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    Maximum Ink's Calendar Goddess, Deb Fields

    Maximum Ink's Calendar Goddess, Deb Fields

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    UW Memorial Union

    800 Langdon Street, Madison WI 53703
    Updated: 3/1/20 12:08am
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    Der Rathskeller:
    Wednesdays: Open Mic (7:45pm)

    3/6 Dumbo Gets Mad, Sea Moya

    The Memorial Union Online:

    Mickey’s Tavern

    1524 Williamson Street, Madison WI 53703
    Updated: 3/1/20 12:13am
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    Mondays: BINGO! (8pm)
    Tuesday Trivia Nights: 7:30-9:30pm
    Second & Fourth Tuesdays: Happy Hour w/ Blythe Gamble & The Rollin’ Dice (5:30pm)
    Last Wednesdays: Happy Hour w/ Boo Mularkey (5:30pm)
    First & Third Thursdays: Happy Hour w/ Mal-O-Dua (5:30pm)

    3/6 Sex Scenes, Black Cat, Treatment
    3/7 Ka-Boom! Box DJ Set
    3/14 Hex House, Conan Neutron & His Secret Friends, Bron Sage
    3/22 Needle, No/Más, Warbastard, Minimum Wage Assassins
    3/29 Rash, No Question, Warbastard

    4/2 Musclegoose, Belushi Speed Ball
    4/3 Cthonian Lich, Lijde, High Hell
    4/4 Ka-Boom! Box DJ Set
    4/10 Powerwagon, Howler, Alex Wiley Coyote
    4/11 Traffic Death, Deterioration
    4/12 Healthy Competition, Gash
    4/17 Red Flags, Ducklings, Alex Wiley Coyote
    4/21 Octopoulpe
    4/23 Toxenes
    4/24 Lunch Duchess, Gender Confetti, Seafoam, Chad & His Punk Rock Boyfriends
    4/25 Long Line Riders, Loose Koozies
    4/30 Oog Bogo (feat. Kevin Boog of Meatbodies)

    5/1 TS FOss, Julian Lynch
    5/2 Negative Christ
    5/8 Green, Rocket Bureau, BingBong

    Mickey’s Tavern Online:

    Monona Terrace

    One John Nolen Drive, Madison WI 53703
    Updated: 2/28/20 11:12am
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    3/26 The Bauhaus, De Stijl, Mies + Frank Lloyd Wright ???

    Monona Terrace Online:

    Mother Fools Coffee House

    1101 Williamson Street, Madison WI 53703
    Updated: 3/1/20 12:28am
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    3/6 Madtown Poetry Open Mic
    3/27 James The Magician

    4/18 Stephanie Rearick, Def Sonic

    Mother Fools Coffee House Online:

    North Of The Bayou

    802 Atlas Avenue, Madison WI 53714
    Updated: 3/6/20 10:05am
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    Live Music @ 6-8pm
    Wednesdays: Dean & Bruce (6-8pm)
    Thursdays: Johnny Chimes (6-8pm)
    Fridays & Saturdays: DJ (10pm)

    3/7 Vampcity
    3/14 Top Shelf
    3/21 David Mazzie
    3/28 Just Chillin’

    North Of The Bayou Online:

    North Street Cabaret

    610 North Street, Madison WI 53704
    Updated: 3/6/20 10:06am
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    Tuesdays: Jazz Jam w/ The New Breed (8:30pm)

    3/6 Mannish Boys
    3/7 Shawn Maxwell Quartet
    3/8 Sam Ness (Album Release), The Oxleys
    3/11 Ken Vandermark, Laul Pytton
    3/12 Comedy Night w/ Host Allie Lindsay
    3/13 Blake Thomas, Josh Harty, Chris Wagoner, Mary Gaines
    3/14 Fareed Haque - Goran Ivanovic Duet (CD Release)
    3/15 Burlesque Brunch (11am)
    3/19 Prince Myshkins, Charlie King, Madison Folk Society
    3/20 Harriet Tubman
    3/21 Carrie Nation and The Speakeasy
    3/22 Lúnasa
    3/26 The Gentlemen’s Anti-Temperance League
    3/27 Don Stiernberg Jazz Quartet
    3/28 Paul Cebar Tomorrow Sound
    3/29 Jason Anick Acoustic Trio

    4/2 Ritt and Wilder Deitz
    4/3 Tony Barba Quartet
    4/4 The Claudettes (Album Release)
    4/9 Comedy Night w/ Host Allie Lindsay
    4/10 Occidental Brothers Dance Band
    4/11 Don’t Mess With Cupid
    4/23 Miss Tess
    4/30 Feest Quartet

    5/1 Bo Ramsey Trio
    5/8 Mean Mary
    5/28 Atlantis Quartet

    6/18 Razia Said

    North Street Cabaret Online:

    The Nutty Bar (Bandung Indonesian Restaurant)

    600 Williamson Street, Madison WI 53703
    Updated: 3/6/20 10:30am
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    Every Tuesday: Open Mic (7PM-9PM)
    Third Monday of Every Month: Tom Weber
    Second Friday of Every Month: Dugghopper

