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Maximum Ink's Calendar Goddess, Deb Fields

Maximum Ink's Calendar Goddess, Deb Fields

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Funk’s Pub

5956 Executive Dr., Fitchburg WI 53719
Updated: 1/2/19 7:36am
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Sundays: Open Jam w/ Mudroom (8pm)

Funk’s Pub Online:

Great Midwest Marijuana Harvest Fest

Library Mall (State & Lake Streets), Madison WI 53706
Updated: 9/2/19 3:18pm
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Longest Running Marijuana Festival in the USA!
Live Music ~ Speakers ~ Vendors
October 4-6, 2019

October 4 ~ Kick Off Party @ Bos Meadery
MC Flow Poetry
Pine Travelers Duo
Gary David & the Enthusiasts

October 5 & 6 ~ Library Mall (End of State Street)
Natty Nation
Soul Symmetry
Spare Change Trio
Earth To Clark
Sista Sensi & the Buds-Modern Joey
Belly Button Club
Civil Engineers
Paul Stanford
Gary David & the Enthusiasts
Farmer Bill Hawkins
Rep. Sheil Stubbs
County Board Supvr. Vogesh Chawla
Lando Commando
Eric Marsch
Zach Steeno
Pine Travelers Duo
Rep. Jonathan Brostoff
Tammy Joy Wood
Rep. Melissa Sargent

Great Midwest Marijuana Harvest Fest Online:

Harmony Bar & Grill

2201 Atwood Avenue, Madison WI 53704
Updated: 9/30/19 5:58pm
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Mondays: Kid Music w/ David Landau (5:30pm)

10/6 Kelly Hunt
10/16 Big Wes Turner’s Trio wsg Billy Flynn

12/21 Hippie X-Mas w/ Run Side Down, Mike & Friends

Harmony Bar & Grill Online:

High Noon Saloon

701 E Washington Avenue, Madison WI 53703
Updated: 9/30/19 10:39pm
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10/2 Nerd Nite 069
10/3 Dead Night Europe ‘72 w/ Seaside Zoo (Grateful Dead Tribute)
10/4 The Gomers & Friends (5:30pm)
10/4 Wookiefoot, Jon Wayne and the Pain, Chase Makai
10/5 Shakey (Neil Young Tribute 5pm)
10/5 Mr. Blotto
10/6 Pints For Pups (1pm)
10/6 Unlimited Gravity, Funkstatik
10/7 Pundamonium: Madison Pun Slam! (7pm)
10/8 Music Trivia (7pm)
10/9 The Cactus Blossoms, Esther Rose
10/10 Michigander, Jared & the Mill
10/11 Histo + The Apologists (5pm)
10/11 Armchair Boogie (Album Release), Chicken Wire Empire, Barbaro
10/12 Ruston Kelly, Donovan Woods
10/13 Cattywampus: Celebrating 10 Years of Girls Rock Camp Madison (11am)
10/13 MAMA Hall of Fame Induction & Roast
10/14 The MOTH StorySLAM: Spooky
10/15 Joyce Manor, We Should Have Been DJs
10/16 Kid Quill, Moonlander, Mic Kellogg
10/17 Jay Som, Gia Margaret, Boy Scouts
10/18 Rockstar Happyoke w/ The Gomers & Friends (5:30pm)
10/18 Masked Intruder, The Bombpops, Tightwire
10/19 The 841st Annual Vampire’s Ball
10/20 Band Together For Autism w/ Water Street Jacks, Compact Deluxe (1pm)
10/20 Satsang
10/21 The Steel Wheels
10/22 Don’t Mess With Cupid (5:30pm)
10/22 Moon Hooch, Jaw Gems
10/23 MC Chris, Schaffer The Darklord, Lex The Lexicon
10/24 Phantoms, Sachi
10/25 Instead We Smile + Cindy Set My Hair On Fire (5pm)
10/25 Tiny Moving Parts, Fredo Disco
10/26 Boo-Grass for Books w/ Oak Street Ramblers, The Dirty Shirts, Shotgun Mary (2pm)
10/26 Pine Travelers (Album Release), Kind Country
10/27 Madtown Artisans Second Fall Event (11am)
10/27 Middle Aged Overdose, Pep Talk, Schmoolio, Midsummer, Trivial Pleasure
10/28 24 Hrs
10/29 Madison’s Got Talent #3 Open Mic
10/30 Yappy Hour w/ Underdog Pet Rescue (4pm)
10/31 That 1 Guy, Heatbox

11/1 Freakin Halloweekend 2019 Night #1 w/ Band Tributes to TOOL, The Cure, The Doors, Sarah McLachlin, The Ventures
11/2 Winter Bike Fashion Show (1pm)
11/2 Freakin Halloweekend 2019 Night #2 w/ Band Tributes to Culture Club, Prince, Elton John, Indigo Girls Classic Country Revue
11/3 Iya Terra, The Ries Brothers, For Peace Band
11/4 Pundamonium: Madison Pun Slam! (7pm)
11/4 Open Mike Eagle, Elucid, Video Dave (10pm)
11/5 Katie Toupin
11/6 Ripe, Castlecomer
11/7 Steady Flow, Yak Attack
11/8 Flannel Fest 2019 w/ Trapper Schoepp, The Mascot Theory, Beth Kille Band, The North Code, The Listening Party
11/9 (Sandy) Alex G, Tomberlin, Indigo De Souza
11/10 Big Band Benefit feat. Ladies Must Swing (2pm)
11/10 The High Hawks, Chicago Farmer
11/12 Music Trivia
11/13 Jesse Malin
11/14 Comedy Between The Lakes w/ Geoffrey Asmus, Lael O’Shaugnassey, Maddie Wiener, Charlie Kojis
11/15 Seaside Zoo (Grateful Dead Tribute (5pm)
11/15 Wurk (Album Release), Brahmulus, Chicago Loud 9
11/16 The Big Payback, Bird’s Eye, DJ Cooper Talbot
11/17 Aqueous
11/18 Flowpoetry (Poetry Book Release) Glostik Willy, Tate McLane
11/19 Don’t Mess With Cupid (5:30pm)
11/20 The Main Squeeze
11/21 Ghost of Paul Revere, Animal Years
11/22 The Periodicals (5pm)
11/22 Houses In Motion (Talking Heads Tribute)
11/23 Steez (Album Release)
11/24 Soul Doctors, Rosemary Lowe, Bone Holler, Fore String
11/25 John K Samson, Christine Fellows, Christopher Gold
11/27 Yappy Hour w/ Underdog Pet Rescue (4pm)
11/27 Jimi Hendrix B-Day Bash w/ Up From The Skies
11/30 Davey Doodle & the Red Hots w/ Rob DZ (Album Release 2:30pm)
11/30 The Waltz & Beyond

12/1 Reina Del Cid (Album Release)
12/2 Pundamonium: Madison Pun Slam! (7pm)
12/5 Beach Bunny, Lettering
12/6 Slow Pulp, Disq, Interlay
12/7 The Crystal Method
12/8 Winter Family Hoedown w/ Madfiddle, Highway 151 (11am)
12/10 Raine Stern (EP Release)
12/11 Paris_Monster, BrightViolet
12/12 Black Belt Eagle Scout
12/13 Banana Wind (Jimmy Buffet Tribute 5pm)
12/13 Madison Mystery Tour (Beatles Tribute), Loving Cup (Rolling Stones Tribute)
12/15 Wicca Phase Springs Eternal w/ Glitterer, Anxious, Creeks
12/17 Music Trivia
12/18 Yappy Hour w/ Underdog Pet Rescue (4pm)
12/18 John Denver Christmas w/ Chris Collins, Boulder Canyon
12/22 Burbie’s Gospel Dinner Holiday Speical
12/24 Don’t Mess With Cupid (5:30pm)
12/27 Johnny Chimes (5pm)
12/28 Outlaw Tribute Night (Willie, Waylon, Johnny and the Hanks) w/ Greg Hall and the Wrecking Ball
12/31 NYE w/ The Kissers (5pm)

High Noon Saloon Online:

Hody Bar & Grill

1914 Aurora Street, Middleton WI 53562
Updated: 9/30/19 11:07pm
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10/4 Quest
10/5 The Solution
10/11 Universal Sound
10/12 Video Star
10/18 Retro Specz
10/19 Undercover
10/25 Star 67
10/26 Reloaded

11/1 KARL
11/2 Granny Shot
11/8 Whiplash
11/16 Violet Riot
11/23 Deer Hunter Widow Ball w/ The Playlist

12/6 Best Practice
12/13 Red Hot Horn Dawgs
12/31 NYE w/ 2AM

Hody Bar & Grill Online:

Kiki’s House of Righteous Music

1326 Mac Arthur Road, Madison WI 53714
Updated: 9/30/19 11:24pm
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Visit Website or Facebook for Showtimes & Reservations)

10/17 Tommy Stinson, Dashdown (SOLD OUT)
10/26 Amy Rigby
10/27 Peter Case, Zack Keim

Kiki’s House of Righteous Music Online:

The Knuckle Down Saloon

2513 Seiferth Road, Madison WI 53716
Updated: 9/30/19 11:29pm
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Thursdays: Tate’s Blues Jam (8:30pm)
Fridays & Saturdays: Live Music @ 9:00pm (unless otherwise noted)

10/5 BuckeyeFest VI w/ Star67, SuckerPunch, MetalGonz, Mars Hall (Gates @ Noon, Live Music @ 3pm)
10/11 Alex Wilson Band
10/12 Tas Cru and the Tortured Souls
10/18 The Patio Daddios feat. Perry Weber & Pete Ross
10/19 Cash Box Kings
10/25 Mark Hummel’s Harp Blowout w/ Jim Liban, Westside Andy, Madison Slim, Billy Flynn (8pm)
10/26 Paul Filipowicz

11/1 Corey Dennison (8pm)
11/2 Blues Disciples
11/8 Josh Hoyer & Soul Colossal (8pm)
11/9 Aaron Williams & the Hoo Doo
11/15 Joyann Parker (8pm)
11/16 Chris O’Leary Band
11/27 Xavier Lynn & Stackhouse

The Knuckle Down Saloon Online:

Lakeside St. Coffee House

402 W. Lakeside St., Madison WI 53715
Updated: 3/30/19 2:38pm
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First Thursdays: Richard Wiegel Acoustic Nite (6:30-9pm)

Lakeside St. Coffee House Online:

Lazy Oaf Lounge

1617 N. Stoughton Road, Madison WI 53704
Updated: 9/30/19 11:40pm
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10/26 Halloween Bash w/ Honeyshot

Lazy Oaf Lounge Online:


624 University Avenue, Madison WI 53715
Updated: 9/30/19 5:52pm
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10/4 Buku w/ Esseks, FRQ NCY
10/5 Cash Cash
10/11 Joyryde: Brave World Tour
10/18 Eptic w/ Tynan
10/19 Justin Caruso
10/24 Whethan
10/25 Double Vision feat. Champagne Drip, Luzcid
10/30 Chris Webby, Jarren Benton, Locksmith

11/1 Bear Grillz w/ Lucii, Somnium Sound, OG Nixin
11/2 Loud Luxury, Dzeko
11/8 Madhouse w/ Figure, Phiso, Swarm
11/15 Subtronics, Chee, Zia
11/16 Tritonal
11/22 Herobust & Inf1n1te
11/23 FuntCase w/ Ubur, SweetTooth

12/14 Cashmere Cat: Princess Catgirl Tour

Liquid Online:

The Locker Room

1810 Roth Street, Madison WI 53704
Updated: 9/2/19 4:32pm
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ALJ Productions Presents:
Tuesdays: Open Mike Signup 7:30pm ~ Music 8pm-2am)
First & Third Fridays: Diversified Style Extravaganza
Fourth Fridays: Open Jam

Honey Pot Crew Presents:
First Saturdays: Jungle Gym
Fourth Saturdays: Winning

The Locker Room Online:

The Majestic Theatre

115 King Street, Madison WI 53703
Updated: 9/30/19 11:46pm
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Most Shows are All Ages - * Indicates Ages 18+ Show)

10/3 Chill ‘N Thrill: Edward Scissorhands
10/3 Fever 333 (CANCELLED)
10/4 Rod Tuffcurls & the Bench Press
10/5 Com Truise, Ford, Thoma
10/6 Bowling For Soup, Less Than Jake, Authority Zero
10/8 Magic City Hippies, Luthi
10/10 Brew ‘N View: The Big Lebowski
10/11 Lucy Dacus, Liza Anne, Sun June
10/12 Caspa, Beardthug, Bvdpple, Rilathon
10/14 Chill ‘N Thrill: A Nightmare On Elm Street
10/15 Stiff Little Fingers, The Avengers
10/16 Tiger Army, Sadgirl, Kate Clover
10/17 Noah Kahan, JP Saxe
10/18 Kero Kero Bonito
10/19 Spafford
10/20 Coin, Arkells
10/22 Starset, Palisades, Hyde
10/24 Cherub
10/25 Charlie Parr
10/26 80s vs 90s Halloween Costume Ball w/ DJs Mike Carlson, Josh B Kuhl
10/27 Kishi Bashi, Pip The Pansy
10/29 Suicide Girls: Blackheart Burlesque
10/30 Menzingers, Tigers Jaw, Culture Abuse
10/31 A Nightmare On King Street feata. Artifakts, Daily Bread, Dudley Noon, Pyro, Penumbra, Fire Dancing

11/1 Sixteen Candles: 80’s Dance Party
11/2 Rachel & Vilray, Akie Bermiss
11/7 Crumb, Divino Nino & Shormey
11/8 New Found Glory, Hawthorne Heights, Jetty Bones, Free Throw
11/9 Glitz: Yas Queen Drag & Dance Party
11/13 Trigger Hippy
11/15 Gramatik, Opiuo, Balkan Bump
11/16 Misterwives, Foreign Air
11/21 Billy Strings
11/22 Jack Harlow, Allblack
11/23 The Marcus King Band, Aaron Lee Tasjan
11/26 Earthgage, Guapdad 4000, Benji
11/29 Tom Petty Celebration w/ Driveway Thriftdwellers, Wheelhouse, Civil Engineers, Dan Tedesco
11/30 Church of Cash, Josh Harty

12/5 Samantha Fish, Nicholas David
12/6 Bluegrass Ball feat. Kitchen Dwellers, The Last Revel
12/7 The Motel, Exmag
12/14 Mad Men Holiday Soiree w/ Don’t Mess With Cupid, Ben Ferris Octet, DJ Nick Nice
12/31 NYE w/ The People Brothers Band, Porky’s Groove Machine, Frogleg, Feed The Dog

The Majestic Theatre Online:

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