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Maximum Ink's Calendar Goddess, Deb Fields

Maximum Ink's Calendar Goddess, Deb Fields

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Alliant Energy Center

1919 Alliant Energy Center Way , Madison WI 53713
Updated: 5/21/19 11:46pm
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Veteran’s Memorial Coliseum:
7/18-21 Dane County Fair

9/14 Hot Wheels Monster Truck Live

10/25-27 Wizard World Comic Con

11/8 Alabama, The Charlie Daniels Band
11/9 The Chainsmokers, 5 Seconds of Summer, Lennon Stella
11/16 Logic, YBN Cordae

Alliant Energy Center Online:

The Annex @ The Red Zone Madison

1212 Regent Street, Madison WI 53715
Updated: 6/3/19 11:12pm
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Wednesdays: Paint Nite (7pm)

6/6 OverTime and the Blue Collar Soldiers
6/18 Demun Jones + Adam Calhoun
6/21 SubDocta, Lex Martin, Ocular

7/15 Through Fire, Like A Storm, Wilson, Stitched Up Heart

8/5 Oh Sleeper, Famous Last Words, Convictions, Empty

The Annex @ The Red Zone Madison Online:

BarleyPop Live

121 W. Main St., Madison WI 53703
Updated: 6/3/19 4:33pm
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Mondays: Trivia Night (6pm)
First Fridays: Karaoke w/ DJ Fuzzy Duck (5pm)

6/7 Tony C Latin Jazz Band, DJ Fuzzy Duck

BarleyPop Live Online:

Breese Stevens Field

917 E. Mifflin St., Madison WI 53703
Updated: 5/8/19 11:56am
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All Concerts are Rain or Shine!

6/7 Rob Thomas, Abby Anderson

8/25 Daryl Hall & John Oates, G Love & Special Sauce

Breese Stevens Field Online:

The Brink Lounge

701 E. Washington Avenue, Madison WI 53703
Updated: 6/4/19 8:35pm
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Tuesdays: Salsa/Bachata Dance Lessons (7pm)
Tuesdays: Tango Salsa (9pm)
Wednesdays: Swing Lessons and Dance (6:30pm Nightclub)
Wednesdays: Jump Town Lindy Swing Dance (9pm)

6/6 Sweet Delta Dawn (Album Release) + Old Oaks
6/7 Jazz Ahead Big Band
6/8 Mark David Group
6/12 Good Morning Bedlam
6/13 Aaron Williams and the Hoo Doo
6/14 Bill Roberts Combo
6/20 Tracy Jane Comer’s Top Shelf Trio
6/21 The Groove Busters
6/22 Back2Back Acoustic Duo
6/27 Madison Jazz Orchestra
6/28 Mal-O-Dua
6/29 Eli Lev & Megan Leigh Duo
7/11 Aaron Williams and the Hoo Doo
7/12 Back2Back Acoustic Duo
7/20 Cliff Frederiksen Trio
7/25 Madison Jazz Orchestra

6/7 “Sing It Sister” Hosted by Beth Kille
6/15 “I Was Supposed to Get Married Today” Comedy

The Brink Lounge Online:

Central Park Sessions

202 S. Ingersoll St., Madison WI 53703
Updated: 6/28/19 3:21pm
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McPike Park

Saturday ~ June 22

11:00 am   Kari Arnett
12:45 pm   Evan Murdock and the Imperfect Strangers
2:15 pm     Darren Sterud Jazz Orchestra
4:15 pm     Paul Cebar Tomorrow Sound
6:15 pm     Lilly Hiatt
8:15 pm     The JC Brooks Band
Kanopy Dancers between Sets

Sunday ~ June 23
11:00 am   WheelHouse
12:45 pm   Les Poules å Colin
2:30 pm     Cash Box Kings
4:30 pm     Orquesta MAS
6:30 pm     Making Movies
8:30 pm     Tribu Baharu
Kanopy Dancers between Sets

Saturday ~ June 22
11:00 am   Graminy
12:30 pm   Paul Cebar
2:00 pm     The Kissers
3:30 pm     Lilly Hiatt
5:00 pm     Rebecca Patek & Melissa Carper
6:30 pm     Wrenclaw
8:00 pm     Buffalo Gospel
9:30 pm     Comedy w/ Kyle Kinane

Sunday ~ June 23
11:30 am   Michael Brenneis & Plutonium Players
1:00 pm     Anders Svanoe Double Trio
2:30 pm     Making Movies
4:00 pm     Chris Plata and Extra Hot
5:30 pm     Mal-O-Dua
7:00 pm     Les Poules å Colin
8:30 pm     Comedy w/ Marina Franklin

Wednesday ~ August 7

5:15 pm     Driveway Thriftdwellers
7:30 pm     Old 97s (1st Set)
9:00 pm     Old 97s (2nd Set)

Thursday ~ August 8

5:00 pm     BingBong
6:30 pm     The Figgs
8:40 pm     The Bottle Rockets

Friday ~ August 9

5:00 pm     Panchromatic Steel
6:30 pm     The Iguanas
8:30 pm     Lyrics Born

Wednesday ~ August 14

5:15 pm     Beth Kille
7:15 pm     The Travelin’ McCourys (1st Set)
9:00 pm     The Travelin’ McCourys (2nd Set)

Thursday ~ August 15

5-10 pm

Central Park Sessions Online:

Come Back In

508 East Wilson St., Madison WI 53703
Updated: 6/3/19 4:11pm
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Sundays: Band In A Box Karaoke w/ Lars! (9pm)

6/3 Bryan Drewyor
6/4 Tom Weber
6/5 Robert J.
6/6 Gin Mill Hollow
6/7 BTW Festival w/ Kaylin Kole, Katie Scullin, Lost Lakes, Sam Ness
6/8 BTW Festival w/ Mackenzie Moore, Kaia Kalise, Carrellee, Josh Harty, Bascome Hill, Soul Doctors
6/10 Bryan Drewyor
6/11 Tom Weber
6/12 Robert J.
6/13 Gin Mill Hollow
6/15 Eskimo Brothers
6/17 Bryan Drewyor
6/18 Tom Weber
6/19 Robert J.
6/20 Gin Mill Hollow
6/21 Troye Shanks
6/22 Eskimo Brothers
6/24 Bryan Drewyor
6/25 Tom Weber
6/26 Robert J.
6/27 Gin Mill Hollow
6/28 The Civil Engineers
6/29 Shake The Lake Party w/ Valerie B. & The Boys, The Family Business

Come Back In Online:

Crescendo Espresso Bar & Music Cafe

1859 Monroe St., Madison WI 53711
Updated: 6/3/19 1:09pm
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6/7 Isthmus Jazz Fest: Strollin’ Monroe Street
6/22 Good Night Gold Dust
6/28 Freaque, ThatsLife

7/27 Gabe Burdulis, Elliott Blaufuss

8/9 The Oxleys
8/24 The Lone Canary, Nate Meng

Crescendo Espresso Bar & Music Cafe Online:

Dane County Fair

1919 Alliant Energy Center Way , Madison WI 53713
Updated: 6/5/19 2:50pm
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July 18-21, 2019

Main Stage Live Music (7pm):
7/18 The Love Monkeys
7/18 Madison Roller Derby(Exhibition Hall 6pm)
7/29 Angels & Outlaws
7/20 TBA
7/21 La Movida Family Fiesta (12pm)

Dane County Fair Online:

The Edgewater Madison

1001 Wisconsin Place, Madison WI 53703
Updated: 5/21/19 1:33am
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Fridays: Brewgrass w/ Door Country Brewing Co. & Live Music @ 5pm

6/7 Appleseed Collective
6/14 Armchair Boogie
6/15 Summer Solstice Festival w/ Better Yeti, Natty Nation (5pm)
6/21 The Tillers
6/28 Them Coulee Boys

7/4 Fourth Fest w/ 5th Gear, Zac Matthews Band
7/5 The Last Revel
7/12 WheelHouse
7/19 Larry Keel
7/26 Evan Murdock & the Imperfect Strangers

8/2 Al Scorch
8/9 Hackensaw Boys
8/16 The Lowest Pair
8/23 Pert Near Sandstone
8/30 Buffalo Gospel

The Edgewater Madison Online:

Essen Haus

514 E. Wilson St., Madison WI 53703
Updated: 6/3/19 1:50pm
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6/7 BTW Festival w/ Battle of the Bands, Sunspot
6/8 BTW Festival w/ Much Better Barefoot, Ego Mechanics, Zeroed Hero, Hickory Road, Steve Meisner
6/9 Petty3
6/14 Tom Brusky
6/15 Brewhaus Polka Kings
6/16 John “Elvis” Lyons, Jonathan “Cash” Lyons
6/21-22 David Austin
6/23 Piano Man
6/28-29 Gary Beal Band
6/30 Meet the Beetles (“John” & “George” Duo)

Essen Haus Online:

High Noon Saloon

701 E Washington Avenue, Madison WI 53703
Updated: 6/4/19 12:36am
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Thursdays: Music on the Patio (6pm)
See Listing at bottom of Page:

6/5 Combo Noir (4pm Patio)
6/5 Caravan Gypsy Swing Ensemble, Annie and the Fur Trappers
6/6 Bombino, Horace Greene
6/7 The Periodicals, Something To Do (5pm)
6/7 Reckless Kelly, Liars Trial
6/9 Madison Jazz Orchestra (2pm)
6/9 North By North, Labrador, The Hasbians, Bent Antenna
6/11 The Flavor That Kills (5pm)
6/11 Daniel Autumn, Old Oaks, Eric Doucette
6/12 Soul Doctors (5pm Patio)
6/12 J.S. Ondara, Adam Melchor
6/13 Emo Night
6/14 Foshizzle, Wangzoom, Brahmulus, Carrick (4pm Patio)
6/14 Tent Show Troubadours, BingBong (5pm)
6/14 Screamin’ Cyn Cyn & the Pons, Butcher’s Union, Hitter, The Hussy, Gender Confetti
6/15 Riff Raff Fest w/ subatomic, Droids Attack, Cold Black River, Lords of the Trident, 7 Seasons Deep, Cosmic Relic (6pm)
6/16 The Stolen, Better Love, States & Capitols
6/17 PROG
6/18 90’s Trivia (6pm Patio)
6/19 Ben Ferris Group (Patio)
6/19 Daikaiju Vs Roboman
6/20 Kainalu, Static Panic
6/21 Rockstar Happyoke w/ The Gomers & Friends (5pm)
6/21 Summer Solstice Celebration w/ The North Code, Spare Change Trio, Wurk, One Human Band, FlowPoetry
6/22 Madison’s Lilith Fair (see festival listing)
6/23 Blazo, Taye Sharkie, Chaos New Money, P Swagger
6/24 The Mystery Lights, Future Punx, Fake News, Lunar Moth, The Red Flags
6/25 Don’t Mess With Cupid (5:30pm)
6/26 Lucy Spraggan
6/27 Ward Davis, Josh Morningstar
6/28 Adam Ezra Group (5pm)
6/28 Seasaw, Madison Malone, Paper Holland
6/29 Girls Rock Camp Showcase (2pm)
6/29 Fresh Fighters (Foo Fighters Tribute), Star 67 (Red Hot Chili Peppers Tribute)
6/30 Black Market Brass, Kaleta & Super Yamba Band

7/1 Pundamonium: Madison Pun Slam! (7pm)
7/2 Johnny Likes Noize, Mickey Magnum, 01 Bullet Left
7/3 Darren Sterud & the New Orleans Tribute (Patio)
7/3 Heart Bones, Good Fuck
7/5 Instead We Smile (5pm)
7/5 Alejandro Escovedo, Casey Neill and the Norway Rats
7/7 Burbie’s Gospel Brunch (1pm)
7/7 Patio Pints & Punchlines
7/9 Madison Mixtape
7/10 Mortality Play (4:30pm)
7/11 The Go Rounds
7/12 The Getaway Drivers (5pm)
7/12 Musique After Dark w/ Omar S (FXHE), The Hermit, Stacey Pullen, Tinhead
7/13 Musique After Dark w/ Stacey Pullen, Tinhead
7/14 Dustbowl Revival
7/15 Mekons, The Wekons
7/17 Nuggernaut (Patio)
7/18 The Steel Woods
7/19 Kinfolk, Rebulu Group
7/20 Abortion AF: The Tour (5:30pm)
7/20 Orquesta Sal Soul Del Mad
7/21 Durango’s Rollin’ Radio Revue w/ The Midtown International Peace Orchestra, Beni Daiko (6:30pm)
7/21 Patio Pints & Punchlines
7/23 Don’t Mess With Cupid (5:30pm)
7/23 3Teeth, Author & Punisher, Gost
7/24 Yappy Hour w/ Underdog Pet Rescue (4pm)
7/24 New Duncan Imperials
7/27 Mississippi Hot Club, The Gentlemen’s Anti-Temperance League
7/28 Madison Music Foundry Student Showcase (11am)
7/28 Josie Dunne
7/30 Pupy Costello (5pm)
7/30 Dale Watson
7/31 Executive Tea Set (Patio)

8/1 Jerry Garcia B-Day Gathering w/ Another One, Sunshine DayDrink
8/2 Indie Jam 500
8/3 Tony Hawk Appreciation Fest w/ Direct Hit, Why Not, Coasting, Nectar, Delinquents, Middle Aged Overdose, Mud Dog, Schmoolio, Dear Mr. Watterson
8/4 Burbie’s Gospel Brunch (1pm)
8/4 Quick and Painless, Distant Cuzins, Mortality Play
8/4 Patio Pints & Punchlines
8/5 Pundamonium: Madison Pun Slam! (7pm)
8/6 Fireside Collective
8/10 Mad With Power Fest (Heavy Metal & Arcade Game Festival) Live Music w/ Theocracy, Lords of the Trident, Helion Prime, Judicator, Fiakra, Novareign, Widow (5:30pm)
8/14 Josh-N-Dave and the Whole Mishpocha, Josh Lewis, Dave Adler (5:30pm)
8/14 Acoplados (Patio)
8/15 Reverend Horton Heat, Lincoln Durham
8/16 Lost Dog Street Band, Casper Allen
8/18 Patio Pints & Punchlines
8/20 Don’t Mess With Cupid (5:30pm)
8/21 Tim Stop, Ryan Mauer & Friends
8/22 Cribshitter, Free Dirt, Holly and the Nice Lions
8/23 The War and Treaty, Philippe Bronchtein
8/28 Yappy Hour w/ Underdog Pet Rescue (4pm)
8/28 Todd Phipps Organ Trio (Patio)

9/1 Patio Pints & Punchlines
9/2 Pundamonium: Madison Pun Slam! (7pm)
9/8 Burbie’s Gospel Brunch (1pm)
9/8 Titus Andronicus
9/11 Russian Circles, FACS
9/11 Nelson Devereaux Trio (Patio)
9/12 Morgan Heritage
9/15 Water Street Jacks (4:30pm)
9/15 Patio Pints & Punchlines
9/18 Generationals
9/23 Chris Pureka, The Harmaleighs
9/24 Don’t Mess With Cupid (5:30pm)
9/25 Yappy Hour w/ Underdog Pet Rescue (4pm)
9/25 Harmonious Wail (Patio)
9/25 Melvins & Redd Kross, Shitkid
9/29 Patio Pints Punchlines

10/6 Pints For Pups (1pm)
10/7 Pundamonium: Madison Pun Slam! (7pm)
10/12 Ruston Kelly, Donovan Woods
10/17 Jay Som, Gia Margaret, Boy Scouts
10/20 Satsang
10/22 Don’t Mess With Cupid (5:30pm)
10/30 Yappy Hour w/ Underdog Pet Rescue (4pm)
10/31 That 1 Guy, Heatbox

11/4 Pundamonium: Madison Pun Slam! (7pm)

Thursdays: Patio Music @ 6pm
5/2 Bobby G & Friends
5/9 Lee Henke
5/16 Outlaw Acoustic Night
5/23 Adam Greuel
5/30 Raine Stern
6/6 Lackin’ Some Direction
6/13 Cajun Strangers
6/20 The Low Czars
6/27 Loving Cup (Rolling Stones Tribute)
7/4 Lords of the Trident
7/11 The Apologists
7/18 MTV Unplugged
7/25 The Gabe Burdulis Trio
8/1 Banana Wind
8/8 Blythe Gamble and the Rollin’ Dice
8/15 Northsloul feat. Ben Majeska
8/22 Water Street Jacks
8/29 Corey Mathew Hart
9/5 Madtown Mannish Boys
9/12 Grupo Balanca
9/19 Cribshitter
9/26 Ryan Mauer & Friends


High Noon Saloon Online:

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