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    Maximum Ink's Calendar Goddess, Deb Fields

    Maximum Ink's Calendar Goddess, Deb Fields

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    Venues A-Z

    Union South Sett

    1308 W. Dayton St., Madison WI 53715
    Updated: 3/1/20 12:08am
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    Union South Sett Online:

    The Venue On Winnebago St.

    2262 Winnebago Street, Madison WI 53704
    Updated: 3/1/20 1:16am
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    Fourth Tuesdays: Open Mic Night

    3/4 Science On Tap
    3/5 Dirk Quinn Band
    3/6 Punbra, Angela Puerta Trio
    3/7 Craig Gerdes Band
    3/11 Jack Cloonan Band
    3/12 The Nunnery, Asumaya
    3/14 Jon McLauglin, Striking Matches
    3/15 Dave King & Julian Lage
    3/18 Rebulu
    3/19 Mideast Salsa
    3/20 Peter Mulvey
    3/21 Marck Schultz (1pm)
    3/22 Rock & Roll Supper Club
    3/26 Humbird, Bright Arcana
    3/27 Mattiel
    3/28 Sparkle & Spirits (Burlesque)
    3/29 The Way Down Wanderers
    3/31 Talisk

    4/1 Science on Tap
    4/2 Young Men in a Hurry
    4/4 Icepick to the Moon (Film Screening w/ Q&A)
    4/8 Flipturn
    4/10 Tonina Saputo
    4/18 Mo Lowda & the Humble, Desert Noises
    4/20 Jazz is Phish (420 Party)
    4/22 Rebulu
    4/23 Joanne Shaw Taylor
    4/24 International Lady Laughs Comedy Festival
    4/26 Rock & Roll Supper Club
    4/28 Gasoline Lollipops
    4/29 Disaster Passport

    5/5 Carsie Blanton, Milton
    5/6 Science on Tap
    5/8 Stevie Redstone, Ryan Acker
    5/12 David Ryan Harris
    5/14 FoxFeather, Strings to Roam
    5/15 Rare Element
    5/22 Bill Joe & The Affordables (Billy Joel Tribute)
    5/23 Emily Blue
    5/24 Rock & Roll Supper Club

    6/2 The Lonesome Ace String Band
    6/3 Science on tap
    6/4 Lee Henke
    6/5 The Lowest Pair
    6/6 Webg Wilder & the Beatnecks
    6/10 Rachael Kilgour
    6/19 Michael Gulezian
    6/21 Rock & Roll Supper Club
    6/25 My One and Only

    The Venue On Winnebago St. Online:

    Wild Hog In The Woods Coffeehouse

    953 Jenifer Street, Madison WI 53703
    Updated: 3/1/20 1:25am
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    3/6 The Elm Duo
    3/13 Two Johns and A Nancy
    3/20 Vets on Frets
    3/21 Hootenanny Sing-Along!
    3/27 KG & the Ranger

    4/3 Songwriters in the Round w/ Rich Baumann and Stephen Lee Rich
    4/10 Mad City Jug Band
    4/17 Ken Lonnquist
    4/18 Hootenanny Sing-Along!
    4/24 Pat Gaughan

    5/1 Mike Wolkomir
    5/8 Tracy Jane Comer and David Schindele
    5/15 Roxanne Neat
    5/16 Hootenanny Sing-Along!

    Wild Hog In The Woods Coffeehouse Online:

    Willy Street Pub & Grill/The Wisco

    852 Williamson Street, Madison WI 53703
    Updated: 3/1/20 1:28am
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    Mondays: Karaoke & Tacos (9pm)

    3/4 Brash Menagerie, Greg Rekus, Tim Holehouse, Not Another Holiday
    3/5 Aaron Lee Kaplan, Christy Anna, Jackson Taylor
    3/6 Drag Down, Rictus Grin, Jingleheimer, Diskillery, Hostile Masquerade
    3/14 Lunar Ticks JRAD After Show
    3/14 Sinking Suns, Salvation, Daughters of St. Crispin
    3/20 Ommnus, Full Vinyl Treatment, Court of Beasts
    3/27 The Darling Suns, Combat Naps, Lorenzo’s Music
    3/28 Miss Christine feat. Clayton Ryan, Cody James, Riffs Poser

    4/2 Zoo Trippin’, Dropping Daisies, The Over Unders
    4/14 Marcel P. Black, Rec Riddles, Dash DUB, RamBunxious Music, Knowshun, Hosted by LiquidForm
    4/17 The Issue
    4/24 Trinity Test, Bonefire, Indonesian Junk, Wolf Mask, Court Caust

    5/7 RIND
    5/10 Zach Bellas
    5/12 Gender Confetti, Lavendar Daughter, All Meridians

    Willy Street Pub & Grill/The Wisco Online:

    Wisconsin Union Theater

    800 Langdon Street, Madison WI 53706
    Updated: 3/1/20 12:08am
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    Shannon Hall:

    3/5 Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center
    3/12 Yamato
    3/27 George Hinchliffe’s Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain
    3/28 Gil Shaham w/ Akira Eguchi
    5/2 Gala Concert: Renee Fleming

    Play Circle:
    4/9 Christian Sands Trio

    Lathrop Hall:

    Wisconsin Union Theater Online: