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    Maximum Ink's Calendar Goddess, Deb Fields

    Maximum Ink's Calendar Goddess, Deb Fields

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    Lakeside St. Coffee House

    402 W. Lakeside St., Madison WI 53715
    Updated: 3/1/20 11:46pm
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    3/5 Richard Wiegel
    3/6 Classical Guitar Showcase
    3/7 Tumbledown Shack
    3/12 Ukulele Sing a Long
    3/13 Neighborhood Irish Session
    3/14 Bill and Bobbie Malone
    3/19 Madison Irish Session
    3/20 Vox
    3/21 Courtney Cordova
    3/27 Star Moss & Friends
    3/28 Northern Comfort

    4/2 Richard Wiegel
    4/3 Classical Guitar Showcase
    4/4 Trio Soleil
    4/9 Ukulele Sing a Long
    4/10 Neighborhood Irish Session
    4/11 Don’t Spook The Horse
    4/16 Madison Irish Session
    4/17 Avian Aura
    4/25 Tumbledown Shack

    5/1 Classical Guitar Showcase
    5/2 Accoustic Collective

    Lakeside St. Coffee House Online:

    Lazy Oaf Lounge

    1617 N. Stoughton Road, Madison WI 53704
    Updated: 3/1/20 11:50pm
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    3/21 Unity The Band

    Lazy Oaf Lounge Online:


    624 University Avenue, Madison WI 53715
    Updated: 3/1/20 11:54pm
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    3/6 Bijou
    3/13 Downlink
    3/21 Must Die!
    3/28 Borgore

    4/4 Arius
    4/18 Getter
    4/20 Svdden Death
    4/24 Chris Lorenzo
    4/25 Ghastly

    5/8 Au5 x Chime

    Liquid Online:

    The Locker Room

    1810 Roth Street, Madison WI 53704
    Updated: 2/28/20 11:03am
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    Honest Abe Presents:
    Tuesdays: Open Mic Signup 7:30pm ~ Music 8pm-2am)
    First & Third Fridays: Diversified Style Extravaganza
    Fourth Fridays: Open Jam

    Honey Pot Crew Presents:
    First Saturdays: Jungle Gym
    Fourth Saturdays: Winning

    The Locker Room Online: