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Maximum Ink's Calendar Goddess, Deb Fields

Maximum Ink's Calendar Goddess, Deb Fields

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Art In

1444 E. Washington Avenue, Madison WI 53703
Updated: 9/30/19 2:41pm
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10/3 Derailed Podcast Listening Party
10/4 Oh So Pretty - Pop Up Art Show (Gallery Night 5:30-8pm)
10/4 Libra Bash Showcase w/ Host Kid Vibe, B. Ortiz, Dirty D., BL1ND R4BB1T, Taye Sharkiee, Keyz, Donnie Kaptcha, Suvi & Coop, A.C. The Ruler
10/6 Weathered Statues, Educational Davis, Golf Dolls, Momos
10/10 Tunic, Hex House, Daughters of Saint Crispin
10/11 Rhyme & Reason 30 w/ Rec Riddles, Ackurate, Taiyamo Denku, CHAS, RamBunxious Music, Reconsiderate
10/12 Combat Naps, Laundry, Our Fathers, Supper Club
10/13 Delinquents, Mended, Bird Law, Payasa
10/16 Primal Static, Made of Blocks, Dearth
10/18 Phil Yates & The Affiliates, Lorenzo’s Music, Histo
10/19 The Flavor That Kills, Distant Cuzins, Grave Dancer
10/20 The Bitter Nothings, Tatum Updike, Noah Green, Candace Griffin, Cheyne Trost
10/26 Halloween Show w/ Lever
10/30 Daniel Champagne, Christopher Gold, Paul Creswell

11/1 The Shuntz, Auf Ki, Lunar Moth, Sky Urchin
11/15 Proud Parents, Platinum Boys

2/5 Rages and Riches

Art In Online:

Arts + Literature Laboratory

2021 Winnebago St., Madison WI 53703
Updated: 9/30/19 2:55pm
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10/3 Anthony Di Sanza, Tom Curry, Mark Hetzler
10/5 Michael Rosetto, Chris Porterfield, Devin Drobka
10/11 The Zakk Jones Trio
10/12 Aplomb feat. Eric Miller & Daniel Sullivan
10/26 Soul Message Band
10/31 Tomeka Reid Quartet

11/8 Darren Sterud Trio
11/22 Outside The Sphere feat. Tony Barba & Michael Brenneis
11/23 Graminy

Arts + Literature Laboratory Online:

The Barrymore Theatre

2090 Atwood Avenue, Madison WI 53704
Updated: 9/30/19 3:20pm
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10/3 Shane Koyczan
10/5 Abbey Road w/ Get Back Wisconsin & Full Orchestra
10/12 The Wailers
10/13 Theo Von
10/18 The Dollop w/ Dave Anthony & Gareth Reynolds
10/20 John Hiatt, Adam Chaffins
10/23 Joshua Radin & the Weepies, Lily Kershaw
10/25 Warren Miller’s “Timeless”
10/29 Ryan Bingham, Jamestown Revival
10/30 Robert Earl Keen

11/2 Jim Breuer
11/9 Arlo Guthrie, Sarah Lee Guthrie
11/14 Kris Kristofferson & the Strangers
11/15 The Wood Brothers
11/19 Marc Cohn
11/24 Cristela Alonzo
11/29 Found Footage Festival Volume 9

12/6 Joey’s Song Benefit w/ The Know-It-All Boyfriends feat. Butch Vig & Duke Erikson (Garbage), Freedy Johnston, Chris Collingwood, (Fountains of Wayne), Miguel Cervantess (Hamilton), Trapper Schoepp, Corel Chisel, Miles Nielsen, Chaser
12/7 Wintersong feat. Anna Vogelzang & Friends
12/14 Trilogy: Tribute Show (The Doors, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin)
12/26-31 Guys On Ice

1/24 Christopher Titus
2/13 The Office! (A Musical Parody)
3/20 Gaelic Storm
4/3 Steeldrivers

The Barrymore Theatre Online:

Bos Meadery

849 E. Washington Ave., Madison WI 53703
Updated: 9/30/19 5:34pm
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Tuesdays: Adult Game Night: Board Games (5/6pm)
Sundays: Open Mic (2-5pm)

10/2 Muse Fuse
10/3 Mead to Laugh! Comedy Showcase feat: Colin Bowden, Becky Wennlund, Steve Horton, Margaret Leaf, Sasha Rosser, Hosted by Peter Jurich
10/4 Harvest Fest Kickoff Party w/ Flowpoetry, Pine Travelers Duo, The Earthlings, Gary David & the Enthusiasts!
10/5 Freya Fest 2019 w/ BingBong, The Hasbians, Ladyscissors, Georgia Rae, Punk Ass Unicorns (5:30pm)
10/6 Open Jam (5pm)
10/9 Squirrel Gravy
10/10 Lonesome Willie and his Dime Store Posse
10/11 Strangebyrds, Josh Harty
10/12 Chamber Music for Strings w/ Emma Cifrino & Friends (2pm)
10/12 Sortin’ the Mail, The Emmylous
10/13 Viking Church
10/16 Sons of Merlin
10/17 Juli Johnson (Album Release), Linn Jennings
10/18 Dethroned for Tilts
10/19 Sweet Sheiks
10/20 Lunar Moth, Rosewater
10/23 VOLK
10/24 Matt DeBlass & Friends
10/25 Butter Brick, Rufus
10/27 The Good Table: Harvest Pop-Up Dinner w/ Linn Jennings (6pm)
10/30 Jake Larson
10/31 Birth of Tragedy, All Meridians, Cast In Fire

11/2 Common Chord (2:30pm)
11/2 The Earthlings, The Apologists
11/3 Open Jam (5pm)
11/6 Tom Castle
11/8 Corey Mathew Hart
11/9 Emerald Grove
11/13 Squirrel Gravy
11/15 American Scum 2019 w/ Mortality Play, Death on Fire, Severed Headshop
11/16 Ha-Has & Heavies
11/20 Cruisin Round
11/28 Matt DeBlass & Friends
11/29 Black Friday 90’s Party w/ Star 67

12/7 Johnny Likes Noize
12/13 Sam Ness1
12/18 Yid Vicious Hanukkah Potluck Party (6pm)
12/21 Vets on Frets
12/28 Winterlude w/ The Shruggers and Special Guests!

Bos Meadery Online:

Bowl-A-Vard Lanes

2121 E. Springs Drive, Madison WI 53704
Updated: 9/2/19 12:01am
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10/4 Video Star
10/5 Foo Foo Dolls
10/11 Quest
10/12 5th Gear
10/18 Star 67
10/19 Angels & Outlaws
10/25 Halloween Party w/ Pilot
10/26 Halloween Party w/ Cherry Pie

11/1 Swiftkick
11/2 DS Jukin
11/8 Reloaded
11/9 SuperTuesday
11/15 Sunset Strip
11/16 Pacific Coast Highway
11/22 Violet Riot
11/23 The Now
11/27 Pilot
11/29 Road Trip
11/30 Trailer Kings

12/6 Gonzo’s B-Day Bash w/ Metal Gonz
12/7 Kings of Radio
12/13 Video Star
12/14 Foo Foo Dolls
12/20 Shelly Faith Santa Palooza
12/21 Love Monkeys
12/27 Quest
12/28 DS Jukin
12/31 NYE w/ 5th Gear

1/3 Your Mom
1/4 Country Wide
1/11 Undercover

Bowl-A-Vard Lanes Online:


1224 Williamson St., Madison WI 53703
Updated: 9/30/19 6:26pm
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Saturdays: “Cool School” Youth Jazz Expo (9am)
Saturdays: Community Drum Circle (Noon)
Mondays: Funky Mondays w/ Joey B. Banks (8pm)
Wednesdays: Matt Cousin Quartet (7pm)
Thursdays: Tango Drop-In Class (6pm)

10/1 The Gadjo Players
10/3 Rob DZ
10/4 Bill Roberts Combo
10/5 Atimevu w/ Tani Diakite and the Afrofunkstars
10/11 Mambo Blue, Tommy Mattioli
10/12 Milonga Matinee Tango Social (5pm)
10/12 Isaiah Collier and the Chosen Few (8pm)
10/18 Awake: The Music of Don Cherry (Album Release 6pm)
10/18 Orquesta Salsoul Del Mad (9pm)
10/19 Milonga Matinee Tango Social (5pm)
10/19 Justin Boyd Stereo Genius Trio (8pm)
10/25 Keri Chryst Trio (5pm)
10/25 Janet Evra Quartet
10/26 Harmonious Wail

11/4 The Bridge #2.2
11/10 Caroline Davis & Robert Clearfield
11/15 Jeb Bishop Group
11/16 Alex Mercado Trio
11/22 Happy Feet (5pm)

Cafe CODA Online:


3116 Commercial Avenue, Madison WI 53714
Updated: 9/30/19 7:58pm
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Tuesdays: 8hertz Presents: Lucid Tuesdays (8pm)
Wednesdays: Karaoke w/ Host Spike Bolen ~ New Themes Every Week! (8pm)
Fourth Fridays: Deviance (BDSM Play Event) w/ DJs Spike and Psychotron
Sundays: Dark Arts & Crafts (1pm)

*All Events are Ages 21+ unless otherwise noted

10/2 Karaoke: Spooky Cat Night
10/3 Extra AF Comedy feat: Cal Smith, Marcos Lara, Dina Nina Martinez, Lalita Dee, Sarah Schmidt (7:30pm)
10/3 Euro Vibe 2019 w/ DJs S-Sick,ЭШЛИ МИЛЛЕР (9pm)
10/4 Fall Gallery Night (5-9pm)
10/4 SPOIL w/ Michael Wenz, Angelfire, Softcore Mikey, Hypnoassassin (9pm)
10/5 301 Presents: Ultrea, Left of Reason, BREECH, On My Six, Revolution-X (18+ 7pm)
10/6 Butch & the Fat Doobs
10/9 Karaoke: Pumpkin Night
10/10 Boy Harsher, Spelling, Klack
10/11 Midwest Metal Masquerade w/ Order of the Jackal, Lusus, Morningstar, Mortality Play
10/12 Johnny Likes Noize, Mickey Magnum, Zeroed Hero (4pm)
10/12 Reverb: Gorefest w/ DJs Psych0tron and Siberia (9pm)
10/13 Hush: A Low-Sensory Dance Night
10/16 Karaoke: The Fog
10/17 Lady Laughs (7pm)
10/17 Pillow Talk w/ DJs Shaun Sin, Jackie Nightshade (9pm)
10/18 Chris Walker Drinks The News (Live Podcast 6pm)
10/18 Wicked Is The Night w/ Grave Dancer, The Fiendish Phantoms, Venus In Furs (18+ 9pm)
10/19 Metal Brunch w/ H1Z1, The Central (10am)
10/19 Madison Metal Against ICE Benefit for Community Immigration Law Center w/ Disgunt, Sikfuk, Decarabia, Cthonian Lich ((3pm)
10/19 Masquerade: Benefit for Phoenix Foundation w/ DJ Synthia
10/20 Winning Ugly, Hayley And The Crushers, Compact Deluxe  
10/23 Karaoke: Ghosts And Goblins
10/24 Behind The Veil: Courtesy, Rosemary Lowe, 7ucky Vita, Educational Davis
10/25 Deviance: A BDSM Play Event
10/26 Books In The Buff (4:30 pm)
10/26 Operating Tracks: All Hallows Eve w/ Subspace (18+ 9pm)
10/30 Karaoke: Trick Or Treat!
10/31 Beta Blockers ~ Reverse Gossip Comedy (Performances 10/31, 11/1, 2, 9, 15, 16, 16 7pm)
10/31 This Is Halloween: Costume Dance Party w/ DJ Cykophuk (18+ 9pm)

11/2 Halloween Hangover: Squidhammer Metal, Mutilated By Zombies, Accidental Suicide, Jingleheimer, Doyle McPoyle; “Undead” Costume Contest
11/5 Stoneburner w/ I.X.XI
11/6 Karaoke: Dad Jokes Night
11/7 Extra AF Comedy feat: Elizabeth Joy, Margaret Leaf, Tyson Purcell, Sarah Schmidt, Melody Kate Waring (7:30pm)
11/8 My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult w/ CONFORMCO, BIOCARBON13, daddybear, DJ Ecto (18+ 7:30pm)
11/9 Black Celebration: Underdog Pet Rescue Benefit w/ DJs Siberia, Eurotic
11/16 Masquerade: Speakeasy w/ DJs ellafine and Mr. Automatic
11/18 Exhumed, Gatecreeper, Necrot, Judiciary (18+ 7pm)

12/5 Extra AF Comedy: Holiday Edition
12/7 Lords of the Trident, Cwn Annwn, Flame & the Void, Amillennial

Crucible Online:

The Crystal Corner

1302 Williamson Street, Madison WI 53703
Updated: 9/30/19 9:53pm
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All Shows 9:30pm (unless otherwise listed)
2nd Tuesdays: Josh Harty & The Big Tasty (8-10pm)
3rd Tuesdays: David Hecht & The Who Dat?
4th Tuesdays: Lackin’ Some Direction (Grateful Dead Tribute) (8pm)

10/5 Loving Cup (Rolling Stones Tribute), Chuck Lorenzo (8:30pm)
10/11 Turkeyfest w/ The Hussy (LP Release), Green/Blue, Service, Ruin Dweller
10/12 Compact Deluxe, Pistols at Dawn, Cherokee Astro, Broken Boards (9pm)
10/19 Gold Dust Women (Fleetwood Mac Tribute), Low Czars (8pm)
10/24 BingBong (8pm)
10/26 VO5

11/2 Volur, Anatomy of Habit, Vanishing Kids, Woodman/Earhart
11/9 Drunk Drivers, Venison, Skintones

The Crystal Corner Online:

The East Side Club

3735 Monona Drive, Madison WI 53714
Updated: 9/30/19 1:01am
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The East Side Club Online:

Flannel Fest South

701 E Washington Avenue, Madison WI 53703
Updated: 9/2/19 8:11pm
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High Noon Saloon
Saturday November 9, 2019

Music Lineup

Trapper Schoepp
The Mascot Theory
Beth Kille Band
The North Code
The Listening Party

Flannel Fest South Online:

Harmony Bar & Grill

2201 Atwood Avenue, Madison WI 53704
Updated: 9/30/19 5:58pm
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Mondays: Kid Music w/ David Landau (5:30pm)

10/6 Kelly Hunt
10/16 Big Wes Turner’s Trio wsg Billy Flynn

12/21 Hippie X-Mas w/ Run Side Down, Mike & Friends

Harmony Bar & Grill Online:

High Noon Saloon

701 E Washington Avenue, Madison WI 53703
Updated: 9/30/19 10:39pm
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10/2 Nerd Nite 069
10/3 Dead Night Europe ‘72 w/ Seaside Zoo (Grateful Dead Tribute)
10/4 The Gomers & Friends (5:30pm)
10/4 Wookiefoot, Jon Wayne and the Pain, Chase Makai
10/5 Shakey (Neil Young Tribute 5pm)
10/5 Mr. Blotto
10/6 Pints For Pups (1pm)
10/6 Unlimited Gravity, Funkstatik
10/7 Pundamonium: Madison Pun Slam! (7pm)
10/8 Music Trivia (7pm)
10/9 The Cactus Blossoms, Esther Rose
10/10 Michigander, Jared & the Mill
10/11 Histo + The Apologists (5pm)
10/11 Armchair Boogie (Album Release), Chicken Wire Empire, Barbaro
10/12 Ruston Kelly, Donovan Woods
10/13 Cattywampus: Celebrating 10 Years of Girls Rock Camp Madison (11am)
10/13 MAMA Hall of Fame Induction & Roast
10/14 The MOTH StorySLAM: Spooky
10/15 Joyce Manor, We Should Have Been DJs
10/16 Kid Quill, Moonlander, Mic Kellogg
10/17 Jay Som, Gia Margaret, Boy Scouts
10/18 Rockstar Happyoke w/ The Gomers & Friends (5:30pm)
10/18 Masked Intruder, The Bombpops, Tightwire
10/19 The 841st Annual Vampire’s Ball
10/20 Band Together For Autism w/ Water Street Jacks, Compact Deluxe (1pm)
10/20 Satsang
10/21 The Steel Wheels
10/22 Don’t Mess With Cupid (5:30pm)
10/22 Moon Hooch, Jaw Gems
10/23 MC Chris, Schaffer The Darklord, Lex The Lexicon
10/24 Phantoms, Sachi
10/25 Instead We Smile + Cindy Set My Hair On Fire (5pm)
10/25 Tiny Moving Parts, Fredo Disco
10/26 Boo-Grass for Books w/ Oak Street Ramblers, The Dirty Shirts, Shotgun Mary (2pm)
10/26 Pine Travelers (Album Release), Kind Country
10/27 Madtown Artisans Second Fall Event (11am)
10/27 Middle Aged Overdose, Pep Talk, Schmoolio, Midsummer, Trivial Pleasure
10/28 24 Hrs
10/29 Madison’s Got Talent #3 Open Mic
10/30 Yappy Hour w/ Underdog Pet Rescue (4pm)
10/31 That 1 Guy, Heatbox

11/1 Freakin Halloweekend 2019 Night #1 w/ Band Tributes to TOOL, The Cure, The Doors, Sarah McLachlin, The Ventures
11/2 Winter Bike Fashion Show (1pm)
11/2 Freakin Halloweekend 2019 Night #2 w/ Band Tributes to Culture Club, Prince, Elton John, Indigo Girls Classic Country Revue
11/3 Iya Terra, The Ries Brothers, For Peace Band
11/4 Pundamonium: Madison Pun Slam! (7pm)
11/4 Open Mike Eagle, Elucid, Video Dave (10pm)
11/5 Katie Toupin
11/6 Ripe, Castlecomer
11/7 Steady Flow, Yak Attack
11/8 Flannel Fest 2019 w/ Trapper Schoepp, The Mascot Theory, Beth Kille Band, The North Code, The Listening Party
11/9 (Sandy) Alex G, Tomberlin, Indigo De Souza
11/10 Big Band Benefit feat. Ladies Must Swing (2pm)
11/10 The High Hawks, Chicago Farmer
11/12 Music Trivia
11/13 Jesse Malin
11/14 Comedy Between The Lakes w/ Geoffrey Asmus, Lael O’Shaugnassey, Maddie Wiener, Charlie Kojis
11/15 Seaside Zoo (Grateful Dead Tribute (5pm)
11/15 Wurk (Album Release), Brahmulus, Chicago Loud 9
11/16 The Big Payback, Bird’s Eye, DJ Cooper Talbot
11/17 Aqueous
11/18 Flowpoetry (Poetry Book Release) Glostik Willy, Tate McLane
11/19 Don’t Mess With Cupid (5:30pm)
11/20 The Main Squeeze
11/21 Ghost of Paul Revere, Animal Years
11/22 The Periodicals (5pm)
11/22 Houses In Motion (Talking Heads Tribute)
11/23 Steez (Album Release)
11/24 Soul Doctors, Rosemary Lowe, Bone Holler, Fore String
11/25 John K Samson, Christine Fellows, Christopher Gold
11/27 Yappy Hour w/ Underdog Pet Rescue (4pm)
11/27 Jimi Hendrix B-Day Bash w/ Up From The Skies
11/30 Davey Doodle & the Red Hots w/ Rob DZ (Album Release 2:30pm)
11/30 The Waltz & Beyond

12/1 Reina Del Cid (Album Release)
12/2 Pundamonium: Madison Pun Slam! (7pm)
12/5 Beach Bunny, Lettering
12/6 Slow Pulp, Disq, Interlay
12/7 The Crystal Method
12/8 Winter Family Hoedown w/ Madfiddle, Highway 151 (11am)
12/10 Raine Stern (EP Release)
12/11 Paris_Monster, BrightViolet
12/12 Black Belt Eagle Scout
12/13 Banana Wind (Jimmy Buffet Tribute 5pm)
12/13 Madison Mystery Tour (Beatles Tribute), Loving Cup (Rolling Stones Tribute)
12/15 Wicca Phase Springs Eternal w/ Glitterer, Anxious, Creeks
12/17 Music Trivia
12/18 Yappy Hour w/ Underdog Pet Rescue (4pm)
12/18 John Denver Christmas w/ Chris Collins, Boulder Canyon
12/22 Burbie’s Gospel Dinner Holiday Speical
12/24 Don’t Mess With Cupid (5:30pm)
12/27 Johnny Chimes (5pm)
12/28 Outlaw Tribute Night (Willie, Waylon, Johnny and the Hanks) w/ Greg Hall and the Wrecking Ball
12/31 NYE w/ The Kissers (5pm)

High Noon Saloon Online:

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