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Maximum Ink's Calendar Goddess, Deb Fields

Maximum Ink's Calendar Goddess, Deb Fields

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Alliant Energy Center

1919 Alliant Energy Center Way , Madison WI 53713
Updated: 1/30/19 3:01am
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Veteran’s Memorial Coliseum:
2/8 Trevor Noah
2/22 Alan Jackson, William Michael Morgan

3/28 Old Dominion, Jordan Davis, Mitchell Tenpenny
3/31 Weezer, Pixies

5/1-5/5 Cirque de Soleil Crystal
5/24-5/27 Brat Fest

Madison Roller Derby:
2/9   Game 1 feat. Vaudeville Vixens vs. Quad Squad MRD
          Game 2 feat. Reservoir Dolls MRD vs. Unholy Rollers
3/9   Game 1 feat. Vaudeville Vixens vs. Unholy Rollers
          Game 2 feat. Reservoir Dolls MRD vs. Quad Squad MRD
4/27   Semi-Finals
5/18   Championships

Alliant Energy Center Online:

The Annex @ The Red Zone Madison

1212 Regent Street, Madison WI 53715
Updated: 1/30/19 3:02am
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Wednesdays: Paint Nite (7pm)

1/31 Glowga + Drinks (Yoga)

2/2 Maximum Damage w/ JPHELPZ
2/23 Codd Dubz, GAPZ

3/13 SHIM (feat. Shimon Moore formerly w/ Sick Puppies), Big Story, Seilies, Revolution X
3/20 Tony Macalpine, Jacky Vincent, LoNero

4/12 Boys of Fall, Oh Weatherly, Never Loved, Of Brighter Skies, Common Threads

The Annex @ The Red Zone Madison Online:

Breese Stevens Field

917 E. Mifflin St., Madison WI 53703
Updated: 10/19/18 5:00pm
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All Concerts are Rain or Shine!

6/4 Greta Van Fleet

Breese Stevens Field Online:

The Brink Lounge

701 E. Washington Avenue, Madison WI 53703
Updated: 1/30/19 10:04pm
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Tuesdays: Salsa/Bachata Dance Lessons (7pm)
Tuesdays: Tango Salsa (9pm)
Wednesdays: Swing Lessons and Dance (6:30pm Nightclub)
Wednesdays: Jump Town Lindy Swing Dance (9pm)

2/1 Bill Roberts Combo
2/2 Caravan Gypsy Swing Ensemble
2/7 Old Oaks
2/8 Mal-o-Dua (5pm)
2/8 The Yard Dogs (8pm)
2/9 Antique Nouveau
2/14 Aaron Williams and the Hoo Doo
2/15-16 Midwinter Midwest Gypsy Swing Festival w/ Harmonious Wail, Le Maes Trio (France), Tim Kliphuis (Holland), Alfonso Ponticelli and Swing Gitan
2/21 Tracy Jane Comer & Friends
2/22 Seaside Zoo, The Bellybutton Club (Greatful Dead Tribute)
2/23 Czar’s Promise Event w/ The Blue Olives, Brianiac Bowl
2/28 Madison Jazz Orchestra
3/2 Caravan Gypsy Swing Ensemble
3/7 Old Oaks
3/9 Bill Roberts Combo
3/14 Aaron Williams and the Hoo Doo
3/21 Tracy Jane Comer & Friends, Michael Gruber
3/28 Madison Jazz Orchestra
4/4 Old Oaks
4/11 Aaron Williams and the Hoo Doo
4/18 Tracy Jane Comer & Friends
4/20 Madison 420 Festival
4/25 Madison Jazz Orchestra

2/15-16 Midwinter Midwest Gypsy Swing Festival
3/15-16 Perfect Harmony Men’s Chorus

The Brink Lounge Online:

Come Back In

508 East Wilson St., Madison WI 53703
Updated: 1/30/19 8:38pm
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Sundays: Band In A Box Karaoke w/ Lars! (9pm)

2/1 Wood Chickens
2/2 Lackin’ Some Direction
2/4 Bryan Drewyor
2/5 Tom Weber
2/6 Robert J.
2/7 Gin Mill Hollow
2/8 Troye Shanks
2/9 Nate Meng & The Stolen Sea
2/11 Bryan Drewyor
2/12 Tom Weber
2/13 Robert J.
2/14 Gin Mill Hollow
2/15 Griffin Paul
2/16 Bojo’s Mojo
2/18 Bryan Drewyor
2/19 Tom Weber
2/20 Robert J.
2/21 Gin Mill Hollow
2/22 Troye Shanks
2/23 Water Street Jacks
2/25 Bryan Drewyor
2/26 Tom Weber
2/27 Robert J.
2/28 Gin Mill Hollow

4/6 Mannish Boys (9pm)

Come Back In Online:

Crescendo Espresso Bar & Music Cafe

1859 Monroe St., Madison WI 53711
Updated: 1/30/19 7:39pm
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2/1 Frances Luke Accord, J. Hardin
2/2 Emmie Magazine: Spring Showcase
2/25 Adoration House

3/29 Tow’rs (SOLD OUT)

Crescendo Espresso Bar & Music Cafe Online:

Essen Haus

514 E. Wilson St., Madison WI 53703
Updated: 1/30/19 8:37pm
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2/1-2 Gary Beal Band
2/8-9 Steve Meisner
2/15 Tom Brusky
2/16 Brewhaus Polka Kings
2/22-23 David Austin Band

Essen Haus Online:

High Noon Saloon

701 E Washington Avenue, Madison WI 53703
Updated: 1/30/19 9:32pm
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1/30 King Tuff, Stonefield, Fire Heads
1/31 Post Animal & Ron Gallo

2/1 Sundogs (5pm)
2/1 The Ghost of Paul Revere, Charlie Parr, Pat Ferguson
2/2 Bongzilla, Tubal Cain, Ruin Dweller, Decarabia
2/3 Fuck The Superbowl Fest w/ Black Cat, Dumb Vision, Usufruct
2/4 Vundabar, Paul Cherry, Slow Pulp
2/6 JD Simo, Thompson Springs
2/7 Dan Tedesco (Tom Petty Tribute)
2/8 The Getaway Drivers (5pm)
2/8 Chrome Sparks, Kalbells, Lip Talk
2/9 Bob Marley Birthday Bash w/ Natty Nation, Akasha, Tropical Riddims Sound System
2/10 Marty Friedman, Immortal Guardian, Lords of The Trident
2/11 The MOTH StorySLAM: Love Hurts
2/13 Milo, SB The Moor, Pink Navel
2/14 Les Cougars Valentine’s Day Burlesque and Cabaret
2/15 The Low Czars (5pm)
2/15 The Suffers
2/16 Amberstein, Ultrea, Seilies (1pm)
2/16 MAMA Cares Winter Ball w/ VO5, Mannish Boys, Tony Castenda Latin Jazz Band
2/17 High Noon Becomes Shakedown Street (Joe Russo Pre-Party 5:30pm)
2/18 Trapper Schoepp, Andy Hughes, Bear In The Forest
2/19 Welles
2/20 Michal Menert & The Pretty Fantastics
2/21 Whitey Morgan, Alex Williams (Moved to Majestic)
2/22 Bent, Antenna, Howler (5pm)
2/22 Carnaval Kickoff Party w/ Metabaque, Forro Fo Sho, Capoeira Roda, Otimo Workshop, Dance Troupe, Dr. Beatz
2/23 Madison Music Foundry Audio Basics 102 (10am)
2/23 Disaster Passport (Plays Koyaanisqatsi 2pm)
2/23 Alex Cameron & Roy Molloy, Lola Kirke
2/24 The Movement, K Bong, Captain Smooth, DJ Kayla Kush, DJ Trichrome
2/25 The Glorious Sons, Liily
2/26 The Toasters, Something To Do, Courtesy of Tim
2/28 That 1 Guy

3/1 Big Wes Turner’s Trio (5pm SOLD OUT)
3/1 No Quarter (Led Zeppelin Tribute)
3/2 People Brothers Band Charity Jamboree (2pm)
3/3 Family Hoedown w/ The Little Miss Ann Band (10:30am)
3/3 Bethfest featuring: Clear Blue Betty Reunion! w/ Beth Kille Band, Kerosene Kites, Gin Chocolate & Bottle Rockets (6pm)
3/5 Food & Farms Film Festival
3/6 Andy Frasco & The U.N., Wild Adriatic
3/7 Cycles
3/8 Mardi Gras Party w/ Darren Sterud & The New Orleans Tribute (5:30pm)
3/8 The Messthetics (10pm)
3/9 Houses In Motion (Talking Heads Tribute)
3/10 All Them Witches, Plague Vendor
3/12 Flying Buffaloes, Railhopper, Kevin Presbrey
3/13 Liz Cooper & The Stampede, The Go Rounds
3/14 Them Coulee Boys, John Stickley Trio, Old Salt Union, Blue Ox Music
3/15 Vehicle 6 (5pm)
3/15 Summer Camp: On The Road
3/16 Shakey (Neil Young Tribute 5pm)
3/16 Risk! (9:30pm)
3/17 St. Patrick’s Day w/ The Kissers (All Ages Show 5pm, 21+ Show 8pm))
3/21 Tugg & Aaron Kamm and the One Drops
3/22 She’s Crafty (All Female Beastie Boys Tribute 5pm)
3/22 SoDown, Cofresi, Trufeelz, Starfoxx Project (9:30pm)
3/23 Banana Wind (Jimmy Buffet Tribute 2pm)
3/24 7th Annual Bluegrass B-Day Blast w/ Northern Comfort, Mad City Jug Band, Bill & Bobbie Malone (12pm)
3/28 Novo Amor, Gia Margaret
3/29 Birddog Blues Band (5pm)
3/29 The Family Business, Craig Baumann and the Story (9pm)
3/30 Phun10: 10 Years of Phun
3/31 Front Country

