Skuld, All Out Mutiny
6/23 Adrenaline Armory Presents: Nequient, Order of the Jackal, Diskillery

7/3 Reverb Live w/ ESA, Caustic
7/28 Re:boot w/ Dexagon, Ginjahvitiz, Foundation, Blaise West

8/6 New Standard Elite Tour w/ Cerebral Effusion, Molested Divinity, Indecent Excision, Depulsed

9/5 D.R.I., Deathwish

Crucible Online:

The Crystal Corner

1302 Williamson Street, Madison WI 53703
Updated: 4/1/19 3:59pm
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All Shows 9:30pm (unless otherwise listed)
1st Tuesdays: Cindy Set My Hair On Fire (8pm)
2nd Tuesdays: Josh Harty & The Big Tasty (8-10pm)
3rd Tuesdays: David Hecht & The Who Dat?
4th Tuesdays: Lackin’ Some Direction (Grateful Dead Tribute) (8pm)

4/6 Momotaros, Once a Month, Usufruct, Deodorant
4/13 The Hussy, Red Mass, Solid Freex, DJ Real Jaguar
4/20 Something To Do, 4 Aspirin Morning, Spacemonkey Mafia
4/24 Gimme The Car (Violent Femmes Tribute 8pm)
4/27 Miyha, According To What, CNL

5/4 Sean Michael Dargan Band, Periodicals (8:30pm)
5/11 The Family Business, Craig Baumann
5/18 Loving Cup (Rolling Stones Tribute), Honor Among Thieves


The Crystal Corner Online:

Crystal Grand Music Theatre

430 W Munroe Avenue, Wisconsin Dells WI 53965
Updated: 4/1/19 10:10pm
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4/5 Wynonna & The Big Noise
4/12 Craig Morgan
4/27 Clint Black

5/4 Jordan Feliz, The Young Escape
5/10-11 Wisconsin Gospel Music Festival w/ Legacy Five, Jim Brady Trio, Triumphant, Tim Lovelace, Guy Penrod, Southern Raised, Ernie Haase & Signature Sound, Booth Brothers

6/8 Daniel O’Donnell
6/28 Jim Gaffigan

9/14 Charley Pride
9/28 REO Speedwagon

10/5 NGA PRO/AM P4P Undeafeated Natural Championships 2

12/21 The Oak Ridge Boys

Crystal Grand Music Theatre Online: