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    Maximum Ink's Calendar Goddess, Deb Fields

    Maximum Ink's Calendar Goddess, Deb Fields

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    Alliant Energy Center

    1919 Alliant Energy Center Way , Madison WI 53713
    Updated: 6/1/20 4:03pm
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    Veteran’s Memorial Coliseum:

    7/16-19 Dane County Fair
    10/16 Alabama, The Charlie Daniels Band (Rescheduled from 11/8/2019)

    Alliant Energy Center Online:

    The Annex @ The Red Zone Madison

    1212 Regent Street, Madison WI 53715
    Updated: 3/1/20 3:20pm
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    3/7 Mod Sun
    3/8 Royal Bliss, The Black Moods, Morningstar, Dark Sun
    3/15 Seckond Chaynce, Strizzo, Young Beezy

    4/8 I Set My Friends on Fire, VCTMS, PVSHOVR, Reaching Everest, Deciphering The Zodiac
    4/21 Tom MacDonald, Madchild, Nova Rockafeller, Brandon Hart, Minus Love
    4/23 Combichrist, King 810, Killer’s Confession, Heartsick

    5/22 Monuments, Skyharbor, Vespera, Disappearance

    The Annex @ The Red Zone Madison Online:

    Arts + Literature Laboratory

    2021 Winnebago St., Madison WI 53703
    Updated: 3/1/20 3:26pm
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    Arts + Literature Laboratory Online:

    Audio for the Arts

    7 S. Blair St., Madison WI 53703
    Updated: 3/1/20 3:26pm
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    Bluestem Jazz Presents Series:
    3/4 Reverso (Album Release)
    4/11 Tony Catania Trio

    Audio for the Arts Online:

    BarleyPop Live

    121 W. Main St., Madison WI 53703
    Updated: 3/1/20 3:31pm
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    Thursdays: Trivia Night (7:30pm)

    3/6 Fuzzysurf, The Shabelles, Supper Club
    3/8 International Women’s Day Celebration
    3/12 Lunar Moth, Matty Ann & the Vacant, Since When
    3/13 Shellac, Loki’s Folly (SOLD OUT)
    3/14 Punk Pi Day w/ Midsummer, Schmoolio, Common Threads, Cleveland Avenue, Stealing Seasons
    3/19 Shithole, Weeper, Full Shred Ahead, Shoobie
    3/20 The Bombpops, Tightwire, Billy Liar
    3/26 Huntsmen, Snow Burial, Corridoré

    5/9 Moxner, Sable Sheep, Binge Crosby

    BarleyPop Live Online:

    The Barrymore Theatre

    2090 Atwood Avenue, Madison WI 53704
    Updated: 3/1/20 3:37pm
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    3/5 The Fly Fishing Film Tour 2020
    3/14 ZZ Ward, Patrick Droney
    3/17 The Robert Cray Band, Paul Cebar
    3/20 Gaelic Storm
    3/21 Stephanie Miller’s Sexy Liberal Tour w/ Hal Sparks, John Fugelsang
    3/27 Tusk (Fleetwood Mac Tribute)
    3/28 Steven Wright

    4/3 Steeldrivers
    4/5 Collectibles Flea Market
    4/9 Todd Snider, Jamie Lin Wilson
    4/10 Wild & Scenic Film Festival
    4/11 Hump! Film Festival
    4/16 Justin Willman
    4/18 Tommy Emmanuel, CGP, Joe Robinson
    4/25 Lady Laughs Comedy w/ Aida Rodriguez, Dina Nina Martinez, Allie Lindsay, Tiffany Haddish
    4/30 Together Live

    5/3 David Bromberg Quintet, Jordan Tice
    5/8 ZOSO (Led Zeppelin Tribute)
    5/16 Let It Be: 50th Anniversary Concert (Beatles Tribute)
    5/30 Drew Lynch

    9/26 Delbert McClinton

    11/7 Small Town Murder

    The Barrymore Theatre Online:

    Bos Meadery

    849 E. Washington Ave., Madison WI 53703
    Updated: 3/1/20 3:43pm
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    Shows are @ 7pm Unless Otherwise Indicated
    Tuesdays: Adult Game Night: Board Games (5-10pm)
    Sundays: Open Mic (2-5pm)

    3/4 7000apart, Chloe Louise
    3/5 Seafoam in my Swimsuit, Call & Complain
    3/6 The Dead Johnnys, Butter Brick
    3/7 Vets on Frets (2:30pm)
    3/7 Funk Summit Bass Team, The Flavor That Kills
    3/8 Viking Church (6pm)
    3/11 Without a Comb, Old Oaks
    3/12 Kat and the Hurricane, Gender Confetti, 90sdreamboy
    3/13 Mead to Laugh Comedy
    3/14 Femmes Ferment: Festival of Femail Fermenters w/ HellMuff & Friends
    3/15 The Good Table: Late Winter Pop-Up w/ Linn Jennings (6pm)
    3/18 Molly Mitchell
    3/19 Gary David & the Enthusiasts
    3/20 Lonesome Cobras
    3/21 Acoustic Collective (2:30pm)
    3/21 Order of the Jackal, Mhos and Ohms, All Meridians
    3/22 6.4 Sunday, Punk Ass Unicorns (6:30pm)
    3/25 Juli Johnson
    3/26 Matt DeBlass & Friends
    3/27 90’s Throwback Night w/ Star 67
    3/28 Common Chord (2:30pm)
    3/29 Nates’ Hip Hop Show (6pm)

    4/9 Hank Kimball & the County Agents
    4/10 Bent Antenna, 60 Grit
    4/19 Tom Kastle
    4/22 Jake Sanders, Christo Ruppenthal: Jazz Guitar Duo

    5/9 Madison Makers Spring Market & Pub Crawl (12pm)
    5/15 Brian Koenig

    6/14 Viking Church w/ Morpheus Black, Not the Cops, Birth of Tragedy (6pm)

    7/11 Aaron Brenton Trio

    9/21 Ellie’s Birthday Bash (Ellie Erickson)

    Bos Meadery Online:

    Bowl-A-Vard Lanes

    2121 E. Springs Drive, Madison WI 53704
    Updated: 3/1/20 3:51pm
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    3/6 Pink Houses
    3/7 DS Jukin
    3/13 Violet Riot
    3/14 VO5
    3/20 Shotgun Jane
    3/21 Sucker Punch
    3/27 Reckless Remedy
    3/28 Video Star

    4/3 Cherry Pie
    4/4 5th Gear
    4/10 Kings of Radio
    4/11 Foo Foo Dolls
    4/17 Road Trip
    4/18 Pacific Coast Highway
    4/24 Retro Specz
    4/25 Sunset Strip

    Bowl-A-Vard Lanes Online:

    The Brink Lounge

    701 E. Washington Avenue, Madison WI 53703
    Updated: 3/1/20 3:53pm
    (14484) Page Views

    3/5 Old Oaks
    3/6 Gin Chocolate & Bottle Rockets, Kerosene Kites, The Mascot Theory
    3/7 The YardDogs
    3/12 Aaron Williams and the Hoo Doo
    3/13 Lackin’ Some Direction (Grateful Dead Tribute)
    3/14 Mal-O-Dua
    3/15 St. Patrick’s Day Festival & Dance
    3/16 MAMA Finalist Party & Fundraiser
    3/19 Top Shelf Trio w/ Blue Stone Trio
    3/20 Angela Puerta Band
    3/26 Madison Jazz Orchestra
    3/27 Caravan Gypsy Swing Ensemble
    3/28 Bill Roberts Combo
    4/2 Old Oaks Band
    4/4 Piano Man (Billy Joel Tribute)
    4/9 Aaron Williams and the Hoo Doo
    4/10 Los Bad Hombres
    4/11 The Conflict Band
    4/16 Top Shelf Trio w/ John Masino
    4/17 Hoot and Hollers
    4/18 Bill Roberts Combo
    4/23 Madison Jazz Orchestra
    4/24 Angela Puerta Band
    4/25 Small Blind Johnny
    4/30 Joe Iaquinto

    3/12-14 Perfect Harmony Men’s Chorus
    3/22 Acoustic Charlies (CD Release)
    3/27 Annual Old Berryman Songs Night
    4/3 Mad Folk Society Concert
    4/25 Mad Folk Concert w/ Cindy Mangsen, Steve Gillette, Lou & Peter Berryman

    The Brink Lounge Online:

    Bullquarian Brewhouse

    1128 17th Avenue, Monroe WI 53566
    Updated: 3/1/20 4:00pm
    (807) Page Views

    3/4 Open Irish Session w/ The Blarneys
    3/6 Jukebox Joe
    3/7 The Blarneys
    3/11 Huge Music Open Jam
    3/18 Open Irish Session w/ The Blarneys
    3/19 Open Mic (Sign Up In Advance)
    3/25 Huge Music Open Jam