4/4 Wild Belle
4/5 No. 27, Lackin’ Some Direction (5pm)
4/5 Bad Bad Hats (9:30pm)
4/6 The Dirty Shirts (Gram Parson Tribute 4:30pm)
4/7 Telekinesis, Sontalk
4/10 Durand Jones & The Indications, Divino Niño
4/17 Girlpool, Hatchie

High Noon Saloon Online:

Kohl Center

601 W Dayton Street, Madison WI 53715
Updated: 1/2/19 9:23am
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3/30 Mumford & Sons

6/6 Paul McCartney

Kohl Center Online:


624 University Avenue, Madison WI 53715
Updated: 1/30/19 9:58pm
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2/8 Luca Lush, Montell2099
2/15 Young Bombs
2/23 Crankdat

Liquid Online:

The Majestic Theatre

115 King Street, Madison WI 53703
Updated: 1/30/19 8:50pm
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Most Shows are All Ages - * Indicates Ages 18+ Show)

1/30 Mike Stud
1/31 The Devil Makes Three, Lost Dog Street Band (SOLD OUT)

2/1 Brew ‘N View: Legally Blonde (7pm)
2/1 Thank U Glitz: Drag & Dance Party feat. Bianca Lynn Breeze, Karizma Mirage, Bryanna Banx$, Regina Lynn Taylor, Kayos Mirage, DJ Nick Nice
2/2 Sixteen Candles 80’s Dance party
2/7 Twiddle, Neal Francis
2/8 Cory Wong, Emily Browning
2/9 BAS
2/10 Gryffin, SNBRN (SOLD OUT)
2/12 Too Many Zooz, Kainalu
2/13 J.I.D., Reason, Hardo, Lou The Human (SOLD OUT)
2/14 Mandolin Orange, Mapache (SOLD OUT)
2/15 Watsky
2/16 Pop Evil, Don Jamieson & Them Evils
2/19 Bryce Vine, Kid Quill, 7715
2/20 Chelsea Cutler, Anthony Russo (SOLD OUT)
2/21 Whitey Morgan, Alex Williams
2/22 Dr. Dog, The Nude Party (SOLD OUT)
2/23 7th Annual Johnny Cash B-Day Bash w/ Liam Ford Band, Christopher Gold & The Old New Things, Kelsey Miles, The American Dead, Jentri/Page
2/24 Space Jesus, Buku, Toadface, Huxley Anne
2/28 Madeintyo, Thutmose, 12 Honcho

3/1 Walker Hayes, Filmore
3/2 Madison Carnaval 2019 w/ The Handphibians, Otimo Dance, Samba Novistas, Drum Power, Dave Irwin and Helen Avakian, DJ Trixz
3/3 Jacob Banks
3/5 Teenage Fanclub, The Love Language
3/6 Matt Nathanson, Blu Sanders (SOLD OUT)
3/9 Dirt Monkey, Wolfbiter, Starmonster, Romy
3/14 Wet + Kilo Kish
3/27 Smino, Earthgang, Phoelix
3/28 Trevor Hall, Dirtwire
3/29 Rod Tuffcurls & The Bench Press
3/30 Skylar Stecker (7pm)
3/30 Plaid Hawaii & LWKY, Dense City

4/4 CAAMP, Ona
4/5 Shallou & Slow Magic
4/6 Laura Jane Grace & The Devouring Mothers, Mercy Union, Control Top
4/13 Sunsquabi, Defunk
4/16 Tauk, Frogleg
4/17 Koe Wetzel
4/20 Manic Focus, Russ Liquid
4/24 She Wants Revenge
4/25 Jai Wolf
4/26 Son Volt
4/27 Pork Tonadoes
4/30 Black Lips, Wooing

5/1 Superorganism
5/5 Adelitas Way, ZFG, Blacklite District, American Sin
5/6 Julia Michaels
5/14 The Mountain Goats

6/6 The Strumbellas

The Majestic Theatre Online:

UW Memorial Union

800 Langdon Street, Madison WI 53703
Updated: 1/30/19 3:03pm
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Der Rathskeller:

2/1 The North Westerns (5pm)
2/2 Josh Cohen (1:30pm)
2/2 The Tillers, Georgia Rae (7:30pm)
2/15 Global Get Down: International Dance Party

The Memorial Union Online:

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