    3/9 Sam Olson & Kelsey Wallner Duo

    The Nutty Bar (Bandung Indonesian Restaurant) Online:

    The Ohio Tavern

    224 Ohio Avenue, Madison WI 53704
    Updated: 3/6/20 10:32am
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    All Shows Start @ 7pm
    First Tuesdays: Bill Roberts Combo
    Second Tuesdays: North Westerns
    Third Tuesdays: Blythe Gamble & the Rollin’ Dice
    Fourth Tuesdays: Don’t Spook The Horse
    First Thursdays: Boo (Boo Bradley) Mullarky
    Second Thursdays: The Stellanovas
    Third Thursdays: Charlie Painter Trio
    Fourth Thursdays: Mal-O-Dua
    Saturdays: Cosmic Star Karaoke (8pm)

    The Ohio Tavern Online:

    The Orpheum Theatre

    216 State Street, Madison WI 53703
    Updated: 3/1/20 12:35am
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    3/6 Nate Bargatze

    4/3 Scott Bradlee’s PostModern Jukebox
    4/5 Peppa Pig Live!
    4/17 Kansas

    5/1 Jim Jefferies
    5/16 Kevin James
    5/19 Alison Krauss
    5/27 Colin Jost

    8/18 Happy Together Tour w/ The Turtles, Chuck Negron (Three Dog Night), The Association, Mark Lindsay, The Vogues, The Cowsills

    9/13 Iliza

    10/9 Cody Ko & Noel Miller: Tiny Meat Gang
    10/17 Neil Gaiman

    12/12 Kidz Bob Live 2020

    The Orpheum Theatre Online:

    Our House

    451 N. Few St., Madison WI 53703
    Updated: 3/6/20 10:34am
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    Hosted by: David Wallner & Anne Katz
    Shows @ 7:30pm

    3/27 House of Hamill

    4/17 Josh Harty and Barrett Tasky

    5/22 Dan Frechette and Laurel Thomsen

    Our House Online:

    Overture Center for the Arts

    201 State Street, Madison WI 53703
    Updated: 3/1/20 12:37am
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    Overture Hall:
    3/11-3/29 Wicked
    4/17-19 Madison Opera Presents: Orpheus in the Underworld
    4/21-26 My Fair Lady
    4/27 David Sedaris
    4/29 Air Play
    5/6 Alonzo King LINES Ballet
    5/9 RAIN (Beatles Tribute)
    5/12-17 The Play That Goes Wrong
    5/30 Star Wars “A New Hope” Live in Concert
    8/4-9 Come From Away
    9/13 Steve Martin & Martin Short w/ Paul Shaffer, Alison Brown & Fair Weather Friends

    Capitol Theater:
    3/14-22 CTM: Peter Pan
    3/24 One Night of Queen
    4/2 Sccoby-Doo and The Lost City of Gold
    4/4 The Flying Karamazov Brothers
    4/11-12 Madison Ballet Presents: A Midsummer Night’s Dream
    4/14-15 BANFF Film Festival
    4/16 Step Afrika
    4/18 Duck Soup Cinema: The Social Secretary
    4/19 Monkey Baa’s ‘Diary of a Wombat’
    4/21 National Geographic Live: From Summit to Sea w/Andy Mann
    4/25 Plena Libre
    4/30 Alysha Umphress
    5/9 Classic Albums Live Performs: AC/DC’s Back in Black
    5/17 Kathy Mattea
    5/26-27 National Geographic Live: The Anatomy of Deceit
    6/5 The Finest Hour feat. Davina & the Vagabonds, Hot Club of Cowtown
    6/13 The Second City’s Laughing
    6/13 The Best of Second City (Late Night Edition)

    Madison Symphony Orchestra:
    3/6-8 The Miracle
    4/3-5 Dvorák Requiem
    5/1-3 Piano Power
    5/5 Organ Series feat. Greg Zelek w/ The Diapason Brass & Timpani

    Wisconsin Chamber Orchestra:
    3/27 Yolanda Kondonasis (Harp)
    4/24 Eric Silberger (Violin)
    5/8 Andrew Balio (Trumpet)

    Promenade Hall:
    5/9-10 Kanopy Dance Company: Martha Graham: The Next Generation

    Main Lobby:
    3/30 The Kissers

    The Playhouse:
    3/6-7 Robert Dubac’s Idiocracy
    3/19-4/5 Forward Theater: The Amateurs
    4/24-5/10 Beat Bugs: A Musical Adventure

    The Rotunda:
    3/7 Trinity Irish Dance
    3/14 Tom Pease
    3/21 The Handphibians
    3/28 Lullaby Project
    4/4 Limanya Drum & Dance Ensemble
    4/11 Wagging The Tail
    4/18 Kenn Lonnquist
    4/21 Halo O Malo
    4/25 Davey Doodle & the Red Hots

    Overture Center for the Arts Online:

    The Red Mouse

    3738 County Road P, Cross Plains (Pine Bluff) WI 53528
    Updated: 3/6/20 10:36am
    (1360) Page Views

    3/13 Cherry Pie
    3/21 Madison County

    4/18 Charm School Rejects

    The Red Mouse Online:

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