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Maximum Ink's Calendar Goddess, Deb Fields

Maximum Ink's Calendar Goddess, Deb Fields

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The Club Tavern

1915 Branch Street, Middleton WI 53562
Updated: 9/30/19 7:29pm
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10/4 Tent Show Troubadours
10/11 The Decade 80’s Rock
10/18 Janna Johnson Band
10/19 Your Mom

11/22 Riled Up

12/7 The Shruggers 4th Annual Toys for Tots Benefit
12/21 The Decade 80’s Rock

The Club Tavern Online:

Come Back In

508 East Wilson St., Madison WI 53703
Updated: 9/30/19 7:31pm
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Sundays: Band In A Box Karaoke w/ Lars! (9pm)

10/1 Tom Weber
10/2 Robert J.
10/3 Gin Mill Hollow
10/4 Troye Shanks
10/5 The N’achos
10/7 One Human Band
10/8 Tom Weber
10/9 Robert J.
10/10 Gin Mill Hollow
10/11 Gadjo Players, Old Oaks
10/12 Humbletree
10/14 One Human Band
10/15 Tom Weber
10/16 Robert J.
10/17 Gin Mill Hollow
10/18 Taylor Schereck
10/19 Eskimo Brothers
10/21 One Human Band
10/22 Tom Weber
10/23 Robert J.
10/24 Gin Mill Hollow
10/25 Kelsey Miles
10/26 Bad Mustard, The Civil Engineers
10/28 One Human Band
10/29 Tom Weber
10/30 Robert J.
10/31 Gin Mill Hollow

11/4 One Human Band
11/5 Tom Weber
11/6 Robert J.
11/7 Gin Mill Hollow

Come Back In Online:

Common Ground

2644 Branch Street, Middleton WI 53562
Updated: 9/30/19 7:42pm
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Mondays: Bluegrass Jam & Open Mic (6:30pm)

10/2 Open Mic
10/5 Ukulele Sing-Along w/ MAUI (2pm)
10/5 Happy Feet Quartet
10/6 Junior Train Club
10/8 David Welo (Guitar)
10/9 Madison Jazz Jam
10/12 Ted Hajnasiewicz
10/16 Open Mic
10/18 Hoot and Hollers
10/20 The Mighty Mohills
10/23 Madison Jazz Jam
10/27 Jazz Brunch w/ New Valley Jazz Band (11am)

11/1 Common Chord
11/2 Ukulele Sing-Along w/ MAUI (2pm)
11/6 Open Mic
11/12 Ben Ballweg (Marimba)
11/13 Madison Jazz Jam
11/20 Open Mic
11/24 Jazz Brunch w/ New Valley Jazz Band (11am)
11/27 Madison Jazz Jam

12/1 The Lovelys (11am)
12/4 Open Mic
12/7 Ukulele Sing-Along w/ MAUI (2pm)
12/10 Jeanne (Accordian)
12/11 Madison Jazz Jam
12/13 Common Chord
12/18 Open Mic
12/25 Madison Jazz Jam
12/27 The Mighty Mohills
12/29 Jazz Brunch w/ New Valley Jazz Band (11am)

1/17 Mackenzie Moore

Common Ground Online:

Crescendo Espresso Bar & Music Cafe

1859 Monroe St., Madison WI 53711
Updated: 9/30/19 7:55pm
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10/19 The North Code, Savannah Smith, Gloria Niesl

11/2 We Are The Willows, Lost Lakes
11/8 Eli Lev
11/15 Frances Luke Accord

12/6 Chris Trapper

Crescendo Espresso Bar & Music Cafe Online:


3116 Commercial Avenue, Madison WI 53714
Updated: 9/30/19 7:58pm
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Tuesdays: 8hertz Presents: Lucid Tuesdays (8pm)
Wednesdays: Karaoke w/ Host Spike Bolen ~ New Themes Every Week! (8pm)
Fourth Fridays: Deviance (BDSM Play Event) w/ DJs Spike and Psychotron
Sundays: Dark Arts & Crafts (1pm)

*All Events are Ages 21+ unless otherwise noted

10/2 Karaoke: Spooky Cat Night
10/3 Extra AF Comedy feat: Cal Smith, Marcos Lara, Dina Nina Martinez, Lalita Dee, Sarah Schmidt (7:30pm)
10/3 Euro Vibe 2019 w/ DJs S-Sick,ЭШЛИ МИЛЛЕР (9pm)
10/4 Fall Gallery Night (5-9pm)
10/4 SPOIL w/ Michael Wenz, Angelfire, Softcore Mikey, Hypnoassassin (9pm)
10/5 301 Presents: Ultrea, Left of Reason, BREECH, On My Six, Revolution-X (18+ 7pm)
10/6 Butch & the Fat Doobs
10/9 Karaoke: Pumpkin Night
10/10 Boy Harsher, Spelling, Klack
10/11 Midwest Metal Masquerade w/ Order of the Jackal, Lusus, Morningstar, Mortality Play
10/12 Johnny Likes Noize, Mickey Magnum, Zeroed Hero (4pm)
10/12 Reverb: Gorefest w/ DJs Psych0tron and Siberia (9pm)
10/13 Hush: A Low-Sensory Dance Night
10/16 Karaoke: The Fog
10/17 Lady Laughs (7pm)
10/17 Pillow Talk w/ DJs Shaun Sin, Jackie Nightshade (9pm)
10/18 Chris Walker Drinks The News (Live Podcast 6pm)
10/18 Wicked Is The Night w/ Grave Dancer, The Fiendish Phantoms, Venus In Furs (18+ 9pm)
10/19 Metal Brunch w/ H1Z1, The Central (10am)
10/19 Madison Metal Against ICE Benefit for Community Immigration Law Center w/ Disgunt, Sikfuk, Decarabia, Cthonian Lich ((3pm)
10/19 Masquerade: Benefit for Phoenix Foundation w/ DJ Synthia
10/20 Winning Ugly, Hayley And The Crushers, Compact Deluxe  
10/23 Karaoke: Ghosts And Goblins
10/24 Behind The Veil: Courtesy, Rosemary Lowe, 7ucky Vita, Educational Davis
10/25 Deviance: A BDSM Play Event
10/26 Books In The Buff (4:30 pm)
10/26 Operating Tracks: All Hallows Eve w/ Subspace (18+ 9pm)
10/30 Karaoke: Trick Or Treat!
10/31 Beta Blockers ~ Reverse Gossip Comedy (Performances 10/31, 11/1, 2, 9, 15, 16, 16 7pm)
10/31 This Is Halloween: Costume Dance Party w/ DJ Cykophuk (18+ 9pm)

11/2 Halloween Hangover: Squidhammer Metal, Mutilated By Zombies, Accidental Suicide, Jingleheimer, Doyle McPoyle; “Undead” Costume Contest
11/5 Stoneburner w/ I.X.XI
11/6 Karaoke: Dad Jokes Night
11/7 Extra AF Comedy feat: Elizabeth Joy, Margaret Leaf, Tyson Purcell, Sarah Schmidt, Melody Kate Waring (7:30pm)
11/8 My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult w/ CONFORMCO, BIOCARBON13, daddybear, DJ Ecto (18+ 7:30pm)
11/9 Black Celebration: Underdog Pet Rescue Benefit w/ DJs Siberia, Eurotic
11/16 Masquerade: Speakeasy w/ DJs ellafine and Mr. Automatic
11/18 Exhumed, Gatecreeper, Necrot, Judiciary (18+ 7pm)

12/5 Extra AF Comedy: Holiday Edition
12/7 Lords of the Trident, Cwn Annwn, Flame & the Void, Amillennial

Crucible Online:

The Crystal Corner

1302 Williamson Street, Madison WI 53703
Updated: 9/30/19 9:53pm
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All Shows 9:30pm (unless otherwise listed)
2nd Tuesdays: Josh Harty & The Big Tasty (8-10pm)
3rd Tuesdays: David Hecht & The Who Dat?
4th Tuesdays: Lackin’ Some Direction (Grateful Dead Tribute) (8pm)

10/5 Loving Cup (Rolling Stones Tribute), Chuck Lorenzo (8:30pm)
10/11 Turkeyfest w/ The Hussy (LP Release), Green/Blue, Service, Ruin Dweller
10/12 Compact Deluxe, Pistols at Dawn, Cherokee Astro, Broken Boards (9pm)
10/19 Gold Dust Women (Fleetwood Mac Tribute), Low Czars (8pm)
10/24 BingBong (8pm)
10/26 VO5

11/2 Volur, Anatomy of Habit, Vanishing Kids, Woodman/Earhart
11/9 Drunk Drivers, Venison, Skintones

The Crystal Corner Online:

The East Side Club

3735 Monona Drive, Madison WI 53714
Updated: 9/30/19 1:01am
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The East Side Club Online:

The Edgewater Madison

1001 Wisconsin Place, Madison WI 53703
Updated: 9/2/19 4:46am
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10/25 Bourbon & Bones Festival
    Love Monkeys, Porky’s Groove Machine

Bourbon lovers rejoice! The Edgewater is celebrating Halloween with our 2nd Annual Bourbon + Bones Festival. The event will feature bourbon sampling, barrel-aged beer, bourbon cocktails, bone-chilling Halloween-themed food, and live music from The Love Monkeys and Porky’s Groove Machine.

Event is free and open to the public with food and beverage available for purchase. Costumes encouraged but not required.

The Edgewater Madison Online:

Essen Haus

514 E. Wilson St., Madison WI 53703
Updated: 9/30/19 7:36pm
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10/4-5 David Austin Band
10/11-12 Steve Meisner
10/18 Tom Brusky
10/19 Brewhaus Polka Kings
10/25 The Zweifel Brothers
10/26 Steve Meisner

Essen Haus Online:

Fisher King Winery

1105 Laser Street, Verona WI 53593
Updated: 9/30/19 10:02pm
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10/4 Tom Kastle
10/5 Mike Cahill
10/11 TBurns
10/12 Eric Schwartz
10/18 Scott Stieber, Don Meyers
10/25 Hoot and Andy
10/26 The Lovelys

11/2 Stewart Ellyson
11/8 Mackenzie Moore
11/15 Back2Back

Fisher King Winery Online:

Flannel Fest South

701 E Washington Avenue, Madison WI 53703
Updated: 9/2/19 8:11pm
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High Noon Saloon
Saturday November 9, 2019

Music Lineup

Trapper Schoepp
The Mascot Theory
Beth Kille Band
The North Code
The Listening Party

Flannel Fest South Online:


State Street, Madison WI 53703
Updated: 9/2/19 3:31pm
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Saturday - October 26, 2019
3 Stages on Gilman Street, Capitol Square, and Frances Street
Tickets Required!

Mountain Dew Stage @ Capitol Square:
Lil Yachty
Mic Kellogg
DJay Mondo
Alexander Kain

Ian’s Pizza Stage @ Gilman Street:
Gin Blossoms
Buffalo Gospel
German Art Students
Heavy Looks
No Love Dog

LÜM Stage @ Frances Street:
Rob Hicks
Yung Sum
Landon DeVon

FREAKFEST 2019 Online:

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