    4/11 Liv Rather (5pm)
    4/11 Melissa Kieler (Solo 7:15pm)
    4/29 String Therapy (The Ukulele Girls)

    Bullquarian Brewhouse Online:

    Cafe CODA

    1224 Williamson St., Madison WI 53703
    Updated: 3/1/20 4:09pm
    (924) Page Views

    Mondays: Funky Mondays w/ Joey B. Banks & JB3 (5pm)
    Tuesdays: Acoustic Show Hosted by Aaron Konkol (Natty Nation) (7pm)
    Thursdays: Latino Dance Night (9pm)
    Saturdays: Cool School Youth Jazz Expo (9am)
    Saturdays: Peoples’ Drum Circle (12pm)
    Sundays: Night of the Improvisor w/ Host Hanah Jon Taylor & Special Guests (7pm)

    3/3 Francisco Martinez & Friends
    3/4 Fundraiser for Radio Namakasia w/ Afro Yaqui Music Collective, Mario Luna Romero
    3/6 Lynette Margulies & Jane Reynolds Duo
    3/6 Ryan Meisel and Susan Hofer
    3/7 Millennial Jazz w/ Host Maggie Cousin Quartet (5pm)
    3/7 Ladies Must Swing (8pm)
    3/10 Joe Marcinek (Solo)
    3/11-13 “When the Music Stops” The Anita O’Day Story by Four Seasons (Musical)
    3/14 Dave Rempis Trio
    3/15 Girma Bèyènè and Akalé Wubé US Tour w/ Documentary Screening of Girma Bèyènè
    3/17 St Patrick’s Event: West Wind, Capitol Ceili Band Lilies of Midwest
    3/18 Jamie Branch
    3/20 Betsy Ezell Quintet
    3/20 Lara Driscoll Trio (CD Release)
    3/21 Lynee Arriale Trio
    3/22 Sonja LaBianca, Heine Thorhauge Mathiasen Sound Sculpture Experience
    3/24 Natty Nation
    3/25 MMX Open Jam Hosted by 608trayce
    3/27 Gerri DiMaggio Trio (5pm)
    3/27 Mrs. Fun with Laurie Lang Unplugged (8pm)
    3/28 Millennial Jazz w/ Host Maggie Cousin Quartet (5pm)
    3/28 Dee Alexander (8pm)
    3/31 DJ VPS

    4/2 Stephane Wrembel Band
    4/4 Millennial Jazz w/ Host Maggie Cousin Quartet (5pm)
    4/8 The Sun Ra Arkestra
    4/25 Millennial Jazz w/ Host Maggie Cousin Quartet (5pm)

    5/2 Millennial Jazz w/ Host Maggie Cousin Quartet (5pm)
    5/23 Millennial Jazz w/ Host Maggie Cousin Quartet (5pm)

    6/6 Millennial Jazz w/ Host Maggie Cousin Quartet (5pm)
    6/27 Millennial Jazz w/ Host Maggie Cousin Quartet (5pm)

    Cafe CODA Online:

    Cargo Coffee East

    750 E. Washington Avenue, Madison WI 53703
    Updated: 3/1/20 4:20pm
    (246) Page Views

    All Shows @ 6:30pm Unless Otherwise Listed
    Wednesdays: Madison Song Circle Sing-Along (5:45pm)
    Thursdays: Open Mic w/ Host Dana Perry & Friends(6pm)

    3/6 Project: Constellation, Karen Wheelock
    3/7 County Highway PD
    3/8 Jaime Guiscafre (2pm)
    3/13 Severio Macieri and Fore String
    3/14 A Known Thief, Katrina Harms, Alex Richetta
    3/15 Matt DeBlass (2pm)
    3/20 Jack O’ the Dust, Travis Zeigler
    3/21 Joe Murphy, Graham Allen X
    3/22 Helen Avakian, Dave Irwin (2pm)
    3/27 Cruisin’ Round, Bone Holler
    3/28 Kevin Mason, Tatum Updike

    4/12 Jaime Guiscafre (2pm)
    4/17 Sean Miller

    5/1 Jared Rabin
    5/10 Jaime Guiscafre (2pm)

    6/14 Jaime Guiscafre (2pm)

    8/15 Project Constellation, Mackenzie Moore

    Cargo Coffee East Online:

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