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Maximum Ink's Calendar Goddess, Deb Fields

Maximum Ink's Calendar Goddess, Deb Fields

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Harmony Bar & Grill

2201 Atwood Avenue, Madison WI 53704
Updated: 4/1/19 7:19pm
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Mondays: Kid Music w/ David Landau (5:30pm)

4/5 Run Side Down, Baghdad Scuba Review
4/6 The Civil Engineers, Groove Grease
4/7 ChiliOcracy
4/12 Flashback Friday Band feat. Dave Adler, Biff Blumfumgagnge, Jay Moran, Lo Marie, Kenny Stephenson, Gregg Rullman, Andy Wallman (Laurel Canyon Tribute)
4/14 Krause Family Band, Vegan Steakhouse (1pm)
4/14 The Cajun Strangers
4/18 Cork ‘n Bottle String Band
4/20 Tent Show Troubadours
4/25 Oak Street Ramblers
4/27 Don’t Mess With Cupid, Rare Element

5/3 Flashback Friday Band
5/4 Dacota Muckey & The Trip, Earth to Clark
5/11 Mike & Friends (Grateful Dead Tribute)
5/23 Oak Street Ramblers

6/7 Flashback Friday Band

Harmony Bar & Grill Online:

High Noon Saloon

701 E Washington Avenue, Madison WI 53703
Updated: 4/3/19 4:45pm
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4/3 Reina Del Cid
4/4 Wild Belle, Lex Allen
4/5 No. 27, Lackin’ Some Direction (5pm)
4/5 Bad Bad Hats, Jessica Manning, Con Davison
4/6 The Dirty Shirts (Gram Parson Tribute 5pm)
4/6 Rich Robbins, Son!, Broadway Muse
4/7 Burbie’s Gospel Brunch (1pm)
4/7 Telekinesis, Sontalk
4/8 The MOTH StorySLAM: Bamboozled
4/9 Cap Time’s Madsplainers PodcastL Live Recording
4/10 Durand Jones & The Indications, Divino Niño
4/11 Ex Hex, Moaning, Proud Parents
4/12 Western Swing w/ Remington’s Ride (5pm)
4/12 Seasaw, Chris Koza, Oh My Love
4/13 The Fancy Pears, Bosky Point (2pm)
4/13 Wisconsin Vinyl Collective (Album Release), Michael Perry and the Long Beds, The Mascot Theory, Bascom Hill, Lost Lakes Duo
4/14 Madison Music Foundry’s Student Showcase (11am)
4/14 Martin Sexton, Chris Trapper
4/15 Igor & the Red Elvises
4/16 JD McPherson
4/17 Girlpool, Hatchie, Claud
4/18 Foxing, Now Now, Daddy Issues
4/19 Angela Puerta Band (5pm)
4/19 Kitchen Dwellers, Armchair Boogie
4/20 420 Party w/ Natty Nation, Satsang, Euforquestra, Spare Change Trio, Soul Symmetry, Earth To Clark, DJ Kayla Kush
4/21 Meadow Mountain (3pm)
4/21 Higher Ground Hip Hop w/ Ms. Lector, BobDaHippie, Homemade Music
4/23 Hometown Sweethearts Reunion Show (5pm & 8pm)
4/24 Yappy Hour w/ Underdog Pet Rescue (4pm)
4/24 Nerd Nite 066
4/25 Priests, Gurr
4/26 Mad City Jug Band (5pm)
4/26 Spring String Fling w/ Joseph Huber, Chicken Wire Empire, Feed The Dog, Driveway Thriftdwellers
4/27 Derek Ramnarace & Friends (2pm)
4/27 Pokey LaFarge
4/28 Paul Filipowicz, The Rascal Theory, OBJ (2pm)
4/28 Cave Curse (7 Inch Release), WASH, Genau, Tarek Sabbar
4/29 Neil Hilborn
4/30 Delicate Steve, Fascinator

5/1 Old Time Relijun
5/2 Strand of Oaks, Apex Manor
5/3 Purgolder (East High) Athletics Fundraiser w/ VO5
5/4 Lynda & the Zeros (5:30pm)
5/4 Nooky Jones, Porky’s Groove Machine (Album Release)
5/5 Burbie’s Gospel Brunch (1pm)
5/5 Damsel Trash (EPP Tape Release), Tubal Cain, Venus In Furs
5/6 Pundamonium: Madison Pun Slam! (7pm)
5/7 Wrenclaw, Free Dirt, Nick Brown
5/8 Native Howl, 20 Watt Tombstone
5/9 Pine Travelers (EP Release), Joe Marcinek Band
5/10 Dana & The Joanis, One Human Band (5pm)
5/10 Mark Farina, Funkenstein
5/11 Madison Maker’s Spring Market & Pub Crawl (12pm)
5/11 Second Chance Prom
5/12 I Have Nothing To Wear: Mother’s Day Edition (11am)
5/12 Union Specific, Raine Stern, White Bush Unicorn, Albatross
5/15 ONA
5/16 The North Code (Album Release), Kerosene Kites, Old Soul Society
5/17 Pupy Costello (5pm)
5/17 Upstage Stigma 2019
5/19 Madtown Artisans Second Spring Event (11am)
5/19 The Furious Bongos (Frank Zappa Tribute)
5/20 Walter Salas - Humara
5/21 Coasting, The Delinquents, Trivial Pleasure
5/23 Yappy Hour w/ Underdog Pet Rescue (4pm)
5/23 Longshote, AP Counterfeit, Taiyamo Denku, Outside Voices, Chas, Red The Bully
5/24 Zeroed Hero, The Anderson Brothers (5pm)
5/25 Anna Wang, Immortal Girlfriend, Dashcam (3pm)
5/25 Woodrow (Album Release), Laska, Man Called Noon, Claxy
5/30 Remo Drive, Slow Pulp, Slow Bullet
5/31 Last Crack (Album Release), Vanishing Kids, 7 Seasons Deep

6/2 Burbie’s Gospel Brunch (1pm)
6/2 Davina and the Vagabonds
6/3 Pundamonium: Madison Pun Slam! (7pm)
6/5 Caravan Gypsy Swing Ensemble, Annie and the Fur Trappers
6/6 Bombino
6/7 The Periodicals, Something To Do (5pm)
6/7 Reckless Kelly
6/9 Madison Jazz Orchestra (2pm)
6/9 North By North, Labrador, The Hasbians, Bent Antenna
6/12 J.S. Ondara
6/13 Emo Night
6/14 Tent Show Troubadours, BingBong (5pm)
6/16 The Stolen
6/21 Rockstar Happyoke w/ The Gomers & Friends (5pm)
6/21 Summer Solstice Celebration w/ The North Code, Spare Change Trio, Wurk, One Human Band, FlowPoetry
6/22 Madison’s Lilith Fair (4pm)
6/27 Ward Davis
6/28 Adam Ezra Group (5pm)
6/29 Fresh Fighters (Foo Fighters Tribute), Star 67 (Red Hot Chili Peppers Tribute)

7/1 Pundamonium: Madison Pun Slam! (7pm)
7/2 Johnny Likes Noize, Mickey Magnum, 01 Bullet Left
7/7 Burbie’s Gospel Brunch (1pm)
7/15 Mekons, The Wekons
7/24 Yappy Hour w/ Underdog Pet Rescue (4pm)
7/30 Dale Watson

8/4 Burbie’s Gospel Brunch (1pm)
8/5 Pundamonium: Madison Pun Slam! (7pm)
8/10 Mad With Power Fest (5:30pm)
8/15 Reverend Horton Heat, Lincoln Durham
8/28 Yappy Hour w/ Underdog Pet Rescue (4pm)

9/2 Pundamonium: Madison Pun Slam! (7pm)
9/8 Burbie’s Gospel Brunch (1pm)
9/25 Yappy Hour w/ Underdog Pet Rescue (4pm)

10/6 Pints For Pups (1pm)
10/7 Pundamonium: Madison Pun Slam! (7pm)
10/30 Yappy Hour w/ Underdog Pet Rescue (4pm)

11/4 Pundamonium: Madison Pun Slam! (7pm)

High Noon Saloon Online:


225 S. Main St., Fort Atkinson WI 53538
Updated: 4/1/19 7:20pm
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4/6 Rokken Dokken (Dokken Tribute), Rat Fink
4/13 Lauren’s B-Day Pajama Party w/ VIA, The Missing Letters, Filthy Sweet
4/19 Dixie Duncan
4/26 301 & 94.1 WJJO Presents: MESSER, Saul, One Road to Rome, Seilies, Dear Violence

5/3 The Veer Union, Never Wake, InGhosts, Chinsey
5/16 Female Voices of Metal featuring: Synlakross, Casket Robbery, Blackwater Drowning
5/17 Copper Box
5/24 Titan Fun Key

6/15 Square Hammer (Ghost Tribute), The MAENSION, Eli Dykstra Rocks
6/22 RIND Fest Day 2 w/ Frantic Amber, SyntakrosS, Casket Robbery, Blackwater Drowning

7/18 Helius, Reason Define

Hijynx Online:

Ho Chunk Wisconsin Dells

S3214 Highway 12, Baraboo WI 53913
Updated: 3/30/19 2:36pm
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Upper Dells Ballroom:

4/6 Ken Jeong (SOLD OUT)

5/12 98°

Ho Chunk Wisconsin Dells Online:

Hody Bar & Grill

1914 Aurora Street, Middleton WI 53562
Updated: 4/1/19 7:08pm
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4/5 The Playlist
4/6 The Solution
4/12 RailHopper
4/13 Lowdown
4/19 The Keepers
4/20 2AM
4/26 US Silver Dollar Band
4/27 Undercover

5/4 KARL
5/17 Violet Riot
5/25 Star 67

6/1 The Dots
6/15 2AM

8/10 Violet Riot
8/31 KARL
8/31 KARL

Hody Bar & Grill Online: